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Introduction to Super Junior members

link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/860899/editing-collection-of-super-junior-gif-s-pictures-superjunior15-gifandimages

This is lovely leader lettuce! I mean Leeteuk. Real name Park Jungsoo.

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Leader right here, he is such a great role model =D 

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That ponytail just adds to his leaderness (I dont know how but it does)

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He is still young okay!!!!! So cute I swear

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Next is Sassy Diva Heenim. Real name Kim Heechul
Btw this first GIF is from the Suju movie Attack on the pin-up boys

I swear this would be Heechul on Hello Baby

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Heechul ft Hyukjae

Heenims laugh is so precious!

Next is Yesung, real name Kim Jongwoon. 
From MV No Other


he can also be quite odd (thats why I love him)

 He’s got this magical voice that melts your heart, His stage name Yesung means artistic voice

He’s in the army right now =( Come back home turtle we miss you philtrum lover!

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Next is Kanginnie! Strong racoon, I heard he was a tough guy until he came back from military and  revealed that he’s just a big ol’ softie. Real name Park Youngwoon.

He can be quite dorky

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And a big giggly guy

Also a cute french looking guy, this gif just screams out french to me IDK, anyways Kangin looking photogenic as usual. 

And a yellow sun

Shindong is next! Real name Shin Donghee but they already had a Donghae (the names sound similar) so he made this stage name for him self. Its clever and I like it.

Also from No Other MV

He can be an awesome actor

Don’t make hearts at me *swoon over cuteness*

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Next is aegyo king Sungminnie. Real name is Lee sungmin. So cute, I swear he must of been a bunny in his past life. I’m so happy he is getting married!

Don’t puff your cheeks at me, I won’t fall for it!… no… stop!…. *sighs* fine I’ll buy you a pony! He cheers, “I’m gonna go broke” I mutter

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Yeah ponies!

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We need more pink in this world Mr. President!

How can you not fall for his cuteness!

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Anchovy here! Eunhyuk, real name is Lee Hykjae

Screams in terror

Aww poor hyukkie!

He’s really shy areound girls apparently and he and Yunho are the kings of dancing

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Why people say he’s ugly IDK but he’s awesome and not ugly. 

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Next is Korean Jesus… Shishus aka Siwon. Real name Choi Siwon

Everyone is like Siwon Oppa so handsome but I see this

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And this

He is funny and an awesome actor

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Thanks I’m starving

Donghae! Real name Lee Donghae. This is a fishy in real life!

He is really handome and looks like a really nice person

This is his….. FISHY DANCE!!

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Now his smile

And this is a like a thousand gifs of him

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Next is Kiki the giraffe! Just kiding its lovable Ryeowook. Real name Kim Ryeowook

He also got this amazing voice, they all do but like damn Ryewook!

Some time he reminds me of JYJ/TVXQ Kim Jaejoong

He has this cute little sing-songy voice!

He is awesome and adorable

Finally the evil maknae….. Kyuhyun, real name is  Cho Kyuhyun

Devil kyu

He is also super cute and has an awesome voice

MV Blue tomorrow by SJM, Kyu looks so sad =(

Compilation gifs of Kyu baby

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Hangengie!! Sadly he left Super Junior due to company issues, but in many Elfs hearts and the Super Junior mebers hearts he is still part of Super Junior. Real name Han Geng. He was the first Chinese member in a k-pop band, so he is awesome.

Drinking juice

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His smile =D

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Black hair really suits him

Hangeng in Super Juniors MV It’s You

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Next Kibum, real name Kim Kibum. I call him Kibumie. He is currently inactive with Super Junior’s promotion. He is acting

Aww! Isnt he adorable?

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He looks nice in glasses, they suit his face

Kibm ft Hangeng

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Smily Kibummie

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Next is Zhoumi! Like Henry they both are part of SJM, the reason is complicated, and I would rather you message me privately or find out on your own. Zhoumi is a fashion diva and a ball of sunshine. Chinese like Hangeng his real name is Zhou Mi. He had a solo debut recently with Rewind

This is from SJM MV Perfection

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Zhoumi has also been an MC for different radio shows like Shukira (hosted by Shindong) and is just hilarious.

He is also hyper =D

If I am not mistaken he probably acted in some Chinese dramas

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Next is Henry. He has solo songs Trap, 1-4-3, and Fanstastic and more in his solo albums. Real name Henry Lau, cute adorable with chipmunk cheeks. 

Much Aegyo!

Chopsicks! Yummy food!

Henry ft Kyuhyun

Henry is super talented, he can play like 20 different instruments and speak fifty different languages