One good thing about being Anonymous is you never have to explain yourself. And that is one thing I love about liking Anonymous bloggers; I don’t know their lives, but I know their story. How? It’s just their thoughts are too deep, I can get drowned. Ge.

  • http://buhaylalake.tumblr.com/ - Who wouldn’t like Zeph? This guy’s the sweetest. Kahit na hindi para sayo yung mga sinusulat nya, kusang magfifeeling yung puso mo. Tagos e. Mr. Perfect.
  • http://buhaybabae.tumblr.com/ - Kirsten’s been a Tumblr friend of mine simula ata nung nagsisimula palang akong maging active. She’s so approachable at di sya snob. Sa pagkaka-tanda ko, nafollowback nya ko agad nung finollow ko sya. Finollow ko sya because of her smart words. Ms. Smart.
  • http://justananonblogger.tumblr.com/ - Edward is one of those active likers here. Sya yung misteryoso pero open din naman. He posts everything but his photos. Ewan ko din kung totoo na Edward sya. He blogs every thought he has pero macu-curious ka padin. Mr. Private.
  • http://mysterionidentity.tumblr.com/ - Dashboard newbie sakin. Kakafollow ko lang kay Juan. Para Pinoy na Pinoy daw. Well, I had few minutes to backread naman. At nacurious ako lalo dahil sa TSAMU at sa pagiging bago ng blog nya. Thank you for following me, Juan. Siguro di kita kilala kasi finollow mo ko. Mr. Famous.
  • http://itsrandomwords.tumblr.com/ - I followed Dace because she talks exactly like me. Ms. Newbie.
  • http://randomguyfromdownthelane.tumblr.com/ - One of my closest Anon friends. Closest kasi FC ako kasi crush ko din sya. Friend kahit na Anon padin sya. Hu. I love visiting his blog because of the posts na hindi too-good-to-be-true. I mean, you can expect “reality” form this guy. Maka- totoong buhay talaga. Not too sweet, not too harsh. Sakto lang. Kaya ko sya favorite. I miss you, Melo! Mr. Random.

I love this batch. <3


DarthRobbo and I got bored when we were winding down the miniLAN today, and we’d had too much sugar to be held responsible for our action. We took hot modelling shots of our PCs because we both have cases we really like.

My case is the Silverstone FT02B-W, Robbo’s a Silverstone RV02-E.

Robbo’s PC got a bit frisky and mounted mine and I don’t know how I feel about that.