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Anonymous requested: Could you do a jealous Felicity Smoak x reader one shot where she starts getting jealous because the reader starts hanging out with Thea more often

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity Smoak x reader (ft. Thea)
Word count: 1.4k+

A/N: For the sake of this story, Oliver and Felicity were never together and are just close friends :)

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“Gorillaz returns after six years with the apocalyptic “Hallelujah Money” video, the first taste of their new record which is coming later this year. The band has issued this song on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump to serve as commentary on a politically-charged, historical moment.”

Rhys's Wingspan

Get your heads outta the gutter. 😂 I’m talking literally here. Cuz, let’s be real, Illyrian wings cannot be smaller than their bodies other wise they would not be able to even leave the ground.

Let’s use Rhysand and the little brown bat for reference.

Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus): 3-4 inches long, with a 9-11 inch wingspan.

I’m going to go with a roughly 1:3 ratio with the body size compared to the wingspan.

And based on opinion, we’ll say Rhys is 6'4. Therefore:

6*3 = 18 ft.
4*3 = 12 in. = 1 ft.

Added together, that means Rhys’s wingspan is probably around 19-20+ feet. To compare that to something, that’s about the height of your average giraffe.

This has been a PSA for SCIENCE in the acotar fandom.


LOL JK none of this should work! Your slayer is malfunctioning because he should be dead anyway and he’s at least part demon. You’re fighting mother nature and some serious black magic so unless you can spontaneously employ some “love is the most powerful magic” nonsense, it’s doubtful you can help him. Too bad, so sad. Mwahahahaha!

Edit: PART 2 now available 

Anyway this is a combo of ideas I thought of and ones I saw online. Anyone have other heating methods that are also more effective than naked Lucy? Do any of these have crippling plausibility flaws?  

Do not alter or repost. Characters belong to Hiro Mashima. Fanart by ChoicesChoices.

(So basically help me I’m going nuts. I mean I just drew EIGHT people piled up under a blanket. Three of them are unconscious. Creepy. Also yes I realize Gray woke up right before this but hey. Maybe I should have had him considering if it’s too dishonorable to kill Natsu while he’s defenseless? Oh dear…made myself sad…)

Context: our level 2 party was fighting a very attractive Incubus, and our Halfling Fighter was very close to death. It was a long and difficult fight, until the Dragonborn Paladin nearly one-shot the Incubus. Next in the order was the Gnome Bard (about 1.5 ft tall), who cast Vicious Mockery (yell an insult=1d4 damage+disadvantage next turn).

DM: Uh…okay, how do you want to do this?

Gnome Bard: Do what?

DM: Well, you’re killing him with that 3 damage, so how does that actually kill him?

Party: [comes up with all sorts of silly insults]

Human Paladin: Tell him he has a tiny dick!

Gnome Bard: Alright, here’s what I do: I tell the Incubus that he has a small penis, smaller than mine, and his head just straight up explodes.

Dragonborn Sorceress: I can’t believe masculinity is so fragile…