When Happy ends it

Okay, I think you get which prompt I was writing this one for. Last that I publish, hope you liked each of my prompts during this week! :) It was amazing, I really enjoyed writing all the one-shots so I hope I’ll be able to participate next year too! :3

No.: 26, over 1.4k words, fluffy smut because why the heck not? Have fun folks!

A crooked grin made itself shown on his handsome face as he looked down at the woman underneath him, very bid and shuddering under his heavy gaze. His hungry eyes studied Lucy’s naked form, every defined detail of her voluptuous body, eyes lingering on her blessed chest.

He shamelessly licked his lips as if ready for a meal, like a starving wolf.

His razor sharp teeth gleamed in the light of the first rays of sunshine as he lowered himself to have his chiselled front touched to her soft breasts.

She tried to fight back the blush, but it seemed a very well an impossible mission. Even after three years of active married life he still managed to make her feel so small and trapped, under the custody of a ferocious dragon.

She visibly shuddered at the thought.

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