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  • Yoongi, talking about Jungkook: I know you think my judgement's clouded because I like him a little bit.
  • Jin: You doodled your weeding invitation.
  • Yoongi: Hmph, you uncultured fool, that's our joint tombstone.
  • Jin: Oh my mistake.
Translator Problems|| Taehyung

Request - @theb-tchyidol said:                                                                      Hi! I was wondering if you could do a reader x Taehyung where she’s part of BTS and can speak Korean and Japanese, but they don’t know that she’s from an English background so she can speak English as well(because she doesn’t look like it), and they find out by hearing her sing English songs while cooking them breakfast. Btw love the Wings series, can’t wait for the next one!      

This was so long ago, I’m so sorry Dx     

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader (ft. BTS)

Genre - Fluff, Humor (of what I can provide, since I’m not a very funny person)

Summary - Being a member of BTS is a title enough. But when the members get to know that there’s another walking translator in the house (other than Namjoon), the roof falls.

You chucked the cube of butter onto the hot pan, the sizzling of the butter barely a whisper with the music blaring through your earphones. You were more than thankful for the quite morning - the boys were fast asleep, and a breakfast of crunchy toast and bacon seemed much more appealing as the smell of the meat wafted to your nose.

Taking a deep breath, inhaling the smell of the cooking bacon, your lips had already begun moving along to the song’s lyrics.

True - you had your own songs, and being the maknae after Jungkook, you had gotten the same amount of attention as him, if not more. But it wouldn’t hurt to wake the boys up with loud singing, would it? Especially if the song was their favorite. Even so, maknaes were meant to create ruckus.

So you sang. Loud, clear and beautifully. And while you did so, you chucked in slices of bacon and bread and cooked their and your breakfast. Taehyung would definitely love to be woken up to the smell of your cooking and you in his shirt. After all, the boys did favor your cooking over Jin’s. And that always fed your pride. Even if it was just a teensy bit better than his.

With the loud music ringing in your ears, you hadn’t been able to hear the padding of pairs of feet to the kitchen and neither did the screeching of the chairs on the floor alert you. It was only when you turned around to lay the table did you almost scream and chuck the plate at one of them; seven pairs of red and puffy eyes staring at you. They were barely conscious.

‘Could you guys care to be more louder next time?’ You sighed, placing the plates in front of them.

Jungkook shrugged, ‘I thought you didn’t appreciate us making noise?’ It sounded more of a slur of stringed words than a coherent sentence.

You snorted, 'I know what I say-’

'You know English?’ Jimin piped up, interrupting you. You glanced over to him. His puffy face was propped up in his hands as he ran a hand through his raven black hair.

'Yes, why?’ You turned around again to grab the plates on which the food was kept. During that time, the boys had exchanged surprised or unknown glances.

You twisted back around to notice them. 'What?’

'You never told us?’ Jin questioned, his eyebrows tightening as he frowned. Or tried to.

You gave him a blank look, 'We’ve stayed under the same roof for three years and now is when you notice I speak languages other than Korean?’

'Wait, you speak more?’ Taehyung was now wide awake. And he had probably not noticed you standing with his shirt on. Well, this was interesting.

'Yes, genius. I speak Japanese as well. Must I remind you who taught you to greet in those languages for the world tour?’ You had by now taken a seat beside Namjoon, who was simply eyeing you. More like assessing you.

'Yes?’ Hoseok lifted his upper lip, baring his teeth. You huffed, 'Did you boys drink last night?’ You had slept too early to even know when they had even arrived last night.

'No?’ Namjoon frowned this time. You stabbed your fork into the bacon.

You gave a long glare to all the boys, one by one making them uncomfortable before they reached for their respective plates and ignored you, incoherently mumbling apologies before they began eating. You lastly glared at Namjoon. 'Do you honestly not remember me teaching you Japanese?’

He shook his head slowly, not even a flicker of recognition flashing across his eyes as he picked a piece of bacon and shoved it into his mouth. You offered him a look that suggested he start thinking.

‘You boys had literally wined because you didn’t want a translator at the interview, so I did the job for you - and then you guys hadn’t left me for a week because you apparently wanted to “learn more”‘ You quoted with your fingers, but they simply stared at you. You sighed.

The breakfast went by so silently you could have cut through the tension in the air with the blunt edge of a knife. Then all too suddenly, Jungkook slapped a palm on the surface of the table, making everybody jump.

'What?’ Yoongi shot daggers at the younger.

'She’s right! She did teach us Japanese and English during the world tour because Namjoon hyung was too much of an asshole to bother!’ he paused riht in time for the older to yell a ‘Hey!’ before he went on, ‘We just never let her speak during the interviews!’ He exclaimed, all the drowsiness having flown out of the window.

You smiled, but didn’t beam, 'Took you long enough’

Taehyung who had been on your other side, reached for your waist, 'Aw, we were just messing with you, though’

‘How did you learn the languages anyway?’ Namjoon asked curiously. You looked at him, ‘My parents had settled in England after I was born, that’s how I learned English. As for Japanese…well, I was done with reading the subtitles than watching the anime so I taught it to myself.’ The boys looked at you with genuine appreciation.

You snorted again, 'That was probably the most hilarious prank you guys have ever pulled on me’ You stuffed the last piece of toast into your mouth.

'You fell for it, though’ Jin suggested.

Shrugging, you began picking up their plates.

'By the way, Y/N,’ You turned to look at Jungkook. And the smile he gave you made you inwardly groan. You knew where this was going.

But you still asked, 'What?’

'Teach me English so I can talk to Charlie Puss and Justin Hyung, please?’

You yelled at Namjoon who had spat water all over the place as he snorted a laugh.

Charlie Puss reigns again.

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thewhisperingruins  asked:

Hi I just wanted to ask if you have specific songs (for each ship) that really remind you of jikook, yoonseok, and namjin ( and tae if possible) ?? Because if you do could you please tell, I'd really like to hear it!❤

of course ~! ill choose 1-2 that are quite representational for each <3