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Headaches & Hair Gel

ballet dancer!Lucy au. Hope you enjoy!

pairing: nalu, with a mention of gruvia

word count: 1003

type: fluff

characters: natsu, lucy, gray, and mention of juvia

“Those ballet dancers are annoying,” Natsu said, slicking his hair back with some gel. After a long workout, his hair was greasy and he didn’t want anything to do with it. And taking a shower was not optional as the boys swim team was in the only remaining ones. He did not want to see any guys in speedos, much less nothing at all.

“I hear ya. They can be real prisses,” Gray said as he smoothed his shirt, then started to unbutton it as usual. He took it off and stuffed it in his gym bag, and Natsu sighed at the action. Being best friends had it’s downfalls such as that, but they agreed on most things.

As the two walked outside the gym to drive back to their apartments, Natsu spotted something strange.

A girl with a long blonde ponytail and her ballet uniform arguing with some guy in gym shorts and a wife beater. The guy wore a snapback on his head, and his face was prettier than most guys’. But the way he acted was far from handsome.

It was odd seeing as gorgeous as a girl as she get so angry. By the tone of her voice and the pointing finger in his face, he had done something wrong. The guy was not backing down, though, and with a smirk on his face he stared at the girl’s chest.

It only made her angrier, and she slapped him on the cheek, leaving a red mark. The guy rubbed it and then began arguing back. Natsu stared, but knew that she had it handled. If she had just slapped him, she might as well punch him too.

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“People who live in society have learnt how to see themselves, in mirrors, as they appear to their friends. I have no friends: is that why my flesh is so naked?“ 
― Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea.

Of course, Natsu is the only one who is stupid enough to pull a one-night stand with his fiancée, who he doesn’t know is his fiancée.

Double the Sin


Chapter One

Thinking Out Loud

Hot, heavy, opened mouthed kisses.

Her scent intoxicated him, vanilla flooding his nostrils.

She placed light butterfly kisses along his jawline as she straddled his waist.

One night stands weren’t his forte.

However-"Gah!” He groaned tossing his head back, when the vixen of a woman decided to ground her hips onto his.

“Oh,” she sang sexily, “I like that sound.”

Her small hands unbuttoning his white dress shirt. Sliding her delicate hands under the fabric to appreciate the fine, hard lines his body had. “Mm, so you don’t just have a pretty face.” She whispered hotly in his ear. “I like.” Her nails scratched down his abs, making him hiss in pleasure.

This woman was driving him insane, her breath lingering with wine and mint. Her kisses tempting him to just go and take control.

She pulled away, chocolate orbs staring into his bottomless green ones. Gods, she was beautiful. Her long blonde hair, that was in a classy bun not too long away, cascaded down her shoulders messily.

That sinfully short, black dressed teased him as it bunched around her thighs showing off her creamy long legs. The blonde noticed something, pressing a chaste kiss on his thin lips. “Whatcha thinking about?” She whispered.

He caught her lower lip, nibbling on it gently. “You.” He replied quickly.

She raised a perfect brow, adjusting herself to lie on his stomach. Face close, and plump, red lips mere millimeters away from his. “Good.” she moaned, kissing his nose, “I was thinking about you too.”

The temptress buried her face in the crook of his neck, sucking, kissing and biting. Gods, she was a vixen. It was like she knew what he liked.

“Oh?” He breathed heavily, “What about me?”

Kissing up to his ear, she nibbled on it gently, “Just you-” she paused, pulling away. The man groaned from the lost of her lips. But seeing her straddling his hips, hair in a mess, and that sexy smirk tugging on her lips. “…And your pink hair.”

“It’s salmon, dammit-” she cut him off kissing him fully. Her kisses were full of passion, and very hot. Her tongue wiped at the sea of his lips, begging for entrance which he allowed. Her hands that were fisting his open shirt were now tangled in his messy locks.

The pink-haired man pulled away, which wasn’t very far, to stare at the beautiful girl above him. “You never told me your name.” he stated.

She nipped at his lower lip, emitting a low growl from the man under her. “Does that even matter?”

“Of course it matters,” he grunted nipping right back, “I need to know the name of the girl who is driving me insane.”

She smiled sexily, leaning closer to his ear. “The name’s Lucy.” she breathed hotly.

His jeans were painfully tight.

She grinned widely, rubbing herself on the tent of his pants. “Na-gah! Ah!”

“Na-gah?” she repeated playfully.

“Na-” he took a deep breath, hands gripping her wide hips. “Natsu.”

Lucy’s hands trailed down from his neck and to the top of his pants, fiddling with the belt. “Natsu?” Lucy said trying out his name, having it roll on her tongue.

Natsu now believed hearing her say his name was the sexist sound ever.

“Tell me, Natsu. Have you done something like this before?” Her words laced with everything but innocence.

The blonde pressed herself harder against him. Gods, she was going to kill him.

Natsu’s hands trailed down to the flesh of her ass and squeezed. That gave him the most delicious sound ever, a breathy moan. He rubbed himself against her.

“You-ah! Never answered the question..” She cried out, hands cupping his face and leaning down to kiss him.

She sucked on his tongue, groaning, and savoring the moan he let out. Thick, hot air surrounding them to the point where they couldn’t breathe.

“You’re pretty sexy.” He whispered.

“And you still haven’t answered my question.” She pointed out.

A boyish grin took over his face, “Sex with a stranger? No.”

“So I’m your first.” she teased, before lowering herself, chest to chest. “Good.”

And all the fire that he stored in his body was soon released. No longer was she on top of him.

Instead, he was pinning her down onto the hotel’s mattress.

Hands, running up and down her creamy legs.

“Surrender to me, Luce.”

And she kissed him.

Natsu groaned loudly; however the music had drowned out his voice.

Why was he even at this party? Oh yes, that’s right. His boss made him.

Or should he say his father?

The young adult dressed nicely for the occasion, black slack and a button-down red dress shirt. Oh, he was highly attractive. All the women there made sure he knew that.

Yes the women were pretty, but they were nothing compared to the beautiful blonde.

Once again Natsu groaned, running his hand through his rose-colored locks in frustration.

It’s been weeks. He had left her his number, and she even promised to call. But no. It’s been fucking weeks, and he hasn’t heard anything from her.

As he turned to leave, a large hand slapped the man hard on the back almost knocking him over.

Natsu growled, “Grr! What the hell was that, old man?”

Igneel barked out laughing, “Cheer up boy, you look pathetic.” The older gentleman then thrust a cup in his son’s hand. “Drink!”

As much as Natsu wanted to argue, he did look pretty pathetic. Without hesitation, he downed the liquid not minding the burning sensation in left in his throat.

“Atta boy!” Igneel grinned, flashing his sharp teeth. “You have to look somewhat loose and decent. The Heartfilia family is here.” The man whispered the last part.

Great, the most stuck-up family in the world. Fairytail has heard stories about the Heartfilias. That the owner was cruel and cared about no one except for making money. However, he did marry and had a child. Fairytail knew that his wife died years later, but no one knew about his child.

Not until, about five years ago.

Some expected his child to be a stuck up, heartless snob, and Natsu couldn’t help but believe those rumors.

So when the idea of an arranged marriage was proposed, Natsu immediately tried to shoot that offer down.

But Igneel talked to the man of the Heartfilia household and the idea was taken.

Tonight was the night Natsu would finally meet his stuck up snob of a fiancée.

“Igneel!” A deep voice bellowed to grab the red-head’s attention. Both Dragneels turned to the voice, only to stare into heartless brown eyes. So much for having the word heart in his last name.

Igneel, however smiled, “Ah, Jude. Wonderful to have you join this gathering.” If gathering meant a party with all the biggest companies, then yes, a gathering.

Jude nodded.

After some awkward silence, Igneel introduced his son. “This is Natsu, future heir of the Fairytail and Dragneel Industries.”

Natsu smiled forcefully, it was more like he was barring his teeth.

“Charming.” Jude mocked emotionlessly.

Natsu opened his mouth to say something, but his father’s hand rested on his shoulder.

“I apologize for my daughter’s lateness. She seems to be around here somewhere.”

As if she had a cue, a beautiful blonde strolled right next to the older man. Bowing slightly, “I am sorry for being so late. I got caught up in a conversation with the owner of Sabertooth.

Jude frowned. "Being late is no excuse.”

“Yes father.” She replied, it was like she had said it a million times before.

The blonde looked up, and her doe brown eyes locked onto bottomless green. Eyes wide, and mouth forming a small o-shape.

Natsu’s eyes were wide as saucers. He couldn’t believe it.

The girl in front of him was the girl from that night.

She was his fiancée?!

“Natsu Dragneel. This is your fiancée.”

“Lucy Heartfilia.”

Note 1: I-I don’t know how I wrote this considering I am the complete virgin of all my friends. The only time I have kissed or held hands with someone was in truth or dare in 8th grade.

This is just something new considering I have yet to update For Keeps.

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Shots Taken

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Genre: Romance and fluff

Summary: Taking care of a drunk Lucy was quite the chore, and definitely not Natsu’s idea of interesting. Until it was.

Notes: Starting of 2018 with some good old, canonverse, doodle-fix-it fluff. 
Super special shoutout to the amazing strawberry to my peanut, @x-benihime, for helping me with this!

Natsu suppressed another exasperated groan.  

It was always fun and games chilling with Lucy, but as soon as alcohol was involved, whole vibe of the evening would change.  

For the worst.  

Like it just had. 

Add that to the fact that they were fresh out of the hot-springs, and the team — including Happy — were now suspiciously nowhere to be seen, his dread only cemented further.  

He sneaked another glance at her flushed face and dazed eyes. She was giggling at goodness-knows-what which would have been cute, had it not been unsettling at the same time. 

 Instinct and experience had taught Natsu as much.  

But as easy as it would have been to shove her on one of the girls and skedaddle, he knew she was also the safest with him.


 Ah, hell. 

 "Natsuuu,” she slurred again, crawling her way to where he was seated, at her wobbliest best.  

“Y-yeah?” Natsu forced out, knowing he didn’t sound anywhere near as patient as he wanted to. 

Lucy paused trying to get closer to stare blankly into his eyes — which had his heart hammering fast enough (was it nervousness? Fear? That look?), but things got a lot worse when she smiled. 

It was slow. 

Full of meaning.  

And deadly.  

Natsu gulped.  

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Did a little fanart this weekend for @mushi0131‘s awesome fanfiction, Fairy Tail GO! I thought this was a super cute Nalu moment and wanted to try my hand at illustrating it - hopefully I did the scene justice! If you want an excellent AU that’s absolutely full of heart and crafted with care, be sure to check this one out (as well as all the other awesome fics! <3)

Note: Definitely click the image for full resolution; this is a pretty large piece!

Because of your love


In a world, six thousand years ago, the time after the Ice Age and before the cultivation of the earth, when Fiore was covered in magnificent trees, a young man and a young woman are running for their lives. Will they find love along the way? / NaLu au, WARNING: smut scene

There was a chasm
There was a mountain
Even when my lost heart
Was unlovable
You spread Your arms out
You laid Your life down for me
Now I’m set free
Now my heart sings

A lightning sliced the gray sky. A terrible thunder followed right after so suddenly that all the animals on the trees and on the earth trembled terrified and hurried to hide themselves in their hollows. The branches of the magnificent pines were now drooping heavily to the ground, as if even they were worried about the upcoming storm. Above the forest a second lightning flashed between the dark, threatening clouds, creating the illusion of a furious, snake-like creature, which was spewing thunders and fire.

Two human figures were racing through the forest as fast as the tall bushes and grasses were letting them. The figures wore mantled with housings and wide hoods protected their faces from the raindrops. If someone could look at them right now he would have thought that they were running from something. And he would have been right because the two figures were desperately trying to reach one of their hideouts, which was going to keep them safe from the storm… and from other terrifying creatures.

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Photographer! Juvia x Singer! Gray AU

Chapter 7: definitely doesn’t bother him

//note: i love crack. Also since y'all are definitely confused, here’s a list of their accounts:


public twitter - @/50shadesofgray

private twitter- @/iambotgray


public twitter - @/juvs

private twitter- @/spamjuvia

Natsu- @/dragneel

Lucy- @/heartlucy

Meredy- @/meredy

So I’ll be uploading another part today, so if you’re still reading this, send me your thoughts! //

Playing for Keeps

Rugby!Natsu commission for @hellojawsie! Thank you so much for being so patient, Katie! You are so kind ^^

pairing: nalu, mentions of gajevy

characters: natsu, lucy, levy, mentions of gajeel

word count: 2,015

type: fluffy fluff

Lucy knew next to nothing about rugby. She knew that people could get easily injured while playing the sport: their arms could get broken or their faces badly beaten. She even knew someone who had their foot in a cast after all the bones in their foot were crushed. If she was honest, she cared little about the sport.

But she cared so much about one person that played it.

Natsu Dragneel had been her one and only crush all throughout high school. She entered into class one day like normal, and during a boring lecture she peered out the window and saw him throwing around a ball with his teammates. His rose colored hair shone in the sunlight and stood out against the rest of the hues of brown and black, catching her attention right away. After he tossed the ball to a teammate, Natsu looked up and saw her staring at him. He waved and smiled, which stole her heart and further took her attention away from class.

From that moment on, Natsu knew that they were destined to be friends. Yelling a quick goodbye to his friends, he bounded up the steps and began to search for her classroom. After a few moments of hunting, he burst into the room and asked who the ‘weird blonde girl who was starin’ at me,’ was. Natsu’s green eyes stared into hers when the entire class turned and gaped at Lucy, and a grin spread across his face as he strode toward her quickly and stood above her with his fists on his hips.

“Weirdo,” he began, leaning over and picking her up out of her chair, “you’re comin’ with me.”

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My Angry Gruvia Fic after Ch. 522 & 523 Spoilers

A/N: I just had to write this because I’m beyond upset right now about where Mashima is going with Gray’s “Trump Card”. I still have hope, and I trust sensei. But I need to channel my frustrations somewhere before the official chapters are out lol. 

(I was gonna write a Valentine’s Day special for my OTP, but after these recent chapters I’ve been in a bit of a slump)

Everything was finally over. And as he sloppily got up from the ground, he saw her. She was making her way slowly over across what was left of the battlefield, with Wendy supporting half her body weight.

His eyes lit up. “Juvia!” 

Her sky blue hair was stained purple at some parts from blood, but her face, although twisted in pain and some other emotion he couldn’t read, still looked as pretty as ever. Juvia stumbled towards him while clutching the wound on her stomach with one hand. 

Gray rushed over to her as quickly as his broken legs could muster. 

“Juvia! You’re ok-”

A sharp, deafening sound echoed across the ruins as her hand collided with his left cheek. The impact made him stumble back, and he instinctively brought his fingers to the side of his face, which was now bright red in colour. Gray’s eyes widened in shock, and his breath caught in his throat. But the harsh, stinging pain from the slap couldn’t compare to the look of utter betrayal written on her face.

By now, the water mage had broken free from Wendy’s hold. The sky dragon slayer’s nervous attempt to calm her down seemed to go unnoticed.

“Gray-sama… how could you?” The water mage bit out, tears threatening to fall. 

He still couldn’t move. What was happening? Did Juvia just… slap him? Were the fire and anger in her eyes directed at him?

“Lost Iced Shell?” She said menacingly. “How could you use something so despicable?!”

Her voice pierced through his ears and made his stomach clench uncomfortably. It was the first time she’s yelled at him. 

“How could you try to erase yourself from existence after Juvia tried everything to bring you back!”

Gray felt his blood boil at that, the words reminding him of that dreadful moment when he thought he had lost her forever. His hands shot out and grasped her shoulders roughly. “Who told you to save me? Who gave you permission to sacrifice your life for my sake Juvia?!” 

She threw his hands off and pushed him away. “Yes, Juvia saved you because she would rather have Gray-sama live on happily than for both of us to meet a meaningless end. However, Gray-sama had a choice. And despite knowing that all your friends would be against it, you still chose to die!”

“Gray-sama is ungrateful and selfish,” she continued tearfully. “Who does Gray-sama think he is… to erase such an important person from everyone’s memories!”

“Juvia-san…” Wendy eased her grip on the water mage’s arm and tried to hold back from crying.

Gray swallowed hard in response to Juvia’s scolding. As much as he hated to admit it, she was right. He didn’t realize that by casting Lost Iced Shell, he was robbing everyone’s memories of him without their permission. And he had no right to make that decision for them. 

“Gray-sama…” she sniffled, “probably never intended to share a future with Juvia, that’s why he was willing to perish without giving her an answer.” 

“What?!” The ice mage whipped his head up and took a step forward. “Juvia, you know that’s not-”

“But even so!” she interrupted. “Juvia is not the only one who loves Gray-sama. So please, don’t try to solve everything by yourself all the time. Rely on someone, even if it’s not Juvia….” 

“Wait!” A strong hand found her wrist and formed a death grip. “Juvia, let me talk.” Her words suddenly spiraled him into panic. He wanted to tell her that she’s got it all wrong, that his answer had been ‘yes’ long before he’d realized his feelings for her. But his fingers only trembled against her unmoving hand, and his breath became quick. Why couldn’t he shake the feeling that he was going to lose her a second time? 

The water mage gently pulled her hand out of his grasp and turned away, eyes hidden by her bangs. “Juvia will give up now, Gray-sama.”

His heart stopped.

“Juvia is… so tired.” 

A/N: Hmph, that’s what you get Gray.  >:(  That’s what you get for being a noble idiot!!! Now go to your room and reflect on what you’ve done! 


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that a lot of fanfiction inspiration comes from music lyrics or movie prompts. I’m sure a lot of people have millions of songs that can used for as inspiration for an OTP or a story-line or an edit.

Sometimes you think during a song, these lyrics are absolutely perfect for a situation for xxx and xxxx.

So I decided do something for it.

I’m going to create a document where you can write down all these inspiration quotes/lyrics/prompts so you can share with everyone. You’ll find other ones that you’ll like in that doc too, which will hopefully inspire you to write.

It goes for all fandoms, anime or not. It really doesn’t matter, I just hope you’ll feel content and inspired after reading!

Even if you don’t write, your contribution still matters a lot!! As readers, you guys have a lot of opinion, and we want to hear everything from you! You guys will definitely have the best prompts and quotes/lyrics, and who knows, maybe a writer will write your prompt one day!!

To join, it’s super easy!!


(optional) must be following your local meme.

reblog this post!! like i said, it won’t work with only a few people. (likes count as bookmarks.)

this must receive over 70 notes, or else I’ll pretend like it never happened.

I might even create a WhatsApp group for this, so you guys can talk about your fanfictions there, and other writers can help you!! The only way this can work is if you share, reblog, and tell your friends!

Personally, I think it’s a really cool idea. It’s really helpful for one, and you could be helping someone who’s on writer’s block or down in the dumps! A whole list of prompts? Hell yeah!

So feel free to join!! I’d love to have you, and I’m sure you will contribute a lot!! The more people, the better. Once this reaches 70 notes, I’ll share the doc with you through link, or through email. Thanks!

For other times

For fourth day: Fingers. Have fun with this one, it became suuperb long. Or longer than I originally intended. Welp, hope you’ll like it!

Simple usual magic world with Natsu’s usual sleepover at Lucy’s place. No.:  25, over 3.3k words, well as you suspect, NSFW! Be aware ;D

She sighed comfortably, half-asleep as she turned to the other side only to bump into a weird and strangely hot pillow. Suddenly, she became very aware of the tight and warm clutch holding her waist down like chains and his breathing tickling the side of her neck.

For a moment, she considered panicking.

Until the scent of campfire hit her nose and she felt her muscles relax at that instant, enjoying how his whole body hugged her form from the back. It filled up her entire being with calmness, and she unintentionally snuggled closer to him.

Why would she be nervous or afraid, maybe enraged even? It was just Natsu after all.

Her eyes popped open in realization, the dreams fading away in that very second. Wait a minute here.

What was he doing in her bed?

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Hi, here’s me trying to write Drarry

“au where harry james potter has a youtube channel in which he tells story times about himself and shit that happens with him and bam one day he and Draco Beauty Guru Malfoy collaborate: Harry tells a story time while Draco does his make up”- @saintdrarry

Harry James Potter started his youtube channel at the age of 18, when he moved out of the Dursley’s and into an old London mansion he inherited from his late godfather.

  • He goes to uni for European History (he wants to be a professor because he’s a neeeeerd) .
  • His first video- “Welcome to this Grim-old Place!”
  • Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny are constantly in his “daily” vlogs
    • Tbh he’s shit at being daily, it’s mainly when he can be bothered to go outside
  • He loves to walk around the city with his dogs, Hedwig (a Samoyed), and Padfoot (a Great Dane-also called a boarhound)
  • Often, they go to a small bookshop owned by Xenophilius Lovegood (who always lets animals in) and read for hours
  • He likes to put glasses on his dogs while the lay down and drool over “doggy books” (chew toys in the shape of books) and Instagram it
  • He likes to walk around the house and make up stories about the Blacks, and then ends them all by looking at the camera, very seriously, and saying, “Their ghosts will murder me in my sleep, I’m Sirius, goodnight.”

  • Often, though, he just makes videos at the end of the day telling about his life.
  • His best videos are the drunk ones at all the youtube parties-or the ones when he’s home alone
    • An excerpt from one such video, where he is sitting on a desk chair backwards-”you guys, i gotta be honest with you. Boys are hot as fucK
      • He fell off the chair during that last word
  • The channel gains popularity, and he has like 4 million subs by the time he turns 20
  • His most watched video (with like 15 mil views!!) is “My Coming Out Story
    • The Thumbnail is of him and Ginny sitting on his bed
    • The description is, “Hi im not gay. Im not straight. Im certainly not dating Ginny. Yes, I used to. No, I don’t have an s/o atm.
    • Luna pops up about 30 seconds in, kisses Ginny for 10 seconds while Harry very awkwardly looks at the camera, and then leaves with Ginny.
    • Newsflash: he’s bi af.
  • His second most watched video is about his mum and dad, and everyone cries watching it.
    • They died protecting him in an attempted robbery from a gang when he was very little
    • He also talks about Sirius and Remus
    • Sirius died by being killed by a gang member (after spending 12 years in prison for “being one”
    • Remus died from Cancer
  • Another video is where Luna, Ginny, and Hermione do his hair and choose his wardrobe for a daily vlog
    • He lost a bet
    • His hair is long, so Hermione puts it in a french braid and ties it up in a messy bun
    • They then spend a few minutes talking about how Hermione’s coarse hair has a different care process
    • Ginny chooses an orange button up shirt and faded dungarees for the outfit
    • Luna just elects to put glitter/stick-on jewels on Harry’s face because, she says, it will really pop on his dark skin
  • After that video they film a vlog in which they go to the London Zoo, which is quite near Grimmauld Place
  • Harry really likes the glitter, so he searched Youtube for makeup tutorials and found the one, the only, Draco Malfoy
  • While watching his videos, Harry always notices how clean his workspace was
    • Harry’s house was constantly a mess, but he always cleaned on Sundays-he really did!
  • Also, Malfoy was cold, hardly ever expressing emotion
  • He was brutally honest and loved a challenge
    • Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson (two other beauty gurus) often pop up in his videos
  • Malfoy has one video up about the racist comments he receives for his friends being, well, not white
    • He rants for 15 minutes about how real MUA’s should be able to do makeup on all people, not just white people
  • Apparently, Malfoy has his own line of makeup, called, of course, “Malfoy”
  • All of his videos were makeup related, but his other social media (what no, Harry didn’t stalk) shows his normal life-perfectly pristine and flawless in every way, with a hint of crude humor on Tumblr
  • He was never seen in public without a full face of makeup; his eyeliner could cut a bitch.
  • He didn’t have any pets, but his parents owned an estate with peacocks and horses
    • Draco had a Friesian called Atticus (After Atticus Finch, of course)
    • Anyways, Draco lives in London as well and goes to uni for English
  • One day, Harry emails Draco asking if he wants to collab.
    • This was after weeks of obsessing and multiple friends yelling at him to “just find the boy and snog him”
  • Technically, Ron and Hermione wrote and sent the email
  • When Draco reads it, his heart stops
    • Wow who knew that Draco had been low-key obsessed with Harry the whole time?
    • I did. I’m the author
    • Also, you did. This is a cliche and I am loVING IT
    • Anyways, back to the story.
  • He immediately calls Pansy and yells at her to go to his flat
    • They spend 20 minutes crafting the perfect respons
  • 3 days later, a bare-faced Draco Lucius Malfoy shows up on Harry James Potter’s front doorstep. 
  • He steps in, and Harry offers a cuppa
  • He accepts, and they talk for almost two hours before starting to film.
  • Draco sets up his makeup and hair stuff on a desk next to the camera, and has Harry sit down on a stool opposite his own
  • Harry decides he’s going to talk about his godson, Teddy, and tells Draco so
  • Draco just stares at Harry for about two minutes before bursting out laughing and informing Harry that Teddy is his cousin
  • Eventually, they start filming.
  • Draco decided a long time ago that Harry would be golden, and makes him up that way-from bright eyelids to shiny cheekbones
    • His lips were a matte brown nude with a shimmer on them
  • In the meantime, Harry chattered on about his bus ride with Teddy and how the kid’s hair was bright red, and it almost seemed pink in the sun
  • When they were done, Harry saw how he looked and gasped
    • “Don’t you dare cry, Potter, you’ll ruin everything”
  • After they turned off the camera, Harry worked up the courage to ask Draco out
  • Draco, of course, said yes, and kissed Harry softly on the mouth
    • “Oi, you’ll mess up my makeup” “The lipstick is special, it’s made to stay on. Anyways, I can always do it again.”

They then lived happily ever after goodnight.

Living With You

read on ff.net and ao3

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen / sixteen

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and violence

pairings: nalu, gruvia, gajevy

characters: natsu, lucy, juvia, gray, gajeel, levy

reblogs are appreciated <3

word count: 3437

Lucy awoke the next morning with a tickle of hair in her face. At first, she pushed it away, thinking it was her own. Her bedhead had a mind of its own at times, and often she would find herself buried in a pile of blonde hair when she woke up from a bad dream.

But when she heard a yelp from the other side of the bed after she flicked the hair away, Lucy sat straight up and screamed. Who the hell was in her bed?

Searching her covers for signs of life, she found a familiar piece of fabric lying next to her. A checkered piece of fabric. Growling, she dragged it up and saw that Natsu was sleeping soundly next to her. Apparently he hadn’t woken up when he made that god-awful noise, which was amazing on its own.

“Mornin’ Luce,” Natsu mumbled groggily, and Lucy narrowed her eyes at her roommate.

“What the hell,” she began, her voice becoming angrier by the word, “are you doing in my bed?”

Natsu yawned, sitting up. “You practically pulled me into bed with you last night. I went to check on you to see if you were okay and you grabbed me by the hand and yanked me into bed. You really wanted me to stay, didn’t ya Luce?”

“That doesn’t matter now.” Lucy didn’t like the feeling of her face reddening, so she turned away. “I’m still sleeping. Get out.”

“But you’re not sleeping now,” Natsu said, blinking a few times like he was confused.

“I said, get out,” Lucy hissed, and she kicked Natsu by his back out of her bed. What did he think he was doing, sleeping in the same bed as her? Why did she decide to just wear a big t-shirt to bed? And why did he look so damn cute with his ruffled bedhead?

“Luce,” Natsu began, but Lucy leaped out of bed and shoved him out of her room.

“Natsu, you can’t just barge into a woman’s room in the middle of the night. What I-I slept naked or something?”

“I’ve already seen you naked, Luce, so it wouldn’t be much of a problem,” Natsu said, and Lucy exhaled through her nose angrily.

“Just stay out of my room. Got it?” Lucy slammed the door and flopped onto her bed to fall back asleep again. Huffing, she rolled over to where Natsu slept the night before and closed her eyes. Seconds later, they popped back open again while she sniffed the side of her pillow that Natsu’s head rested on.

It smelled like pine and firewood, and she realized she quite liked the smell. She would have to go into Natsu’s room and figure out what cologne he used. It smelled woodsy and spicy and fiery all at once, which pretty much summed up Natsu himself.

‘Natsu,’ Lucy thought before sinking into a deep sleep, ‘Why do you have to be so moronic yet smell so good?’

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    Natsu halted, smelling the familiar and soft scent of fresh flowers. He never tired of their sweet aroma, for they reminded him of his forested childhood with Igneel, and also of a certain best friend. The thought had crossed his mind before. Should he pick out flowers for her? Not wanting to appear sappy, he usually decided against it. Yet, today, he figured there must have been something in the air. Perhaps it was the brilliantly blue sky, not covered with a single opaque cloud. Perhaps it was the caress of the warm breeze, that reminded him of home, that reminded him of her. Her, who he missed so dearly. A woman’s abrupt laugh broke him out of his thoughtful daze. 

“Sir, why don’t you buy some? In fact, I’ll let you have a few for no charge.” The elderly woman gestured to her wide array of colors and textures.

    Natsu blushed slightly, not realizing he had been staring. Slowly walking over, he chastised himself for his future actions. Lucy would probably think that he was ridiculous, and he was horrifically unsure what type of flower to give her.

    The woman smiled, the lines on her face forming soft dimples and cracks, so fragile they looked as if they would break, yet firm enough to be perennial. Perennials! Would she smile at such a hopeful type of bloom? Such an everlasting flower would surely represent her. No matter how she suffers, she withstands, she survives, she persists, and with such interminable yet unrefined grace. Natsu gave the old woman a friendly smile. 

“I don’t know much about flowers and stuff, I only know them apart by smells, really. Could you show me the perennials?” he asked, narrowly moving out of the path of a strolling baker.

    Turning around, the old woman searched thoughtfully, before picking up three different blooms and setting them on the front table. Natsu noticed her wrinkled hands, covered in soil and softly calloused. “When did you decide to begin tending to these plants?” he questioned, hoping he wouldn’t sound rude.

    Clasping her hands together, her right thumb overtaking her left, she let out a small chuckle. “I’ve been travelling around the continents for nearly my whole life, with my wife by my side every step of the way. We met some fair obstacles, some requiring more perseverance and courage than others. Our mission was usually to carry medical supplies to those who needed them.” She sighed, a content and warm smile shaping her face. “We came by a family along the way, quite far from any major city or town. The man of the house was extremely ill, and there was nothing I, or Maria could have done for him at the house. He was quite the trooper for his children, though. Always smiled through his sickening pain when they came into the room. His wife was already gone, and I could tell how much he loathed to leave his children..but…” She paused, smoothing out the topsoil of one of the perennials with her forefinger, a small tear dripping onto the flower’s unique petal.

    Natsu, becoming somewhat emotional himself, inquired her further. “What happened to him?” The hum of the city was nonexistent, as he focused on her response. He faintly heard the merry song of a Warbler as he waited. 

    Swallowing thickly, she allowed herself to reply. “When I asked him if he wanted to come with us to the city for any kind of medical aid, he politely refused. He said his children, those he loved, gave him the best medicine. I was confused, as was Maria, but a few moments later we experienced why he said that. Two small girls, both not even the age of eight, entered the room, cheerful smiles plastered to their faces. In their hands, they each held a small bouquet of flowers, held them as fiercely as you would hold a loved one, yet as gently as you would with a close confidant. They passed their flowers to this man, as he lay on his deathbed. The man began to cry, holding his daughters closely. He died that night. But his soul was well for all eternity, of that I am certain. ‘When peace like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well, with my soul.’ Perhaps it was not the flowers themselves which made the man so adamantly content, it was what they symbolized. They symbolized something that varies in size and shape, in series and in type. They symbolized Love. Yet, love is not simply an act, or an experience, it is a meaning. It is a definition of what is right, what is wrong, and what is real in this world. Love is tangible, for love is in these flowers, isn’t it? So, to answer your question, I realized that healing and nourishing the heart is the healing I cherished most of all. Maria and I put as much love as we can into our gardens, with the hope that someone can flow their own love into the blooming petals.” With a steady hand, she pushed one of the arrangements forward. “These are yours, dear boy.”

    Natsu unexpectedly wiped his tears away slowly, briefly tasting the saltiness as he licked his lips. Now, his heart was completely invested in this endeavor for flowers to give Lucy when he returned home. After being away for nearly a month, he was brought to tears by his loneliness without her, aided by the elderly woman’s story. “Which kind are they?” he spoke softly. Almost every bloom was a coin-shaped pod, with the beans seen inside through the sunlight. One of the flowers had bloomed early, the purple shade fading into a warm cream-like tone.


    Natsu started at the name. He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off.

“She is a a celestial spirit wizard, no?” She smiled. “I saw you both nine years ago, running away from the army. She held keys, and you were the one who nearly burned this town to the ground.” Despite her seemingly vindictive words, her tone was sweet. “When you become my age, you remember silly things like that. Anyway, take these already. Go on.”

    Surprise still evident on his face, Natsu picked up the small pot, looking upon the blooms fondly. “Thank you so much, granny, are you sure I don’t owe you anything?”

    The woman slightly winced at the word ‘granny’, but continued to smile. “Nothing at all. Love is priceless.” 

Ah jeez I wrote this at 9 or 10 pm on a school night because i needed fluff and i love when i can just write the way i want to. i hope it was alright~

I Can Change Your Name

Here it is! I hope everyone enjoys it! This is only my second fanfic so if anyone has any pointers, I would sure appreciate it! :)

I do not own Fairy Tail or the characters, Hiro Mashima does. 

Rating: t

Pairings: nalu

Characters: natsu, lucy, lucy’s boss (unnamed character)

“Lucy! I expect to see those papers gone through and edited on my deck be the end of the day.”

“Yes, sir.” Lucy flashed a fake smile to her boss.

“And I don’t care how long it takes I want it done!” Lucy’s boss barked

“Of course you don’t care.” she mumbles under her breath.

“What was that, Heartfilia?”

“I said I’ll have it done as soon as I can. Sir.”

“That’s what I thought you said.”

Lucy worked for The Magnolia Papers. Her official title was the “paid intern”. In other words, she was treated like nothing and expected to do everything. She did the editing on all the papers and wrote most of the papers. She sometimes even designed the papers. But, she never got the credit, she was only the intern after all, and her boss wasn’t about to give her credit. All she wanted was a little recognition here and there. She knew the business wouldn’t be as successful without her, so she sucked it up and did her job.

When Lucy sat down at her deck to see how many papers she had to read and edit, she almost yelled. 400 papers. She had to read and edit 400 papers by the end of the day. Lucy wanted to crumble on the ground and cry and scream. But she wouldn’t. No, she wouldn’t. That was exactly what her boss wanted. Her boss had wanted her gone the second she was hired. Luckily her boss was only the supervisor for their branch so he had little to no authority over who was hired and fired. The only reason he wanted her fired was because her last name was Heartfilia. Lucy wasn’t too fond of her name either though. Her father had done bad things to good people. Unfortunately for Lucy, no matter how hard she worked or how kind she was, she would always have that last name.

“Five papers to go.” She thought to herself.

The words on the pages were starting to move around the page but she wouldn’t give up.  

“Done! Finally done.”

Sighing from exhaustion she looked around to see if anyone else was left at the office. When she didn’t see anyone, she looked at the clock to see how late it was.

“10:30 already? Wow, I better get home.”

Lucy dropped the pile of papers off at her boss’s desk and went out to her car to go home.

As Lucy walked through her apartment door she saw her boyfriend laying on the couch watching TV.


“Oh, hey Luce! How was your day?”

“Awful! Just Awful.” Lucy pouted.

Natsu frowned at her response and opened his arms. Lucy didn’t waste a second before jumping into them.

“What happened?” he asked as he adjusted himself so they could both lay on the couch.

“My boss made me read and edit 400 papers! 400 papers Natsu! You would not believe how bad of a head ache I have right now. I didn’t even get a break today! I don’t understand why he treats me like this.”

“I’m so sorry, Lucy. I wish there was something I could do.”

Natsu pulled her in closer to him. Lucy laid her head on his chest enjoying his natural heat. She had always loved how warm he was. When he held her, she always felt so calm. It was as if his warmth wrapped around her, shielding her from any worries.

“Do you know what else he did?” Lucy pulled away slightly to look in his eyes.

“What did he do?”

“He had the audacity to call me by my last name. Maybe he would like me more, or at least treat me better if I had a different one.” She sighed as she laid back down on Natsu. She closed her eyes wanting to forget about the terrible day she had just had.

“Hey, Luce?” Natsu said after a few minutes.

“Hmmm?” She hummed with her eyes still closed.

“I know you don’t like your last name now but, maybe I can change it.”

Lucy opened her eyes and saw a silver band with a small diamond in the middle. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Natsu moved from the couch and knelt to the ground.

“Lucy, will you… Will you marry me?”

“Yes! Yes, Natsu!

With shaky hands Natsu reached to grab Lucy’s hand to put her ring on her finger.

When Natsu was finished, she leaned in for a kiss. Lucy’s day might have started out rough but, her earlier worries had completely slipped her mind.

Does This Make You Uncomfortable?

Ship: Nalu

Story Type: Oneshot, Fluffy

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia

Summary: It’s funny what games become when neither person wants to lose.

My submission for ‘Longing’ of Nalu Week

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An: This is for @mickeymouse-911 for the prompt Gruvia - Outlaw AU.

Brick bit into Gray’s fingers and palms as he crouched protectively over Juvia’s huddled up form. He was certain they’d lost them, but fear kept him quiet and still as he listened for any sound of continued persuit.

Juvia’s hot breath fanned his shoulder, but she made no noise and kept perfectly still beneath him.

He counted down from a hundred once, twice, then finally let his muscles uncoil. His gaze dropped to hers and their eyes locked and then he was shifting away and his hands and were running over her body checking for wounds.

“Juvia’s fine Gray-sama,” she whispered, even as she did the same with him.

Gray nodded but continued his own assessment anyways before his hands finally came to rest on her stomach. He drew in a breath and let it out trying to calm his frantic heart rate. “I’m gonna kill that asshole. This job was supposed to be risk free.”

Juvia quirked a brow and cocked her head to the side. “Gray-sama knows there’s no such thing.”

He did. He knew that in their line of work everything had risks, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t be minimized. This job was supposed to be as safe as they come, he’d never have taken it otherwise. Not with her.

Anger and frustration welled up in him to replace the fear. “Next time I’m taking someone else.”

Juvia bristled at the statement and glared up at him.

“Don’t. Don’t even try to protest I need my head about me, and I nearly lost it when that asshole shot at you.”

Juvia shoved him off of her and scrambled to her feet. She dusted off the dirt from her clothes and hissed at him. “So what? Juvia is just supposed to sit at home and wait while Gray-sama goes and risks his life? What’s she supposed to do if he doesn’t come home?”

“Better than neither of us coming home. Sides, Erza will make sure you’re looked after.” Gray regretted his choice the minute it left his mouth.

Juvia’s eyes narrowed at him and her mouth was set in a thin line. “Cause that went so well the last time.”

She threw his shirt at him, before turning on her heel and marching off towards their home.

He let it smack him in the face and sighed knowing he’d just lost any chance he had at winning this argument. He tried to figure out the best way to back track as he stood and followed after her.

Their walk back was mostly silent, but as they neared the entrance to their little shack Juvia slowed her pace. She glanced back at him over her shoulder, most of the anger and bitterness having left her. “Why does Gray-sama even need to go on so many jobs?”

Gray sighed, and closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around her and his hands landed on her stomach again. He leaned forward and nuzzled her neck. “Cause we’re having a baby. They tend to get expensive.”

It was mostly true. Though a part of his brain reminded him that he’d been mostly true with her the last time, and that had blown up royally and left this huge gap between them that he was still trying to find a way to fix.

“We can make do with less.”

His left hand found hers and his fingers traced her knuckles, lingering over her ring finger. He thought about the shiny ring on layaway, and about the hurt and fear in her eyes no less than an hour before. They could, but he didn’t want her to have to make do, and he needed her to know he wasn’t going to disappear. Know it and believe it.

“I know,” he whispered against her skin. “I know, but I don’t want that life for the two of you. We’re wanted, and on the run, and that’s tough enough. I just- I know you wanted more than this.”

Juvia turned in his arms and stared up at him. “Juvia may not have chosen this life, but this life brought her to you. She doesn’t regret that, no matter what the cost.”

Gray nodded and pulled her into him. He kissed her forehead. “Only a few more, please. Then we’ll do it your way.”

“Only if Gray-sama promises we’ll do it together.”

Gray nodded, and rubbed her knuckles again. “Together. I promise.”

AN: Sorry this one got angsty. As you can probably tell these aren’t really 5 minute drabbles. More like 20 min, but I’ll keep writing the rest once I’m at work and will post more later. :)

A War Fought at Home

Corporal Natsu Dragneel has been through Hell, and unfortunately for him, the ride isn’t quite over. How will a new Rehab program at the local VA help? And will a certain blonde help make matters better? 

Modern Military AU. Warnings for mentions of depression and adult language/situations. Other warnings to come as the story progresses. Cross post on AO3 and FF.net. 

“Come on, dude, you know you should go.”

Natsu Dragneel struggled to sit up in his queen-sized bed, the rays of sunlight causing him to squint as he moved about. He threw off the red and black striped down comforter and breathed in as deep as his lungs could manage. His pain killers from overnight were already starting to wear off and the sharp sensations were attacking him every time he forced his legs to move so much as an inch. His chair was in front of him, beside the bed as it had been since the day he was released from the hospital. Gods how he hated that thing. All it did was remind him of who he used to be, back before it all happened.

Summoning all his strength, Natsu lifted himself from the bed and plopped himself down in the wheelchair, taking a minute to collect himself before making his way toward the door. Looking in the full-length mirror beside the closet door, across from his bed, he was greeted by the image of a man he hardly knew. His hair was long and shaggy, he still had his muscle from years of physical activity and training but they weren’t nearly as defined. His eyes, once a bright emerald green were now a dingy shade of forest green, almost black and lacking emotion. He was wearing Marine-issue sweatpants with a black tank top, his tattoos swirling over his shoulder and right arm. Above the mirror hung multiple medals and certificates from his years of service but all they did was make him angry. If he could stand to remove them, he would have, just so he didn’t have to relive the bullshit over again every single day.

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Masked Chemistry

request for @exoticsweetnesseclare. Hope you like!

pairing: nalu

characters: natsu, lucy, mentions of happy

type: fluffy as a stuffed animal

word count: 711

Lucy sighed as she sank in the tub, wondering how much her quick soak would cost. Her water bill was already high as she took a shower every day, and with her almost daily baths it was going to skyrocket. Rent was due tomorrow, and she just had to pick a place that was beautiful, albeit expensive. And of course, it didn’t have included utilities. Just what was she thinking when she began to rent the apartment in the first place?

Thankfully, Natsu and Happy loved to go on jobs with her that paid well, and most of the time they would give the reward to her to pay her rent. She would always shake her head and tell them to at least take some of it, but Natsu would deny her request and remind her that he had enough saved up for years to come. For what, she didn’t know, but she was happy that her friend was good at saving money. Lucy, however, could deal with one less coffee every week and far less clothes.

As she stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel, she walked into the kitchen to find Natsu already making himself something to eat. The sight was not surprising as he did this often, but it still annoyed her.

“Natsu,” Lucy said, her tone flat, “what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to cheer you up, Luce!” he said, munching on his sandwich piled high with all the meat and cheese he could find.

“It looks like you’re just helping yourself to the food in my refrigerator,” she arched an eyebrow, and he grinned.

“We’ll go to the grocery store later, Luce! Today is relaxing day,” Natsu reminded her, and Lucy groaned. How could she forget? Saturdays were the days deemed ‘relaxing day’ by Natsu after a long week of jobs.

“I don’t have time to relax, Natsu.” Lucy pointed to the calendar on her now empty fridge, glaring at her guildmate. “Rent is due tomorrow!”

“That’s fine! You have enough to pay it, right?” Natsu swallowed the rest of his sandwich whole and stared up at her expectantly. Lucy’s eyes welled up and suddenly she was in tears.

“Uh, Luce? What’s wrong?” Natsu asked, standing at the ready to grab tissues or chocolate or anything else she needed.

“I don’t have the money to pay my rent this month, Natsu! I’m terrible at managing my money. Just yesterday I saw a dress that I really wanted,” Lucy began, remembering the red velvet fabric and draping cut with a happy sigh, “And I couldn’t buy it because almost all of my money went to rent last month. Not to mention food, which most of it you come in here and eat. And my water bill is through the roof!”

Natsu listened to her sobbing with empathy. He wasn’t good with emotions, but when it came to Lucy, he was. He had to be, especially after having a crush on her for all of these years.

“Then why don’t you move in with me, then?” he asked, and Lucy looked up at him.

“Huh?” she furrowed her brows and wiped her red eyes.

“I’ve got enough saved up so that the two of us can stay in my house! Think about it, Luce! It’ll be so much fun! We can go on adventures together and Happy can snuggle up with us at night,” he said, his cheeks pink at the mention of them sleeping in the same bed.

Lucy thought for a moment. Did she really want to leave her beautiful apartment for a life with Natsu and Happy, the messiest people she knew?

But then again, there was no more rent. Natsu had his house paid off. And she could do grocery shopping without worrying about bills or money. And maybe that gorgeous dress could finally be hers…

Lucy nodded, letting him lift her up from her spot where she had been crying. “Okay. You’ve got yourself a deal.”

“Awesome! Now we can spend more time together!”

Lucy’s cheeks turned pink at his toothy grin, and they walked back to his–their–new home together. She didn’t want to admit it, but she had a crush on him for all these years too.

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