ft island lee hong ki


i feel like these two photos can be reactions to almost everything:

  • lee hongki they don’t have the nail color you want.
  • lee hongki you can’t drive off with your CEO’s car.
  • lee hongki, your acting is amazing. 
  • lee hongki, you are short.
  • lee hongki, you are a fashionista
  • ft island, you guys can start writing your own music.
  • lee hongki, what do you think of your ceo?

seriously…so sassy.


He says he doesn’t dance – Look at them hips move!
                 “If we’re all dancing together and my friend comes over,
                  I do a dance when I walk over to them.”
                       - Hongki in Hello Counselor [xxx]
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Hong Ki’s new variety show - A look at myself teaser (Avengers ver)