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FT Island rection to finding out their wife is pregnant, please? Thanks ❤❤❤

Hongki. *gif*

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Jonghoon. “Ah! I can’t believe that we’re gonna finally be a family!”

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Jaejin. *excited little bean*

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Seunghyun. “We’ll finally have the family we’ve always wanted.”

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Minhwan. *jokingly* “Hopefully our little angel will be as cute as me.”

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Happy 10 long long years to Five Treasure Island! I’m so grateful, along with every other Primadonna, to have been a part of such an amazing rollercoaster of emotions and fun from these beautiful beautiful men. I can’t express how much they mean to me and how much their music impacts my life, and I’m sure many people have similar stories too, but the 7th of June is FTISLAND’s day. Congrats, guys❣️