Mystic messenger’s MC’s are so awesome!!!

although i played using Mc 4 the whole way, i still really like all the others!! (forgive me for not drawing you unicorn mc T^T)

I really liked this request for some reason, I just find it really cute.I wasn’t really open to doing Saeran and V, but I guess I’ll just open an exception.

Saeyoung (707)

- He’s a hacker and a secret agent, he knows how to handle heavy security and complicated systems, but no one has taught him how to overcome MC’s parents.

- It was not like they hated him, but he was older and staying together all the time was something they wouldn’t allow at all. This made him having to resort to other measures … like your bedroom’s window.

- You had just taken a shower and were laying in bed, your phone between your hands as you casually chatted with Yoosung. Eventually, you were disturbed by a few knocks in the window, becoming perplexed when you realized that it had been no other than your boyfriend, cheeks flushed and a wide grin on his face.

- Your initial shock faded away rather quickly as he muttered something along the lines of ‘It would be kinda useful if you let me in,’ which made you rush to his aid and allow him entrance. How he managed to climb through your house’s gates was a mystery to you, but reaching your window didn’t surprise you - your room was conveniently on the first floor.

- He’d crush you with a bear hug as soon as he stepped foot inside, only to realize that you were wearing nothing but underwear and one of his shirts he believed to have lost (you had stolen it). His blush would intensify furiously, but it would be barely noticeable with only the moonlight shining through. ‘I missed you, MC’ he explains, his hand moving from the strands of your hair to your wrist. You chuckled, reminding him that he had been with you only the day before. Of course, he’d still complain. ‘It’s too long.’

- He would somehow manage to convince you to stay by your side the rest of the night, a laptop playing one of your favorite movies lying on bed over the two of you. Saeyoung, meanwhile, made his best to focus only on the movie and not on the feeling of your soft skin against his leg and how damn gorgeous you looked in his stolen shirt. One time, though, when you were drifting off to sleep, you wrapped your arm around his waist and propped up a leg on top of his middle. It was only a whisper, but it lingered on your mind for a long time, the way he spoke the words making you blush whenever you thought back. “I swear, you do that when you’re fully conscious and I can’t be held responsible by what I’ll do to you.”


- Poor guy can’t even understand why your family keeps refusing to let him stay over whenever he visits. He’s a fully grown adult and just simply can’t wrap his mind around why they don’t offer him any kind of trust. His money can buy so many things - why can’t it buy a night alone with his beloved one?

- He asked for Zen’s help on this one (not that he would ever freely admit), forging a nearly flawless plan that would get him on your room for the amount of time he wished for. It kind of did involve his money, but he was about to go mad without seeing you.

- And so, as you waved farewell to your parents on your garage (as they conveniently won a weekend trip to the other side of the country), a tall man and his white cat sneaked inside your house and entered your room, causing a shriek to escape your lips as you entered it. He was sat on the bed, the cat curled on his lap and his lips forming the most mischievous smile you had ever seen on him.

- ‘Hmm, it was quite lucky of your parents to win such a lovely vacation,’ he’d comment as you neared him, pulling you to him by your wrist as soon as you were within reach. His lips found yours and Elizabeth 3rd jumped from his lap, not wishing to presence anything that was about to unfold. When you broke away, breathless and slightly dizzy, your hands moved to his hair as you brushed your fingers against it, knowing how much he enjoyed it when you did so. ‘You’re driving me insane, MC. Do you see what you make me do?’ he’d say, grabbing your hands and pulling you into his lap, where you gladly stayed for longer than your parents would have liked.


- Even after he adjusted to society once again, a concept that he seemed to heavily lack was none other but ‘privacy’. Having a twin brother that just so happened to be a hacker didn’t quite help him in getting that definition right, either.

- This meant that he’d sneak inside your room more often than it would ever be healthy, but it was something so casual that it was already taken for granted by your part. He’d do it whenever he was craving your attention or in desperate need of an escape from Saeyoung and his newfound brotherly nagging.

- Your room was on the second floor, but he always managed to climb inside your bedroom and lay beside you in the middle of the night. He’d be gone before your parents woke up, many times without you even seeing him, the feeling of his lips lingering in yours.

- Even if he frequently just entered when you weren’t awake, there were also times when you were doing homework and he’d knock on your window, promptly waiting in the balcony. You’d open it tiredly, and he’s instantly know what had you like that, so he’d sit quietly with a book in his hands, paying more attention to your busy figure than to the words.


- He isn’t exactly the type of person who would sneak in without your parents authorization, but that didn’t mean that this blue haired boy didn’t have needs.

- Instead of knocking on your window, he’d he knocking on your front door, nearly every day figuring some different excuse to be by your side. He’d eventually get to a point where he needed to use Yoosung’s suggestions (‘Yahh~ Just tell the parents that your house burned down, or tell them you have a rare sickness that kills you if you’re far from the one you love,’) but for know, he could use his own ideas. One time he’d bring gifts, other he’d bring takeway or even produce for him to cook, other times he might just pretend that his shower broke or that you need help with homework.

- Sometimes (he’d think that he had been strangely convincing, but it would only be your parents letting him off the hook) he’d be given the permission to stay by your side later than usual, giving him just the perfect time to shower you with kisses on top of your brown comforter.

- Basically, he can’t betray your parents by sneaking in but he’s perfectly fine with little innocent lies that get you two to be together, even the simple brush of your hands as you cooked dinner together making him the happiest man in the world.


- This guy. He’s terrified of your father, but that doesn’t stop him for pretending to be a secret spy and run from bush to bush until he was right by your window, smiling widely once he laid eyes on you.

- You’d eagerly open it, knowing fully well that your father wouldn’t hurt the person you loved for something as small as loving you back (Yoosung wasn’t too sure of that). He’d pick you up right after landing on solid ground, saying cheesy lines like ‘I’m here to save the princess!’ that made you blush and want to murder him simultaneously.

- Sometimes (most of them), he’d bring his homework along and do it with you, making his best to sound smart to impress you - and failing miserably - going to the lengths of trying to explain what you didn’t understand completely, even if it was a class he didn’t take or heard of.

- Lots of 'Yoosung, stop.’

- When you were really focused, he’d give you quick, playful pecks, that may or may not lead to an eventual make out section against your desk.


- 'Why does she have to live in one of the tOP APARTMENTS’ would, without a doubt, be one of the most common questions in his mind. Sneaking in to see you was an elaborate plan, code names, mission stages, covered face and all.

- He’d gave to get inside your house in the small break between the time your mother went out to the supermarket and before your father arrived from work, which gave him approximately fifteen minutes to get through the lobby, go all the way up and hide inside your bedroom, right after he received your green sinal text.

- The hard part being that he couldn’t use the elevator, because your mother would be using it. Which basically meant that he had to get through numerous flights of stairs just to get to you - and it was totally worth it.

- His lips would capture yours the moment you opened the door, and you were forced to remind yourself that the middle of the entrance was not where you should be making out with your boyfriend. You’d lead him by his hand to your bedroom, where he’d sit in your bed and pull you closer kissing you one last time before you went to greet your father directly as to avoid him opening your bedroom’s door.

- When you came back, you’d cuddle together while he told you about his day and asked you about yours, his fingers tracing soft, invisible circles along your back. His shin would rest atop your head and he’d feel so addicted to your scent, that he was willing to do that tiring run through the flights of stairs every single day, even if it meant that he had to run even faster when it was time to leave.

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H-Hello, I'm a Shy Anon. Is it possible I could request the boys protecting their significant other from a fight/someone harassing them? < 3

Hello angel! Please don’t be shy!!! You’re always welcome here in my house. Come hug God 606 ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃

Jumin: If the situation escalates enough that Jumin is going to get involved rather than sending in a bodyguard, then you can bet your lucky stars that whoever it is bothering you is going to wish they hadn’t even looked at you in the first place. He would get in their face, shove them a bit, ask them what the fuck they think they’re doing. He’s confrontational as FUCK. He’s gonna be super aggressive when it comes to his MC cause they’re HIS!!!! Not anyone else’s. 

Zen: He’ll push his MC behind him so they don’t get in the middle. He’ll get really irritated and start insulting whoever it is bothering you the second he realizes they aren’t letting up. He’s always ready to fight for you cause you’re just too damn cute for your own good. 

Yoosung: Surprisingly very, and I mean VERY, fierce when it comes to protecting you from harassment. If anyone even breathes near you wrong, he’s snapping at them, telling them to mind your space and back off. If they don’t, then he gets pushy. 

707: Seven is gonna be the worst. Not only is he going to probably start a fist fight with whoever is harassing you no matter where you are, but he’ll also never let it go. He’ll somehow find them online and hack into all their accounts and cancel all their credit cards, close all their super important accounts, email their boss from their personal email weird shit to get them fired, etc. He’s not playing any games.