•20 Yrs old
•Family- Maggie (Sister), Naomi (Sister), Philip (Brother), Loretta (Cousin), Tama (Cousin)
((Foxy and Xenyatta are not related to them))
•Friends- Ballora, BonBon, Chica, Bonnie, Sharee, Foxy
•Enemies/Scared of…- Ennard, Ferris, Sebastian, Minireena’s, William
•Crush/Love- Freddy, Freddi, Baby ((Maybe Ballora?))
So yeah here they are

Just So You Know | Rucas

Prompt: To avoid any triangles or hurt feelings, Lucas decides they’re all going to be just friends. Unfortunately for him that means Riley’s free to date.
( Inspired by the song Just So You Know [x] )
A/N: Still not too sure about posting this one. I’m MEH about it buuut anyway, there’s plenty of fics about Riley encouraging Lucas to choose Maya so I wanted to turn it around and have Lucas not choose but wish he did once he sees Riley with someone else.Someone close to him…

Lucas’ POV

I had enough. Enough of the back and forth. Enough of the unspoken thoughts and feelings. I felt like I was constantly walking on egg shells and that’s not how I wanted any of this to play out. Riley and Maya have always been my friends and I don’t want any stupid triangle to ruin that. The last thing I’d ever want to do is cause anyone any pain so I decided it was in everyone’s best interest if the three of us remained friends. That way nothing had to change. We’re in high school now, and sure this isn’t my ideal situation but it had to be done.

A few weeks had passed since I made the decision and everything seemed to be back to normal. Any awkwardness had subsided and the six of us were back to hanging out together like we always did.

It was Friday afternoon and we’re all at Topanga’s, finishing up our study group. Maya was gushing to Isadora and Farkle about some junior she met in art class that she seems to really like. I’m happy for her. She deserves to be happy.

I break my attention away from her story for a second and look up to see Zay and Riley whispering to each other in their own little world.  I tried to brush it off, not wanting to make something out of nothing. Zay’s my best friend, I don’t know why it was bothering me so much to see him being friendly with Riley.

I watch them interact and my stomach starts to turn in knots. She’s giggling, he’s playfully nudging her in the arm and my blood is boiling.

Farkle must have noticed my mood because he interrupts the conversation. “We should all do something this weekend. I hear the haunted house on bleaker is opening tomorrow night.”

Riley’s eyes grow wide and a big grin spreads across her face. “Oooo. That sounds like fun!”

“Actually, Riley…” Zay chimes in, “I was wondering if you’d maybe want to go out with me tomorrow? Just the two of us.”

Everyone, including Riley, goes silent.

Maya clears her throat. “Well this is awkward.”

Riley glances over to me and I freeze. I want to tell her not to go, I want to strangle Zay for even asking but then I remember I had no right. I told her I just wanted to be friends. I couldn’t go back on that now that she was going to start dating.

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I make my rules and my own plans
I got no room for no man
That’s my way, that’s my way
Then I saw you in a dream right
I wanna call you, a kind of feeling
I can’t name, I can’t name


It’s strange
But I don’t need space from you
And every single thing you do, I like
I’ve been chased
Maybe I just knew I had to wait for you
Draw a knife and carve a little space for you