Repost from @mc_swim @morganashleighfit in my lace up top and thong bottom with a scrunch add on🔥 Follow her if you want to watch her fitness journey to her first bikini competition! MCSWIM.COM #mcswim #handmadebikini #reversiblebikini #custombikini #etsy #etsyhandmade #stpete #tampa #orlando #stpetebeach #beachbody #stringbikini #usf #usfsp #ucf #fsu #uf

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Beautiful titanium-coated kyanite pieces from @diabloorganics on their brass spreader hooks. The spreaders will fit stretched lobes 5/8″ and larger, but they have coils that will fit piercings as small as a 14 gauge!

If you want to order jewelry from them or see the pieces we brought back from APP Conference, stop by the shop today!


Squatted 137kg/301.4lbs for the first time today! #teammdusa #squat #fsus #gettingstronger

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trecrews  asked:

I go to FSU (the boy from that face eating article) and literally majority of the white students are like "wow that's fucked up but I hope he's okay though" or "good thing the police didn't shoot him" like... I hate going to a PWI so much


I guess I’m going to miss this next year and be deathly nostalgic about it in 20 years, but right this minute it’s 93°, 100% humidity, and the West Nile monsters are everywhere. I’d really like to be at home with the A/C and the whiskey and whatnot.

Go team.

“I don’t think I ever claimed, or meant to claim, that Afro-pessimism sees blackness as a kind of pathogen. I think I probably do, or at least hope that it is, insofar as I bear the hope that blackness bears or is the potential to end the world.” - Fred Moten

“THIS entire civil society has to fall. The America, as a project, has to end. And the world as we know it has to be destroyed” - Edxie Betts

“We need to kill all Law Enforcement! Y’all down? Fuck it! Time to make the world end.” - Chief Keef

“We have to up the ante. We have to make this muthafucka ungovernable.” - Michael Kimble

“Lets break the law. Lets Break everything.” - chakaZ

Today was the first day of classes for the fall semester at my College and it’s weird, obviously, not going back, also there are at least 2 classes I would really have liked to take that are being offered for the first time this semester…

Anyway my acne is still bad, my tetanus shot lump still swollen, red, hot, and now itchy. Feeling glam and productive and worthwhile

Robert Griffin III Dating Florida State University Athlete Grete Sadeiko