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Season 1 Episode 1 - Racial Justice ft. Morgan Givens
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Here it is. Our first SEB podcast. Heather got on a call with Morgan Givens and discussed the continuing threat white supremacy poses to people of color in the United States. If your skin is white, you are inherently gifted with privilege and safety in this country regardless of where you live, how much money is in your bank account, or how educated you are. Now that Donald Trump has taken office, the white community is up in arms over the potential “loss” of our rights or how his decisions are affecting us. To people of color, this is just business as usual.

Whether you want to accept the hard truth or not, if you’re white, you have racism living within you. It may not be sheet-wearing, lynching bias, but it’s no less dangerous. In fact, I’d offer that the nuanced racism of the liberal white left is even more dangerous because we’re in denial about it. We’ve for too long tried to talk over POC, explaining ourselves, defending ourselves, trying to prove that we’re not racist. As Morgan points out in our conversation, it’s time for white people to show up. We need to be listening when it’s POC discussing their experience, and speak when we need to amplify those voices within our own white ranks.

Please listen and when your internal white voice decides it wants to knee-jerk react and get on the defensive, ask yourself WHY.

razed to the ground vol. i — this is God’s country. but the devil’s a tenant, and everyone’s paying his rent. // 8tracks

i. dark doo wop ms mr
ii. napoleon sarah slean
iii. no rest for the wicked lykke li
iv. house of the rising sun lauren o’connell
v. twinkle, twinkle dead space
vi. nothing but the water p.1 grace potter & the nocturnals
vii. down the burning ropes james vincent mcmorrow
viii. what a wonderful world joseph william morgan ( ft. shadow royale )
ix. ain’t no sunshine coeur de pirate
x. o death noah gunderson

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  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Mitch Marner
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Auston Matthews
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. William Nylander
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Morgan Rielly
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Connor Brown
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Nazem Kadri
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Jake Gardiner
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Leo Komarov
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. Tyler Bozak
  • Leafs Goal Horn ft. JVR

You guessed it! It’s still that kinda night!

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Even Angels Need Angels - a grahamfield playlist [listen] //

1. Latch - Disclosure (ft. Sam Smith) | 2. Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd | 3. Addicted - Morgan Page (ft. Greg Laswell) | 4. Ever Fallen In Love - The Buzzcocks | 5. Wild - Troye Sivan | 6. Need You Now - Hot Chip | 7. Red - Taylor Swift | 8. Is There Somewhere - Halsey | 9. Moondust - Jaymes Young | 10. All About Us - He is We (ft. Owl City) | 11. Six Feet Under The Stars (acoustic) - All Time Low | 12. Photograph - Ed Sheeran 

i̅̐͏̥͓̪̩̻t͇̀̇͊̍̂́̀'͎͇̄s̉ͦ҉͖ ̖̫͖m̵̥͎̜̰̞͓̲͒̒͐͌̾̉̎e̩͎̪̾ͨ͛̊͛̉ͧ́

For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name.
You made him real.
And now he knows who you are.
Why did you do this

i. the darkness (darker mix by komor kommando) zombie girl || ii. no one believes me kid cudi || iii. evil (is going on) jace everett || iv. twinkle twinkle littler star jason graves || v. toxic district 78 ft. cheesa || vi. my people the presets || vii. what a wonderful world joseph william morgan ft. shadow royale || viii. my medicine the pretty reckless || ix. out of the black royal blood || x. seven nation army (glitch mob remix) the white stripes || xi. fake it seether || xii. aha! imogen heap || xiii. bad moon rising mourning ritual || xiv. you can be so cruel royal blood || xv. psycho muse || xvi. holding out for a hero nothing but thieves || xvii. gravity falls theme slowed down tumblr ~ diovos || xviii. тили тили бом (tili tili bom) russian lullaby



Magnus wasn’t any different than the king. He, too, was afraid of the princess. Her spirit was so bright, he’d been blinded by it.
And yet, he’d never wanted to close his eyes to block out that light.
[inspired by @connorose]

ubi concordia, ibi victoria// a grey warden mix [listen]

i. what a wonderful world - joseph william morgan ft. shadow royale ii. i see fire (a capella) - peter hollens iii. hey brother - avicii iv. you’re gonna go far, kid - the offspring v. heroes - måns zelmerlöw vi. warriors - imagine dragons vii. centuries - fall out boy viii. war - poets of the fall ix. sunday bloody sunday - u2 x. soldier side - system of a down xi. help is on the way - rise against xii. this is why we fight - the decemberists xiii. to glory - two steps from hell xiv. waiting… - city and colour xv. into the darkness - the phantoms  xvi. world on fire - les friction xvii. this is war - 30 seconds to mars xviii. awakening - celtic woman xix. viva la vida - coldplay xx. infinite legends - two steps from hell

                                               ( they say he is more wolf than man. )

escape / 30 seconds to mars // the hunted / snow ghosts // i know i’m a wolf / young heretics // in the woods somewhere / hozier // run boy run / woodkid // mother / bear’s den // night of the hunter / 30 seconds to mars // everybody wants to rule the world / lorde // what a wonderful world / joseph william morgan ft. shadow royale  // how’m i supposed to die ? / civil twilight