SKATING STOP GIVING ME FEELINGS (worlds 2013 mens free skate)

1. Patrick Chan
those quads were FANTABULOUS. I’m sad that they threw you off for the rest of the program tho. your MEDAL was well deserved. pcs later.
but at least you didn’t look relieved when you were in first because you were like da fuck.

2. Denis Ten
it wouldve been so awesome if hed won. HAVE AN AWESOME SEASON NEXT YEAR OLYMPIC MEDAL?
I understand why he was behind chan in technical but chans pcs were SO high.
it would’ve been so awesome if you’d won. GAH. I guess it’s a good thing you popped the flip that would’ve been unbearable…
but your skate made me smile :)
just so much energy!!! IT WAS GREAT IT REALLY WAS

3. Javier Fernandez
dear god you are so attractive
rough competition (compared to euros) but you are damn fine

4. Yuzuru Hanyu
83.61 base value in the free skate? THAT’S THE HIGHEST OF ANYONE
but why were second scores SO GODDAMN LOW
I mean they shouldn’t have been NINE POINTS lower than Patrick’s
cuz they basically had the same level of expression throughout, both fighting through the end
Patrick has better skating skills for sure but he also fell on his face twice
at least he didn’t have like a triumphant look when they announced his scores
this god damn system

shout out to max Aaron for proving that he can jump with the best of them you still placed higher than Abbott last year

but seriously Denis ten should’ve won. just for the two awesome CLEAN programs. I’m not saying the short was messed up cuz I don’t think it was but when you fall twice in the same program you shouldn’t get the highest skating skills marks.

well at least chan didn’t win with like ten points like last year

oh and shout out to volosozhar/trankov for an EPIC performance

stupid men’s free skate doubting the system

maybe not the system just the judges
because pcs should drop with falls, it’s basically designed to do that
but if the judges don’t do that it’s not necessarily the systems fault it’s there’s

AND SO DO AMERICAN JUDGES (Christina gao ahem)


it’s a good thing I stuck with synchro even tho our judging is shit too

but history for Kazakhstan and Spain well deserved :) only I think yuzuru should’ve medaled

FS Worlds 2013 Ladies SP Judges Scores [pdf]

I love Mao but how did she get a positive, as in plus signed, GOE after double footing her 3A? *mind blown* *poof* Everyone was so certain that her SP score was so bad because of that 3A but nooo, that double-footed 3A saved her. Only 2 judges penalized that jump. If she got the negative GOE that her 3A deserves, -2 to -3, Mao could’ve gotten a 25 to 27-ish element score. O_O 

As for Kostner… I can see that judges love her. Even EuroSport commentators say so.

Yuna’s broken down scores look acceptable. Could’ve been higher but still acceptable.  I think she needs to work more on her program components. 

Overall, the judging was really weird.

when worlds isn't played live on tv you know that something's wrong

if nbc or some other channel had played worlds live on tv then i would not have left my house saturday night. but all nbc has is a worlds after-show so I HAD TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER WHICH IS PRETTY DIFFICULT

i love meryl and charlie and i’m happy they won


im not gonna get into the whole d/w vs. v/m thing though i wont try to pretend to understand it better than anyone else

but i cant talk about LADIESSSS

1. Yuna Kim

i love her. but even if i didn’t love her, it would be a crime not to have her win. criticize her however you want, she skated completely clean, and thats something that basically no one else did.

for her criticisms: no, maybe she doesn’t point her toe completely, but not many singles skaters do, not that i’ve seen. and she’s not the first person who needs ballet. i can think of MANY other skaters who need it a LOT more. it definitely wouldn’t hurt. and as for her being a “robot”, she was much more engaging than kostner (though i’ve never been a fan). i might agree that her pcs were high, but they’re understandable, with a completely clean skate. and she did just come back from a two year retirement and she does have eleven months to work on it.

2. Carolina Kostner

not gonna say too much here, since i’ve never been much of a kostner fan. but congrats on the triple flip-triple toe.

3. Mao Asada

after watching the first minute or so of her free with her intense concentration on her jumps, i was ready to stop. but i kept going, and it got so much better. i love the way she skates and i love the fact that she goes for triple axels and when they’re clean the way she glides out of them are beautiful. so congrats on coming back from a rocky start, which is something i can remember you doing twice now (worlds 2008, faceplant on the takeoff of the first jumping pass). that last step sequence was pretty damn fantabulous, too.

4. Kanako Murakumi

wow, she got SLAUGHTERED on technical score… her short was beautiful. i wasn’t as much a fan of the free skate until after she landed your last jump and she started getting into it more. she was barely behind graice gold and ashley wagner, which is a feat considering her technical score. so yes you can say “woah she should’ve beaten gracie and ashley”, but really it was only a couple points, even from fourth. and i don’t like the way she jumps.

5. Ashley Wagner

oh my god i could see her tightening up and i really didn’t know why because it was going so well! gah. but she landed everything on her feet (except a twizzle) so congrats on a huge improvement from nationals.

6. Gracie Gold

not a fan at all. i’m sorry but her pcs should NOT have been higher than zijun li’s. i never want to watch her program past the first jumping pass because i cringe at every awful piece of choreography she does and the step sequence… with the marching… is kind of painful. and since her jumps are her strong point, she really ought to be more consistent with them if she wants to be a contender. carolina kostner always has her inflated pcs score to back her up if and when she falls on her face, but gracie doesn’t have that luxury because her strong suit is her jumps and those are pretty easy to fall on.

7. Zijun Li

wow. her free skate was beautiful! those first two combinations were stunning and i can’t wait to see her get more credit for her skating in the future. her pcs should NOT HAVE BEEN TWO POINTS LOWER THAN GRACIE GOLD’S. congrats on having a higher base value than gracie (since that’s all she ever does well on). but honestly judges, when you see gracie gold’s program and you see someone performing sleeping beauty so well, do you really give gracie gold the higher transition, performance, choreography, and interpretation marks? ALL GRACIE GOLD CAN DO IS JUMP and if she doesn’t land everything in her program perfectly, sorry, but i’m not going to think that she deserves to win. and i really see little to no improvement… all she really talks about are her jumps. but for zijun, im really happy china has found a rising ladies star and i would just say work on centering her spins (the positions are beautiful) and her lutzes, and the maturity (which is there) will come more with age.

8. Kaetlyn Osmond

short was bomb. long was rough. experience will help a lot.

what happened to akiko suzuki? i’ve never really been a fan of the russian ladies skaters, so…

this was pretty biased wow


What an extraordinary couple days it’s been working at Worlds, being surrounded by inspiring and genuinely good people. Imagine being around all your childhood heroes and idols and every single one of them is incredibly cool and nice. That’s exactly how today went.

Wowzers. Thanks to Skate Canada for this opportunity…I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. Literally! I am lucky enough to be working on the ice surface , where I have the chance to be around, and sometimes talk to the athletes—Ashley Wagner, Yuna Kim, Patrick Chan, Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, and I’ve lost count how many times i’ve walked by Brian Orser! I talked to Dylan Moscovitch for a bit, funny guy! and plenty more. It’s just a dream being in a place filled with vast amounts of talent and determination. CANNOT wait until 2014 Olympics!