ft 339

FT 339 Spoilers and theories

I know my question/theory will probably be answered in a few hours, but what the heck?

So, “Here’s Johnny!” Acnologia is back and bad as ever. Soooo bad that he even ate the Timelapse.

My question/theory is… how did Natsu end up where humanized Acnologia is? What if…perhaps…Natsu is kind of part of the timelapse? I’m not entirely sure how that works, unless where he’s from the past. Unless…. eventually all of the Dragon Slayers will end up there at one point. While the Dragon Slayers are attacking Acnologia from the inside, Fairy Tail could be attacking from the OUTSIDE at the same time. And here’s the Rave Master feeling comes in… that means if Acno is destroyed while the Dragon Slayers are inside of him… *cries in the corner*. And before their last moments, they all have a last telepathy conversation with everyone.
Gajeel with Levy and Lilly…
Wendy and Charla..
And so on…
Then Natsu with Happy, Gray, Erza, and then finally Lucy, and I imagine this would be where he announces what he wanted to do after the war. I’m hoping it will be along the lines of going out on a date with Lucy or something, and he would like to know what the answer would have been. Lucy could be like, “You do kind of owe me for all the mooching off me over the years.” Natsu would be like: “what’s that got to do with it?” Lucy: “You know when you ask someone out, it usually means you pay for it all.” Natsu: “Crap, I didn’t think that through!” They’d have a moment to laugh then get somber. Natsu: “Would you have said yes, Luce?” Lucy: “Yes, and you will still ask me, Natsu, because this won’t be the end of you! You all will survive this! We’re Fairy Tail!”
Then the big finale. The Dragon Slayers disappear when Acnologia is defeated. I’m hoping it will be only seven months since their disappearance and they all come back. And for Zeref’s redemption/reconciliation with Natsu, he somehow used the last of his power along with Mavis’s and protected the Dragon Slayers in the last moment. Encasing them in a barrier that lasted for seven months, not unlike on Tenrou Island.
The reunions are sweet and heart melting, then it comes to Natsu and Lucy.

Version one, the likely route: Lucy embraces him (I hope for a kiss) and she’s crying against his chest, then slaps him, “Don’t you ever do that to me again, Natsu! You can’t worry a girl like that, you know! I missed you so much that it hurt!” Natsu would look at her softly. “I’m sorry, Luce. But I’m here now and we’re together.” That wound be enough for Lucy. Then as they’re getting close, out of nowhere, Happy tackles the both of them, balling his eyes out.
Cut to future scenes: all the ships together, little families, and happy-ever-afters.

Version two, since I want closure for this certain character: Lucy and Natsu are reunited, and Kucy faces him while holding hands with a little blonde headed boy.
“I know we’ve been gone for a while, but I didn’t think this long!” Natsu would say.
Lucy would smack him. “He’s not mine! You’ve been gone for seven months.” Then she’d smile. “This is August, your nephew, Natsu.”
Natsu’s eyes gets wide. “Nephew… and why does that name sound familiar…” then he points at him. “You were that old geezer that tried to kill Happy, Lucy, Mest, and me! But how are you not an geezer now?!”
August, a child, but the memory and intelligence still with him. “I suppose this would be considered a parting gift from father and mother. The timelapse gave me my life and youth back.”
“Father and mother…” Natsu would think aloud. “Zeref and First?!”
“I said he’s your nephew, idiot!” Lucy scolded. “He’s your blood.”
Natsu wouldn’t know what to really say to that, only to place a hand on August’s head and say, “Nice to meet you, buddy!”
August, half embarrassed and dignified, would slap his hand away and blush. “Nice to officially meet you…Uncle.”
Then the rest would fall into place similar to the first version.

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