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anonymous asked:

Have you got any heith songs?

*rubs my little hands together like a fly*

dirty laundry - all time low 

avalanche - walk the moon 

im yours - alessia cara 

ultralife - oh wonder 

drugs and candy - all time low

it’ll be okay - smle ft. helen tess

cold cold man - saint motel

grade 8 - ed sheeran

and i listen to this heith playlist a lot and the only one i knew before i listened was im yours so its rlly good


trk countdown  favorite non-fox way side characters

Helen very much enjoyed climbing down into other people’s lives and muddling about there with a pail and a shovel and possibly one of those old-fashioned striped bathing suits with the legs and arms.

happy/calming playlist for you (◡‿◡✿)

calmer songs (most of this consists of chill music, meant for relaxing, studying, the such)
rush by LYAR (ft. antonia) 
underwater by kidswaste
sunset lover by PETIT BISCUT
lighthearted by deep chills
wake me up by avicii (Tyma remix) 
embracing solitude by JCB (Blackmill remix)
darling vip by said the sky (ft. missio)
still breathing by rando
oceans by PETIT BISCUT 
bloom by the paper kites (alex brand it remix) 
solstice by k-391  

happier songs (these are far more upbeat and fast. mostly consists of dance-ish songs and personal favourites)
here right now by suspect 44 (ft. Rumors)
noah by amber run (i guess you could count this as calming too, this song is beautiful in the least)
further on by bronze radio return (what i’m linking you to is the official video, but i recommend you also look at the lyrics! c:)
different colors by walk the moon
it’ll be okay by SMLE (ft. helen tess)
say my name by odesza (luke shay remix)
never touch the ground by Y LUV (gazzo remix) ((THE ORIGINAL IS ALSO GREAT))
best day of my life by american authors (gazzo remix)
pumping blood by nonono
 smile (hyperbits & jenaux remix) by galantis 

of course, if any song on this playlist may discomfort you, please please let me know and i’ll take it off as soon as possible so i make sure not to make anyone else feel uncomfortable. 
if you see this on your dash, reblog it. it may not fit your needs at the moment, but someone else may be going through a time in which they need some help.
and if you’re the one going through a bad time right now, I’m here to assure you: it ends. be around to see your winning revolution to this war. you can do this.

i’ll come back and edit this post every now and then so if i find a fitting song, i’ll add it to here.

much love ~ 
sav ♡

Music Meme

You can tell a lot about a person from their music! 
1. Hit shuffle on your iPod / MP3 player / iTunes / etc. 
2. Put the first 10 songs! No skipping! 
3. Tag 10 people & pass it on 

I got tagged by @azraeltree. You better listen to all of these songs I wasted time linking kek

  1. Nym - Skeleton
  2. Mayhem - How I love
  3. Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings
  4. The Megas - Can’t Stop the Top
  5. Arctic Monkeys - Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
  6. ProleteR - It Don’t Mean A Thing
  7. OFF - Peppersteak [All Levels At Once]
  8. Sam Smith - Writing’s On The Wall
  9. Detektivbyrån - Om Du Möter Varg
  10. pLasterbrain - G★R★E★E★D★Y ft. Helen Kane

I tag uh… @inhale-the-sans, @bonegard, @feth uh idk. 

Don’t feel pressured at all to do this. The musics on my list happens to be hella. I’d 10/10 recommend all of these songs.

If anyone wants a link to the huge stream playlist I have, which I update constantly, here it is.