michael would probably give you the nicest hug every time you open the door of your flat for him and he wouldn’t talk before his arms would be wrapped tightly around your body and god would you feel safe in his arms and he’d probably shift his weight from side to side and i feel like he’d make a special sound because he’s so happy to be there and he’d kiss your cheek before a “hey babe” leaves his mouth and fuck


My family has got a bit of a money emergency… I don’t want to go into specifics, but if anyone could please commission me and I’ll draw whatever you want, I’d appreciate it. Please. I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t an honest emergency. This is my commission info:

Commission Prices:
Full sketch drawing, not colored, not shaded, no background, one character: $10
Full sketch drawing, not colored, shaded, no background, one character: $15
Full digital colored drawing, not shaded, no background, one character: $25
Full digital colored drawing, shaded, no background, one character: $35
Background additional: $10
Additional character(s) each: $5

Commission Spaces Open:
1. Harry Potter Tom Riddle piece-spot filled
2. Bleach Ichigo vs Grimmjow-spot filled 
3. Final Fantasy XIII Lightning and Serah-spot filled
4. Jellal full-bodied drawing- spot filled 
5. Open Space Available
6. Open Space Available

Drawing examples above…
If you can’t please reblog to help me.

I accept Paypal payments for commissions! :) 

The sound of the tv had never felt so comforting. It was calm, relaxing but most of all it wasn’t loud. The baby in my arms had cried all evening long and I never found the reason why. The chances were he was probably tired, very tired. But he had a tendency to fight, he didn’t want to go to sleep yet. He never did. He wanted to explore the world and touch every little object in this house.

But all of it was worth it at the end when he was sleeping peacefully in my arms. His tiny body fit perfectly in my arms.

“He’s asleep?” Michael asked with a soft voice from the other side of the couch.

“Mm,” my eyes were still on our son. Even though I knew what features of Michael and what features of me he had I was always looking at him. It was still crazy, even after eight months, to think the cutest little boy in my arms was mine.

“Then why is he still in your arms?” I heard Michael ask. I slowly turned my head to see his lip in-between his teeth, as if he didn’t mean the question to sound the way it did.

I pursed my lips together before I answered him.

“I don’t know, it’s just an habit… Do you want to hold him or-?”

“I’ll put him to bed,” he replied and then he had already left the living room. I deeply sighed and then let myself lay comfortably on the couch as I waited for him to get back here.

A few minutes went by before Michael came back into the living room, he probably wanted to spend some alone time with his son.

He sat next to me and looked at the tv, though he wasn’t really watching it. I carefully shook his arm, trying to get his attention.

“Hey, what is it?” I asked.

He sighed, “It’s just… Nothing.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, sure.”

A long silence followed before his arms wrapped around me and his head fell against my breast. I waited for him to talk and after many seconds he finally did.

“I just feel like you haven’t been paying attention to me lately… probably because you’re so used to being with our boy all the time.” He mumbled. “That’s all,” he sighed.

A frown appeared on my face, “I don’t get it… We had sex multiple times since you came back home,” I responded as I wrapped an arm around him to keep him close.

“No, that’s not what I mean… I just miss spending time with you. You kind of got used to do everything on your own and now that I’m here I want to help you and I also want to spend time with you and you only. Like right now,” he muttered. I slowly nodded even though he couldn’t really see me. I thought about his words and knowing Michael wasn’t the one to say things like that, it must have had annoyed him a lot.

“I’m sorry,” I uttered.

“It’s okay,” he replied quickly. “Well, as long as you give me more cuddles and stuff…” He shifted a bit until his lips touched my cheek. “Mm” the sound left his mouth before he kissed my cheek another time, making me chuckle.

“You look like a baby,” I smiled as he replaced his head on my chest.

“I am,” he simply replied. “I’m another baby you have to take care of,” he announced.

“Alright,” I mumbled, kissing the top of his head.

Fairy Tail chapter 473 spoilers

• Wahl, now in his assault form, begins his assault on Laxus with a barrage of attacks, intending to kill him within the estimated 90 second timeframe
• Laxus struggles to deal with Wahl’s power, landing only a few hits on Wahl where as Wahl has landed dozens of hits
• Wahl downs Laxus and stops to give a speech about why Fairy Tail will lose the war, when Laxus starts to stand up and gives a nakama speech
• Wahl picks Laxus up and flies high in the air, before preparing to hurl Laxus towards the ground. Laxus takes advantage of this and unleashes a barrage of lightning attacks, which appear Red due to how high they are in the sky
• Wahl lets go of Laxus and begins to fall down along with Laxus, when he shakes it off and attacks Laxus again as they fall through the sky.
• Plummeting towards the ground, Wahl enters another mode which allows him to attack with even more force, and he fires on Laxus, sending him into the ground. As Laxus is attacked, his blood spills out as he uses one last attack (A Dragon Slayer’s Secret Arts) and attacks Wahl before he hits the ground.
•Last page we see Wahl fall but catch himself before he hits the ground, and he lands near Laxus, who is laying in a pool of blood.

Where Paths Diverge (11B/11)

This is a Captain Swan: Choose Your Own Adventure story where you choose the plot (details here). It’s part of my Follower Appreciation (thanks guys!)

When Regina seeks revenge for Cora’s death and a happy ending with Henry something goes horribly wrong. A canon divergence fic from 2x20 “The Evil Queen” where Regina’s failsafe isn’t an auto-destruct. Now back in the Enchanted Forest Emma and Killian are forced to pretend to be married while they figure out what happened.

Beta by @belovedcreation  Banner by @wingedlioness

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4A| Part 4B | Part 5| Part 6| Part 7| Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11A

FF.net | AO3

~5.5K | Rated C for complete!

“Seriously?” Emma can’t help the frustration and disbelief in her voice; just when she thought things couldn’t get any stranger it turns out magic truth ice cream exists.

Surprisingly the woman–Sarah is it?–laughs: a soft almost creepy sound. “Always such a way with words.”

Emma doesn’t like the note of familiarity in her voice but doesn’t want to risk antagonizing her. She shares a look with Killian and though his sword is still drawn he looks as resigned as she is to putting up with the Dairy Queen’s shenanigans. She gives him a nod and he sheathes his sword.

The woman grins. “Excellent choice. Now which one of you will be answering my questions?” Emma’s eyes dart towards her and the outstretched cone (rocky road, her favorite) and her stomach twists. She knows it’s going to be her. Henry isn’t an option and Emma can’t imagine a pirate wanting to put himself in such a vulnerable position. Before she can reach out her hand Killian is stepping forward.

“I believe the honor falls to me.”

Emma almost protests but she doesn’t really want to eat the ice cream cone so she bites her lip instead.

The sorceress turns and looks at Killian then purses her lips and gives her head a small shake. “I think not.”  

She takes a step toward Emma and stretches out her hand. Emma grits her teeth.

“Look, Dairy Queen, if you wanted me to eat it why didn’t you just say so?”

She gives an enigmatic smile. “My name is Ingrid.”

Emma sighs. “Okay, Ingrid. Let’s just get this over with.” She yanks the cone from her hand and without stopping to think gives it a lick. Immediately she feels a tingle on her tongue and she pulls the cone away. It doesn’t hurt but Emma can feel the magic trickling through her.

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