ft flashback


I bet dragons were common household pests back then ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Getting rid of them was another thing

There's a whole hell of a lot of upset on my dash right now. Let me tell you why I loved the episode

- We finally got a Robin backstory. This is something that’s been sorely needed since his character became more central in 3B. It may not have quite been what I expected, and let’s face it, in this circumstance, Robin’s origin was told only to serve the storyline of the arc, not for the storyline to serve the character (which I would have preferred), but I will take what I can get.

- I will be forever intrigued with Gold. His heartlessness seems never ending, and as I have experience with addicts, I can fully appreciate Bobby when he talks about his character. I thought he was on fine form (as always) and that Sean and Bex - a round of applause for that beautiful, ginger woman’s ability to impersonate Rumpelstiltskin - really held their own against him. I’m fully aware of what some think of Sean’s acting. I hope this episode helped prove them wrong.

- The big twist. Many have speculated since last summer that Marian was not Marian. I was fully in the category that that theory was bull shit. Tonight I was proved wrong, and am pleasantly surprised to be so. I am sad we won’t be seeing any more of the Maiden, who in FT flashbacks seemed like the kind of woman I could get on board with. I’m so intrigued to see how Regina deals with the whole situation now she knows, and of course Robin when he finds out too. It’s heartbreaking that he will have to grieve his wife for the second time, especially now Roland is old enough to appreciate the loss. I hope we get the repercussions of Zelena’s actions in a big way, and that it won’t be swept under the rug to serve some greater purpose toward the end of the season.

- I enjoyed seeing Robin getting to grips with our world. I got a very “Home Alone: Lost in New York” feel, particularly when he broke into the Wizard of Oak (LOL for that name) and the alarm went off.

- I could really feel his torment of whether to contact Regina or not. Everyone who has ever been in a complicated breakup knows how difficult it is to decide whether to get in touch or let sleeping dogs lie, so I’m a little saddened to see so many fans so quick to judge Robin for deleting her number at the end. A few weeks ago I was fully in the category of “if he has no good reason for not calling, I’ll be pissed”, but now I’ve seen the episode played out, I take my words back. I absolutely get why he did it. Also, that photo of Lana was beautiful.

- One question I do have is why Robin didn’t question Marilena when she got so upset when she found that photo at the end. Unless he’s playing her (which I believe/hope he is), that whole bit made little sense to me. Of course he would still have Regina’s number saved. He had outright chosen her before leaving SB and Marilena knew that. She should have known it wouldn’t have been as simple as “oh he isn’t with Regina so that means he’ll be with me”. Which, apparently if we take the last scene as it was and believe Robin has made his choice, it is that simple. That’s kind of sloppy writing to me personally, but I’ll take it because like I said, a lot of the character decisions in this episode were serving the storyline - for drama, for future episodes - and not the storyline serving the character as it should be. But hey, this is tv folks, that happens all the time.

- I ADORED the scene with Lana and Bobby at the end. I’m so glad Regina finally stood up for herself around Gold and held him accountable for his manipulation instead of constantly blaming herself. Obviously it was left on a cliffhanger, but I fully believe Regina will choose to save Emma if nothing because she’s so bloody stubborn and will want to kill Rumple for trying to blackmail her like he is. I’m really looking forward with what’s going to happen there!

- Now for the crux. I know the end was disheartening and frustrating. Robin seemingly repeating history and choosing honour over love, choosing Marian over Regina. I’ve seen many comments of how Regina deserves better than someone who will forego her so easily, and while I share your frustration, I ask only that you please remember this. Robin currently has NO CLUE that he can get back to Storybrooke. He currently has NO CLUE Regina is looking for him. He is faced with a life without love, miserable and heartbroken, pining for a woman he believes to be stuck in a town he can’t get back to, and hey, why wouldn’t he believe that? If the Dark One can’t get back, how would he ever manage? And his wife, the mother of his child, a woman he once loved with all his heart, one he believed to be his happy ending, is standing before him telling him she wants him. She wants them.

What is Robin going to do? Give up on finding ANY happiness in his life so he can wallow over losing Regina? Or try and make a go of it? Try and recapture what was once had, and yes, he’s tried that before and it didn’t work. But it was never going to with his true, fated love living a few streets away. Now he thinks he’ll never see her again, and I for one think it’s admirable that he can put Marian and Roland before his own want and decide to try and be happy with the cards he’s been dealt.

Also, this is OUAT we’re talking about. Things are almost always out of context until we have the entire season, and I’m in the boat of “he knows it’s not Marian and is playing her at her own game”. If I’m wrong, I won’t be upset, I still get why he made the decision he made, but I will at least wait and see the rest of the season before making my decision.

- Other things I liked about the episode… Roland being Roland. Stop it, you adorable hobbit.

- Robin in the shower. THERE IS A GOD.

- Can I also just add the amount of people bitching about Scott Nimfiro is hilarious. You’ve spent all season bitching and moaning that he hates OQ and Robin. He wrote you a fantastic Robin centric. So hush up, please and thank you.