Lucy: ok but for real if you think I’m going to saddle my children with the all the baggage a Dragneel last name entails you have another damn thing coming!!!! I know I had issues with my own last name but this is just ridiculous. Natsu, our kids are going to be Heartfilias, ok? 

/// I’m a proponent of any kids Lucy and Natsu having being Heartfilia-Dragneels, personally, but FT is just being absolutely ridiculous lately 


Jerza/Jellal doodles from my Twitter <3

Trying to handle this kissy bussiness, LOL XD and experimenting with colors and fast doodling, ugh! I am so slow so I am trying to work in quick pieces, Pulled out a couple of doodles right now, but I think it took me almost an hour u_u

Second and third doodle are for my dear @ajerzaaddict for being such a kind friend and best jerza fan I have known <3 Luv ya! <3 (doodles inspired by the buttons from the special edition of FT Vol 62)

mystifyiing-moved  asked:

Jerza for A1? Pleaaase? :D

Here you go! (sorry for the lateness!)

Based on the crossover Fairy Tail x Yankee kun

A bit of context here, in that omake, Erza’s requips into a Bancho (who is a gang leader for yakuza or a group of yankees aka delinquents). Sooo this story was born:

Erza Scarlet is a fearsome leader of a group of yankees from Fairy High, she of course is hella strong and awesome and scary, every gang from all of the school around fears her and respects her and think being stepped on by her is the best thing ever.

On the other side, from Sorciere High, famous for their gangs and good academics is Jellal, council president, model student and a very intelligent fellow, who has a little secret (he was a gang leader too ;D)

Long story short, both meet each other and love is instantaneous. In my kiss pic I depicted them like this, despite Erza’s fieryness, she is very bashful around him, and Jellal Fernandes despite calming after his tug years is still  quite the bold guy, a bit clueless but very honest xD 

Mira from Fairy High and Ultear from Sorciere are the closest friends too tired to deal with their indecisive asses xD Gray and Natsu, Erza’s followers are too traumatized xD