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  1. bruises by train ft ashley monroe
  2. the sun is rising by britt nicole
  3. one call away by charlie puth
  4. aloys theme by joris de man
  5. into the frozen wilds by joris de man
  6. officer down by hannah ellis
  7. burning house by cam
  8. marry your daughter by brkn rbtz
  9. fight like a girl by bomshel
  10. in case you didn’t know by brett young

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And So He Rose, Owning Every Second;

i. Good Life - One Republic | ii. Dreams - Bastille | iii. All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran | iv. Wake Me Up - Avicii | v. Sunshine Highway - Dropkick Murphys | vi. Bruises - Train (Ft. Ashley Monroe) | vii. Of All The Gin Joints In All The World - Fall Out Boy | viii. Brothers - Penny & Sparrow | ix. Quick To Run - Front Porch Step | x. Name - Goo Goo Dolls | xi. The Fighter - Gym Class Heroes (Ft. Ryan Tedder)

A fan mix to set the mood for reading my lame as hell eremin fic

Cover Art was drawn by the wonderfully skilled and incredibly fabulous nueska​ who i love dearly and you should too 


Smile - Sheppard // Like or Like Like - Miniature Tigers // Stutter - Mariana’s Trench // Somewhere in Neverland (Acoustic) - All Time Low // Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute // Shouldn’t be Good in Goodbye - Jason Walker // Beautiful Mistake - Michael Shulte // Yours Truly - Paradise Fears // The Harold Song - Ke$ha // I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else - A Great Big World // Don’t Want To Fall - The Narrative // Sad Song - We the Kings // Clarity - Alex Goot // Stomach Tied in Knots (Acoustic) - Sleeping with Sirens // Bruises - Train ft. Ashley Monroe //  Geronimo (Acoustic) - Sheppard // Something I Need - OneRepublic // This Will Be Our Year - SMASH Cast


Asher Monroe ft. Chris Brown - Memory  (Official Music Video)


Asher Monroe ft. Chris Brown - Memory (Official Lyrics Video)