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B O D Y T A L K. [8tracks]

A kpop mix to make hips move, clothes come off, and get the bed rockin’.

i. GOT7 - I Like You
ii. BTS - Look Here
iii. G-Dragon - I Love It (ft. Zion T.)
iv. Rain - Oppa, Where Are You Going (ft. HyunA)
v. BAP - SNS
vi. Block B - When, Where, What, How (Park Kyung solo ft. Jo Hyuna)
vii. Teen Top - Mr. Bang (ft. Maboos, Chakun)
viii. AOORA - Body Talk (ft. Demian)
ix. Crush - Hug Me (ft. Gaeko)
x. Loco - Hold Me Tight (ft. Crush)
xi. Block B - 11:30
xii. Jay Park - Ride Me
xiii. Gary - Shower Later (ft. Crush)
xiv. AOORA - Body Party (ft. Betty Rose)
xv. EXO - Love, Love, Love
xvi. Teen Top - Remote Control

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Can you draw fnaf kids from FNAF and behind animatronic because I don't know who is kid for witch animatronic D=> or you can just write names and animatronic c=

cc= chica







kit(forgot him in the pic crap)=ft.freddy





kenny(not here)= shadow freddy

lily(not here) = vhtkdhgyrshuihvsruk

End of 2016 KPOP Tag

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16 Favorite  Songs (no particular order):
1. Why - Taeyon 
2. Fire - BTS
3. 7th sense - NCT U
4. Monster -  EXO
5. TT - Twice
6. Blood,sweat and tears - BTS
7. Body - Mino
8. Whistle - Blackpink
9. Me like Yuh - Jay Park
10. Fighter - Monsta X
11. Lotto - EXO
12. Awake - Jin (BTS) 
13. Beside me - Davichi
14. HOLUP! - Bobby
15. Born to be wild - Jo Kwon ft. Hyoyeon ft.Min
16. Half moon Dean

6 Favorite Girl Groups :
1. Twice
2. I.O.I
3. Redvelvet
5. Blackpink
6. Oh my Girl 

6 Favorite Boy Groups:
1. BTS (in bold because I’m trash)
2. Monsta X
3. Shinee
4. GOT7
5. EXO
6. Block B

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You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to
Put your music on shuffle & list the first 10 songs that play. No skipping — !


  1. I’m Not Calling You a Liar by Florence + the Machine
  2. Black Bullet ft. Lollia 「DJ-Jo Remix」
  3. When I’m Asleep by Jesca Hoop
  4. Checkmate covered by Souraru && Lon
  5. Dead Girl Walking 「Reprise」from Heathers the Musical
  6. Many Funerals by Eisley
  7. Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore
  8. Yeah Yeah Yeah 「V1」by Jack Conte
  9. Cynics and Critics by Icon for Hire
  10. Karma Words covered by Soraru && Lon

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jo walked into the living room wearing a tight green dress that showed off all of her curves but in a very classy manner. it had been a while since she had seen her family since she had been studying abroad for college. so this was the first christmas she had celebrated in years. her long dark brown curls draped down her back and she wore light make-up. her heels clicked on the marble floor as she looked around at the decorations.


CD9 - Para Siempre ft. Abraham Mateo

ready to run | jo x matt |

jo was working at the coffee shop all night and this night was unusually slow. so she watched all her customers in curiosity. maybe one of them will inspire her and she’ll be able to get out of that stupid writers block. she noticed someone sitting in the corner who didn’t have any food or coffee. he had a hood on as if he was hiding from someone. she raised her brow and decided to make him some hot chocolate. she brought it over to him. here, you seem a bit down. hope this cheers you up, it’s on the house. when the boy looked up at her, her eyes widened slightly. ‘ wow, this was unexpected. a famous actor in my coffee shop. ’ she said quietly, making sure no one else heard but him. @inaspctofbother

(playlist) taemin's spotify recommendations
  • ‘narcissistic cannibal’ — korn, skrillex, kill the noise
  • '9 crimes’ — damien rice
  • 'what do you mean’ — justin bieber
  • 'blood on the dance floor’ — michael jackson
  • 'tango down’ — ghostradio
  • 'we are one’ — kelly sweet
  • 'prince mononoke’ theme song — joe hisaishi
  • mission (ft. jo so hui & lee seungeun) — felix choir
  • 'end of the road’ — boyz ii men
  • '6, 8, 12’ — brian mcknight
  • 'at the river’ — groove armada
  • 'press your number’ — taemin