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Natsu a potential Dragon/Demon Hybrid? Hell. F*cking. Yeah! 

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I’m just going to ruminate on the badass potential and how awesome it could be. 

Irene taking over Wendy?

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What a plot twist! I was not expecting that.

My theory on Natsu (if you want to read) —-> Link 

Hey so this little girl is an attempt of designing a daughter for Gray/Juvia… I’m still not sure at all about her but kkumri and other people encouraged me to do a FT newgen too and and this was a good idea you know because I like designing characters and all 

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Finale

 @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @awesome-ambrose-world, @fearlessambrose

Part 9 and Part 1

A/N: Well, here it is y’all. The last part to my Dean Ambrose fanfic. I had so much fun writing this part and I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you so much for all the amazing support and love y’all gave me over this story. Y’all are seriously the sweetest people ever. Big shoutout to @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch​ and @actualamyautopsy​ for all the times y’all messaged me saying how much y’all love my writings, I seriously love y’all so much!! Well without further do, here is the last part!!

*1 Year Later*

I felt a hand rub my back and a soft kiss on my cheek. I smiled to myself knowing it was Dean, but I never opened my eyes and buried my head deeper into the pillows.

“(Y/N). Come on, it’s time to get up baby. We’re going to be late.” Dean softly whispered in my ear.

I groaned as I snuggled closer to his side and laid my head in the crook of his neck. “Mmm, just five more minutes please.”

I heard Dean chuckled as he wrapped his arm around me and stroked my hair. Just as I was finally falling back to sleep, Dean started to wake me up again. “Baby, I know you’re tired but today is SummerSlam. We got to get up.”

I shook my head and whined a no and Dean hummed a yes as he pushed me up into a sitting position. I moved myself so I was sitting on his lap facing him with my legs on each side of him. I rubbed my eyes and stretched. As I slowed opened my eyes, I saw Dean smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” I whispered with sleep still in my voice.

“You always look the most beautiful when you wake up.” He said as he kissed my nose.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his lips to mine. I started to pull of the ends of his hair as I kissed him harder. Dean licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth and let him take over. I pushed on his chest so I could lay completely on top of him. I started to slowly grind myself on him and I smiled to myself as he let out a moan. Dean placed his hands on my waist and I moved my hands up and down his bare chest.

Once I felt his growing bulge underneath me, I pulled myself off of him and jumped off the bed and walked to the bathroom. “Okay, time to get ready for SummerSlam. Whoo!!”

“What the hell (Y/N)? You can’t do all that sexy shit and just leave me!!”

“Well that what you get for waking me up!” I laughed as quickly closed the bathroom door as Dean made his way quickly over. He started to knocked on the door, repeatedly telling me to open it.

I turned on the shower and laughed. My smile quickly faded as I realized I left all my shower and bathroom supplies in my bag outside. Dean stopped knocking so I guessed he went to get himself ready.

When I opened the door, Dean was standing right in the doorway holding up my bag with an evil smirk. “Forget something.”

He dropped the bag on the ground and pushed his way into the bathroom. He picked me up and I instinctually wrapped my legs around his torso as he roughly kissed me. Never breaking the kiss, he walked us into the shower and pushed me against the wall. Within seconds, our clothes were soaked and our hair was dripping. We only parted our lips as we helped the other take their clothes off, but we were quick to connect back together.

*At SummerSlam*

I was pacing back and forth in Dean’s locker room. I was trying to get my stretches in before my big match that was coming up next. I was up for the Smackdown’s Women’s Championship and I was going against Becky Lynch.

I ran my shaky hands through my hair just as Dean walked through the door with his world heavyweight championship on his shoulder. “Hey, how was your match?” I asked.

“Still champ, you ready for your match?”

“I’m actually really nervous. I mean, yes I’ve had championship matches before, but this time feels so different. It feels like my first match ever.” I was now walking back and forth and shaking my hands really fast.

Dean ran up to me and held my hands down at my sides and pulled my chin up so I was looking into his calming blue eyes. “You’re going to be awesome. You’re going to fucking kill it out there and you’re going to walk out as the new women’s champion. You got this, there is nothing to worry about.”

I nodded my head and kissed his lips quickly as one of the workers poked his head through the door and told me I’m on in less than five. Dean smiled at me and took my still shaking hand and walked me to the gorilla position. He gave me one last kiss before my music hit and I walked out to the screaming crowd. I ran up and down the ramp high-fiving all the fans and slid into the ring.

I was hopping in place stretching my legs as Becky came out. I smiled to myself as I watched my friend make her way down the ring. Once she stepped inside, I started pacing back and forth. The referee took the belt and held it in the air. Once the bell rang, I went start forward and kicked Becky in the gut. She doubled over and I pulled her down into a headlock.

We went at for so long, I think the match has been going on for over 30 minutes and the crowd was on their feet. I had the wind knocked out of me. Becky brought everything she had into this match and I had mad respect. When I found the energy to get back up, Becky grabbed me into a bex-plex and slammed me hard on the mat. She was quick to turn me around on my stomach and pull me into her disarmer finisher. The crowd was going wild and Becky was pulling hard on my arm. I was throwing my head back and forth, screaming in pain. The referee continued to ask me if I wanted to quit, but I always screamed no back. I wasn’t going to leave this ring without that championship. It took all the strength in me to pull myself over to the ropes and hold on. Becky finally let go on my arm and come back to stomp on me. I had tears in my eyes because of the amount pain I was in. But I was quick to blink those tears away and remember one thing Dean taught me, “don’t focus on the pain, focus on the prize”.

Becky pulled me by my injured arm and threw me into a corner hard. I heard Becky scream “straight fire” and I knew exactly what was coming next. As Becky ran at me with full speed, I brought my leg up and drop kicked her hard. She fell to the mat and I quickly made my way up to the top turn buckle and dropped on my weight straight onto her. She turned over holding her stomach. I grabbed her leg and wrapped her ankles around my leg. I bent her arm around and held her in a head lock and pulled. She was screaming, the crowd was cheering, and all my focus was on pulling her head back with all my strength.

But then I heard the bell, and the ref pulled me off Becky and I dropped to my knees as Jojo said “Here’s your winner, and the new Smackdown’s women’s champion, Elena!” I finally let the tears fall down as the ref gave me the championship belt and I held it in the air as the crowd chanted “you deserve it”. I was bent over holding the title tight as the crowds cheers got louder. I looked up and saw Dean walking into the ring clapping and smiling.

I ran straight into his arm and kissed him. “Dean, oh my god! I’m champion!”

“See baby girl, I told you you were going to do it.” He whispered in my ear as he was handed a mic. “Now Chicago, give it up your new Smackdown women’s champion!” The crowd went wild and I smiled and mouthed a thank you. “But there is just one more thing.”

When I turned back to Dean, I had to look down because he went on one knee and took a little black box out of his jacket. I dropped my title as my hands went to my mouth as my jaw dropped and my eyes went huge. The crowded started cheering “holy shit” and I started to get tears in my eyes again.

“Hold on with your cheers guys, I need to tell my girlfriend something.” We both let out a chuckle. “Elena, you know I love you more than anything in this world. I knew from the moment I saw you in Shane’s office that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up, you’re the last thing I think of before I go to sleep, you’re the only thing I think of every time I take a step in this ring. I want to spend the rest of my life waking up to the birds nest on your head and watching cartoons to the early hours of the night. You make me such a better man. So (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you please do the honor and marry me?”

By this time, I already had tears falling down. I couldn’t find my voice so I just nodded. Dean smiled as he stood up and placed the ring on my finger. I jumped into his arm and kissed him. I kissed his nose, both his cheeks and pretty much everywhere else. Dean just smiled as he dropped me back down on my feet but kept his arms around my waist.

I pulled on his jacket and kissed him with every ounce of passion and love I had in me. We started to laugh as the crowded cheered the famous “yes” chants.

“I love you so much (Y/N).” Dean said. When I looked up into his piercing blue eyes, I saw love and truth and the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“I love you too Dean. So so so much.”


Mirajane Seilah

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 8

Part 7 and Part 9 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @awesome-ambrose-world, @fearlessambrose

Dean’s POV

“Wait, where are you going?” I asked Elena as she walked out of the bathroom and grabbed her bag. It was clear by the clothes that she was wearing that she was heading to the gym.

“I’m gonna head down to the performance center with Becky and Bayley for an early workout.”

“Do you really have to go?” I whined as I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped her hands around my neck.

“Yes. I’ve been passing out them lately, so I have to go.” She said as she started playing with the hair at the end of my neck which made me smile.

“Yeah, but the last person to told me that ending up cheating on me with my brother.”

She lifted my chin up and pecked me on the lips. “I know, but I promise you I’m just going to the gym with the girls. You could come too if you want.”

As Elena said that, there was a knock at the door. Elena released herself from my grasp and opened the door to Renee. “Oh. Hi Renee. How are you?” Elena said with a welcoming smile. She was always nice to even the worst people.

“I’m good. But, um, is Dean here actually? I kinda really want to talk to him about everything that happened this past few weeks, ya know.” I heard Renee said, but I couldn’t see her since the door wasn’t in my view.

“Um, yeah. Hold on a sec.” Elena popped her head back in the room and looked at me. I shook my head no vigorously. Elena gave me the mean eye look that clearly said “you’re talking to her and I’m not taking no as an answer”.

“Yeah, he’s right in here. I was just heading out, so you can come right in.” Elena stepped to the side and let Renee in. She gave me another look that told me to “behave myself and be nice” and left the room.

Renee and I stayed in silence for what felt like hours until I finally broke the silence. “What are you doing here Renee?”

“I just wanted to come and tell you in person how sorry I am for doing what I did behind your back.” I never replied, I just stayed standing where I was and stared at her. “Are you going to say anything?”

“Why? Just tell me why you did it and I might consider accepting this apology.”

“I just don’t feel that love that we felt when we first started off. You’re so busy with your championship and all the storylines and I’m busy with my talkshow and everything. When you weren’t around, Seth was and one thing led to another and we hooked up. At first, I was completely disgusted with myself that I did that to you but I realized that we drifted apart and we aren’t the way we use to be. We both feel for other people.”

“So you love Seth?”

“Do you love (Y/N)?” She asked right back, looking straight back at me.

“Yes.” I answered her, finally looking her in the eyes.

“Me too.”

“I knew we were drifting and we didn’t have the same thing as before, but why couldn’t you come tell me? We use to tell each other everything?” I said calmly, I actually wasn’t mad at her at all.

“I didn’t want to hurt you.” Her voice cracked as she looked back down to the ground.

“You not telling me hurt me.” I whispered loud enough for her to hear.

“I know I did and no words will ever match to how sorry I am for doing what I did to you. It was childish and so stupid. I am so sorry Dean. I love you, I still do. I just can’t stand the thought that you hate me or losing you all together. Just please say something.”

Renee looked like she was going to burst into tears any second. I walked up to her and slowly wrapped my arms around her. “I’m not mad at you Renee. I just wish you would of told me that’s all. I knew we weren’t the same. And you will never lose me. We can be friends again, like how we were in the ancient days.”

Renee laughed and pulled back from my hug. “I am more than happy to just being friends.”

A Few Hours Later

After Renee and I talked everything out, we lived out the awkwardness between us by talking about Seth and Elena. The whole talk made me realize how much more I actually love Elena. Even though we said those words once, we haven’t said them again since that night. Right now I just wanted to grabbed her and kiss her and tell her how much she means to me.

I texted Elena asking if she was still at the gym, and she replied with a “we’re almost done here, you can come by if you have nothing to do tho”. I smiled at down at my phone as I hopped into my car and headed towards the performance center. Once I made it there, I exited my car and walked into a completely empty building. I was about to pull out my phone back out when I heard a loud chorus of oo’s and Elena saying “Oh hell no, that is so unfair, I want a rematch!”

I followed the sound and found Bayley, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, The New Day and a few other superstars all crowded on the couch in a room as they watched Elena and Xavier battle it out on WWE 2k17. I leaned on the doorframe as Bayley noticed me. “Oh (Y/N), your man is here!” She sang and everyone turned their attention to me and gave me their greetings and I waved back.

Elena ran up to me and grabbed my hand for me to sit next to her. “Yes Dean, you’re finally here. Now you can watch me kick Xavier’s ass!”

“Oh, you’re gonna kick my ass? You wish!” Xavier playfully pushed Elena’s shoulder and she laughed.

“Oh yeah, I will and I won’t be cheating!”

“It’s on! START IT UP!”  They started the game.

As everyone had their focus on the screen to watch the winner, which was actually Elena, my focus was on her. The way she was so focused on the game, the way she would lean over to bump Xavier to catch him off guard to get the upper hand and go for a pin, the way she bite her lip and smiled. She was so beautiful and I knew I was in love with this girl.


He who Brings Winter’s Wrath to All

I headcanon that when Invel was young he could hardy control his powerful magic and often led to death of innocent people. It was then Zeref found him and decided to teach Invel how to control his magic. Invel is forever grateful for Zeref’s help and decided that he would protect the emperor till he dies. Invel gained the title “The Winter General” in Alvarez due to his intellect and accomplishment.

Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Part 7

Part 6 and Part 8 - @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @awesome-ambrose-world, @fearlessambrose

A/N: I am so sorry that it took me so long to update. I promise to try my hardest to update sooner. Thank you so much for being patient with me!!

Quite some time has past since my little slip up with slapping Dean, and man have some things changed. Dean and I are way closer than ever, and I mean like close. To the WWE universe, we were still a couple even though we don’t go out to each others matches as much as we use to. But to the locker room, they’re secretly waiting for us to officially come out. Dean and Renee are barely seeing each other anymore, but they haven’t exactly called it quits. Even though Dean and I act like a couple, we aren’t and I wish we were.

I was sitting at an empty catering watching the screen as Dean ran out of ring and suicide dive into Dolph Ziggler. I smiled to myself, knowing that Dean had the upper hand and was gonna win soon.

“Hey Elena.” I turned my head was greeted by Seth Rollins.

“Oh. Hey Seth. What’s up?” I smiled at him as he came around and sat fairly close to me. I brushed it off as I watched Dolph give Dean a mean powerslam.

“Not much, just waiting for my dark match.”

“Who you up against?” My voice crackled at the end when I turned my face towards him and saw that he was less than an inch away from me. I cleared my throat and tried to move back into my own space.

“Cena.” I made an O shape with my mouth and nodded at him.

I continued to watch the end of the match as I felt Seth put his hand on my thigh and move it up and down slowly. “Um, Seth? What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just causally putting my hand on my girl.” He said giving me a weird smirk.

“Your girl? I don’t think so Seth. We’re just friends.” I moved his hand back onto his lap.

“Oh come on (Y/N)! You’re like the hottest woman on Smackdown, I’m obviously the hottest guy in this entire company. We’d be cute.”

He started to move closer and closer to me until I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away. “Seth, as nice as that sounds, I already said no. You’re friendzoned dude. I don’t like you like that.”

He said playing with my hair and saying “You can’t knock it until you try it” as Dean came through. When he saw Dean, he let go of my hair. Dean grabbed my hand and moved me away from Seth’s grasp behind him.

“Seth, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dean said, still fired up from the match he just won.

“Calm down there Deanie. It’s not like she’s your girlfriend or anything.”

“That’s true but I did hear her tell you to back off. So just back off man.”

I grabbed Dean’s hand and started to lead him away until Seth called back. “You really need to keep your girls in check bro.”

“What did you just say?” Dean shimmed out of my hold and walked back towards Seth.

“Do you not know where Renee has really been going when she says she’s going out with the girls? Huh?” Dean stayed quiet staring Seth down. “Because in reality, she’s under me screaming my name.”

Right as Seth said that, Renee walked into the room. Dean looked at Renee with so much anger in his eyes. I quickly made my way to Dean and grabbed his hand again. “Dean, come on. Just leave it.” After a few tugs, Dean was finally turning around but Seth said, “Might want to keep a close watch on that one Dean. You know how sex crazy southern girls can be.”

And that’s when Dean lost it, he pushed me back and jumped Seth. They were throwing punches left and right as the roster slowly filled the small room. Seth threw Dean against the table full of glasses and eating utensils. Dean was quick to get straight back up and punch Seth across the face so hard, it was definitely going to leave a mark.

“Oh my God! He’s bleeding! Pull them apart!” Someone screamed and then the roster divided, some pulling Seth away and some pulling Dean.

I ran up to Dean and saw he ran a cut along his eyebrow and his nose was bleeding. “Holy shit Dean! Oh my God! You are coming with me now!” When I tried to pull, he wouldn’t move. “Dean I said NOW!” He finally looked me in the eyes and slowly nodded.

I lead him into his locker room and told him to sit as I grabbed a towel from the shower and put some water on it. I came back to see him sitting with his head back. I sat down next to him and tapped him so he could look at me. I started to slowly wipe away the already dry blood.

“Thank you but you don’t have to wipe my blood off.” He said softly. I tried really hard not to look back at his piercing blue eye as he stared down at me.

“No, I don’t but I’m doing it anyway.” I finished wiping all the blood away and threw the towel to the floor. When I looked back at him, I saw a little blood on the side of his lip. I slowly brought my thumb up and wiped it away. His lips were soft to my touch. I bite my lip as I finally looked up into his eyes. Dean brushed a piece of my hair behind my ear and slowly brought his lips down to meet mine. I instantly melted at his soft touch. I moved my hand to the back of his neck as he kissed me with so much care and passion, nothing I ever felt before.

When we broke apart for air, I rested my forehead against his and whispered, “I love you.”

He looked at me and smiled, bringing out his dimples and kissed my again. He leaned me back so he was laying on top of me and whispered, “I’ve always loved you.”