I just want to share this

So I just watched this FT Movie: The Phoenix Priestess (I don’t know why I didn’t know that there was a FT Movie) and while I was trying to calm myself down after crying because this fckin’ movie’s ending, I saw this in the credits. AND HOLY SHIT THAT SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE!! THAT’S SOME ADORABLE SHIT RIGHT THERE!! 

 Look at how Natsu looks at Lucy when he sees that she’s finally smiling after losing her new friend right in front of her (and by losing, I mean dying 3). Look at how he looks at her. And I love it. I don’t care what others say, I love Nalu!!! (I also love the other couples like GaLe, and JeRza, and GrUvia but I’m more of a Nalu)

  • Human:*tries to hurt Natsu*
  • Erza:did you just?
  • Gray:Oh great, you got mom mad.
  • Lucy:*practically flings herself across the room* b I t c h
  • Gray:*slowly inches away*
  • Human:*hurts Natsu a little more just because*
  • Gray:*sits down&sips tea* you've done fucked up now.
  • *Lucy and Erza basically attempting to rip the person's soul out in the distance*