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A lo hecho, pecho||Dante&Sofie

It had been a couple of days since she had found out that Dante had cheated on her. Sofie had been through a range of emotions, starting with shock and anger. Now, she’s mostly heartbroken and confused. Sofie thought about calling Dante several times to see if he had some sort of explanation, but she was too afraid of what he’d say. She didn’t want to know if he had only been pretending to love her. 

After crying on the phone to her Mami and going to church to pray that everything would workout, she decided it was time to finally confront Dante. She drove over to his house and parked on the side of the road. She needed a minute or ten to decide what she was going to say and how she was going to say it. Looking at his house made all of the anger that she felt at first coming rushing back. He didn’t even try to call her to explain himself, so that really confirmed that he didn’t love her. Sofie took a deep breath an got out of the car. She stomped to the front door and knocked loudly, “Dante! We really need to talk!”


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“Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness. Wow, a world without darkness. How beautiful was that?”

“Y me pareció que el rostro de Dante era un mapa del mundo. Un mundo sin oscuridad. Vaya, un mundo sin oscuridad. ¿Cuán hermoso era eso?”


i was informed i had to participate in that “6 selfies of 2k15” thing or i’d be disowned but i didn’t take a lot of selfies because, as you can see, i literally did not pluck my eyebrows the entire year so i had Limited Options™

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After Angel and Thalia’s impromptu dance session, the KKG’s president had found herself back at the Greek Mansion. She wanted to knock out a multiple choice worksheet for her Psychology major, then talk to her Social Chair about some ideas she wanted them to implement. The fresh scent of lavender radiated off of the freshly showered brunette as she pulled some homemade yogurt she’d made earlier from the top of the line fridge– that was when she heard the doorbell. “I got it!” She yelled, traipsing to the door. She made a face as soon as she saw Dante when she opened it. “You again.” She faked like she was going to close the door in his face.

The Aftermath || Dante x Noella.

Noella let Dante lead her from the party back to the dorms. She kept thinking about what she agreed to. She kept wondering if she was strong enough to watch him hang out with other women and flirt while she remained loyal to him. Where was the compromise in that? What did she really win? She couldn’t figure it out and it in a way bothered her. Were they even together, were they anything at all? The many questions flooded her mind as she remained silent her head downcast the entire trip across the campus. 


Have two people ever considered going to a con together as Knuckles and Dante from DMC, so they could photobomb every picture ever?

Every photo could be: [insert series/character] ft Dante from the Devil May Cry series and Knuckles.

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Homestuck Youtube update ft Dante Basco.

Just saw it. What the heck are they planning, here. I’m bewilderfused, but staying calm.

Also they apparently briefly reference the unanswered question of inversion theory at 0:08 in the bottom left corner, so it looks like we can at LEAST look forward to an answer soon to whether or not Inversion holds any merit, or whether it’s being officially left open as a possibility without confirmation or such.

Which gives me some comfort, since it looks like we might not have to wait for a year(s)-off TBA epilogue.  :D


Me ft. the Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the back and our weird ancient painting of Mary and Jesus even though we aren’t religious

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atlus stream summary
  • kanji, chie, yosuke & teddie confirmed for dancing all night and p4d delayed to 2015
  • no new persona 5 news
  • devil survivor 2 break record ft. dante from devil may cry 3 is due 1.29.2015