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im looking for some opinions.
Here is my current idea for Harvey’s cage.
I am now living under my parents’ roof again so there are some things I have to compromise on. My dad said he would prefer to put the ball pythons in cages underneath Harvey’s new cage to save space but also to save electricity and money on building a whole snake shedn which was the original plan.

So i have 6 ball python cages underneath Harvey’s cage and I have to decide the height of each.

The whole closet height is 8 ft 2 in on one side and 7 ft 2 in on the other. Length is 8 ft. Depth is 2 ft.
Harvey’s enclosure can either be 5 ft at the tallest point and the ball pythons would have 1 ft of height each


Harveys enclosure could be 4 ft at the tallest and the ball python’s would be at ~16 inches of height each.

Harvey is large and actively climbs more than the ball pythons, but I really wanted to give the ball pythons more height too.

So my question is: do I give Harvey more height or the ball pythons?

And i s2g if anyone says ball pythons don’t climb I will end you with science.

Im also sad. This is not what I had ideally in my mind. but… I also believe they are better in either situation listed above than being rehomed.


Happy birthday to the lovely, wonderful, beautiful @magerain!!!

May your special day be filled with happiness, delicious cake and good coffee! ^^ Keep dreaming and achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself! ^^ And, I’m gonna quote you here, you’re the best bro, bro!

Young Zeref Portrait

Can’t believe Mashima looked at this face and said “yes I think I’ll destroy his life and trap him in it for centuries.” >:) I find myself drawing young Zeref a lot as I play with brushes and styles. I don’t usually get attached to basically non-canon characters but I can’t get the original Dragneels out of my head <3

Please do not alter or repost :)

  • Brother: I used to ship supercorp but lately... Kara doesn't deserve Lena, okay?
  • Kara: Kara Danvers believes in you
  • Brother: Uh...
  • Kara: *giggles* My office is filled with flowers.
  • Brother: UM
  • Lena: I've never had friends like you. Or family, for that matter.
  • Me: they broke you, huh?
  • Brother: DAMMIT
  • <p> <b>Yoongi:</b> *whispers* Why are you so adorable?<p/><b>J Hope:</b> Sorry, what?<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> I SAID WHY ARE YOU SO ANNOYING?! *sweats nervously and run like there's no tomorrow*<p/><b>Jin:</b> BE A MAN YOU DIPSHIT!!<p/></p>

How well do Torres and Koke know each other?

Where and when did you meet?
FT: Don’t cheat huh… Let’s see those maths…
K: Could it be?
FT: Oh very well! In 2001. In Cerro del Espino in Majadahonda, Atleti’s training place.
K; In an Atleti act
FT: You cheated!
K: Yes I cheated!

Who arrives later at training?
Both: Damn, It’s difficult!
K: almost at the same time.
FT: Yeah we’re among the 4 players who arrive first.

How many goals has scored Fernando Torres this season?
FT: I don’t even know myself! … he loves me a lot! Seven, right?
K: I take you higher, Niño. [9]

Which Cholo’s exercise Koke likes the least?
FT: Damn. But he never complains! That was my doubt!… the intermittents!
K: Running around the pitch in circles, it’s almost the same!
FT: Yeah those two are the worst.
K: You have to run and that’s what I like the least!

Torres’ fave band.
K: Torres doesn’t like anything, I think.
FT: He doesn’t know, these guys only listen to weird stuff!
K: I’m gonna say one of his friends!
FT: Oh yeah, it could be. [Dani Martín] … they only listen to reggeaton and that stuff!

If Koke wasn’t a football player, what would he be?
FT: I’m not going to say what I’m thinking…
K: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t even know myself!
FT: I can’t believe it! [Both write ‘firefighter’]
K: You wrote the same, or what!?

Who is Koke’s idol?
K: Juninho
FT: Vizcaino! Show it to Juan (Vizcaíno, currently into Atleti’s coaching staff).
K: We have to show him later!

Who’s Torres idol?
FT: [Kiko]
K: [Me]
FT: That’s now! (pointing at Koke)

Which player you would like to play with?
K: The one I would like to play with, it’s difficult now, it’s Messi. He’s a spectacular player, he always shows it and well, it’s incredible to see him play.
FT: It wouldn’t be a bad thing to play with Messi.
K: It wouldn’t be a bad thing to bring him to Atleti.
FT: We can bring him to Atleti. If he wants to, we’re ready to give him a chance.
K: Exactly!

Hey so, it’s fine if you wanna blame Gray for using Iced Shell again, or be mad because you think he was used as like, a plot device. Because that’s your opinion.

And yeah, it does suck that Gray still has not learned the whole, “don’t sacrifice yourself” lesson, but that’s kinda the way everyone in fairy tail is. Even Natsu, hypocrite of the year, (exhibit A: chapter 466), has tried to pull the sacrificial stunt.

Many plot points in FT revolve around that whole sacrificing thing, so I don’t know why everyone is upset or surprised.

To be honest, I think I know why he learned Lost Iced Shell. When Natsu stopped him from using it all those arcs ago, it probably seemed to him, at the time, that he would be leaving painful memories and that was the only bad thing about it. So, he found a spell that could make them forget. And in Gray’s mind, I guess that was semi-okay.

No but imagine this.

The guild discovers some really old text that’s crucial to defeating Zeref and the Springans and Acnologia and stuff.

But it is written in some really really ancient script. Levy and Freed are just about to head to the library to slowly, painfully and meticulously translate it and the whole guild is bracing for a wait to find out the clue hidden in those texts. 

And then Natsu simply pears over the shoulder of the person holding it (say, Lucy) and translates it perfectly on the spot.

And everyone turns to him flabbegasted, all jaws drop. 

He soaks in their reactions with a straight face for a few moments before smirking and saying “Told you Igneel taught me to read”. 

Another coloring before the exams ヽ(◕◡◕❀ฺ )ノ It’s more fun than I thought at least while I have that art-block