Fairy Tail 437

This chapter showed even more how Lucy has grown up. I believed her when she said that coming back to Magnolia was somewhat nostalgia but also anxiety for what will await them/her. (Note: The paragraphs always refer to the images below them.)

The approach of this matter was well done by Mashima. In the first panel you can see a not so enthusastic looking Lucy. Mashima didn’t hide this fact. He even highlights it with many shots of Lucy.

Btw, nice back, Lucy ;P

Going on, Wendy notices her sadness which Lucy brushes off with nostalgia. However, Natsu knows her better and sees that it is not only the latter.

I also very much appreciate all these little NaLu moments. They give off the feeling that both know each other very well even after one year of no contact at all.

Then we finally have a flashback of the time when Fairy Tail disbandend. I could understand the members’ protests very well. The guild was their home. On the other hand, Makarov repeated exactly my thoughts when the disbandment and Natsu’s departure were still fresh.

These panels must be my favourite ones. Here, Lucy doesn’t blindly trusts/belives in Natsu’s words as she would have back in the old days. Earlier in the arc we also had a moment of Lucy not really trusting Natsu. Although the realization hurts her she is honest with herself.  And once again, Natsu’s sudden departure is or rather his sudden comeback is brought up. Mashima has to let Lucy explode in the future after all these little remarks throughout the Avatar arc. There is no explanation for it.

Lucy’s reasons are understandable. I would have been equally doubtful.

Seeing Cana brought back a little fun but it kinda destroyed the serious moment a little while back.

Oh, well, nevermind. Cana builds up a perfect reunion. One that we all should know by now. The difference is that

Lucy is the one who brings them all back home. It was her and her efforts that brought them all back. Lucy kept in touch as good as possible. She sent letters and always tried to keep track with all the guild members (Heck, that are roundabout 100 members, I guess). Who does this much work if they not love the people they do this for?

I’m so happy for her that all her efforts finally pay off and are very much appreciated.

Finally, Lucy has her home back. She is home again.

It was more a chapter of/for Lucy rather than Fairy Tail. It felt a little like back to the roots, tbh. We got to know her thoughts, her anxiety and her happiness. That insight was something I missed a bit recently.