Favorite Jemma’s Heart Eyes Moments [7/10]

3x11 “I miss you” - Her stare down of Fitz across the room is the definition of a heart eyes moment. If only Fitz could see—not only the the love, but the deep desire in her eyes. Her heart aches for him. She doesn’t feel complete without him. When there is a chasm between them, the simple word of “missing” her other half doesn’t begin to cover it…But it’s the best word she has for the emotion, and she finally able to speak the feeling she battled, not only for last three months, but for the last two years. (x)

The Good Ol' Switch-a-roo

Because I’m awful at titles and I just randomly found this in my notes section …

“Oh. My. God.” Jemma Simmons stared at the boy in front of her, jaw agape and eyes wide. “Who - Who are you?”

“Me?” He yelped. “Who are you?!”

It was a silent stand off - bright, frightened blue eyes boring into warm, confused amber. Two beats passed, then three, and it was then an air of recognition dawned on the boy’s face.

“You - you’re … Simmons?” His jaw practically hit the floor as his eyes bugged. “But - your hair - thought you were shorter …” He mumbled.

Jemma closed her mouth, not in the mood to attract flies. “Yes. And you’re Fitz.” She said softly, cocking her head to get a better view of him. “But not my Fitz,”

Fitz spluttered. “Your Fitz? But - I - you-”

“Can we please speak in full sentences?” Jemma sniffed, swallowing down her panic.

“This isn’t the Academy,” he changed the subject. “And you’re not … Simmons.” Fitz’s brow crinkled. “Well, you are, but you’re not my Simmons. Not that we’re … Attached or anything.”

“Only at the hip,” Jemma muttered, beginning to piece together what was going on. “Let me guess, you’re sixteen, and you’ve just met her - me - around four months ago.”

His eyes widened. “What - how did you -”

She sighed. “That’s when you went through your awkward I’m-Not-Dating-Jemma-Simmons-We’re-Just-Friends-And-No-Not-With-Benefits-Milton stage.”

He flushed. “To be fair, Milton was a-”

Jemma waved him off. “I know. We’ve had this conversation before.”

Footsteps rattled out in the hallway before a second Fitz - an older, stubbled Fitz - ran in. Relief washed across his face at the sight of Jemma. “God, Jems. I thought the machine had switched you out with … Her,”

Jemma sighed in relief. “Fitz! I was thinking the same thing - thought I’d lost you!”

They ran at each other, Older!Fitz pulling her to his chest and embracing her in a heated kiss.

Young!Fitz stared at himself kissing his lab partner. What the hell … His eyes widened.

Another set of footsteps padded in. The couple seemed too intent on their activity to notice at first, so Young!Fitz took it upon himself to go investigate.

A young girl, short caramel bangs in her eyes peeked around the corner, eyes lighting up at the sight of him. “Fitz!”

“Simmons!” He ran to her and scooped her up in a hug. “I bloody thought …”

“… This man looked like you-”

“- just older -”

“- so handsome -”

“-very beautiful, I’ll admit -”

“- but he wasn’t you -”

“Thought I’d lost you!” The both finished simultaneously, breathless but relieved. Simmons pulled him back into another hug, eyes open this time.

Which granted her line of sight to include herself and another Fitz locked in a passionate embrace. She yelped.

“Fitz!” She spun him around and pointed. “Who’s that? Is that - is that me? Us?!”

Fitz shuffled his feet awkwardly. “I, ahem, believe so,”

The two gaped for a long moment, their older halves seemingly oblivious to the fact that oxygen was a necessary part of survival.

He sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, about that…”

The couple looked up sheepishly, Jemma’s eyes widening as she smoothed down the front of Fitz’s button up and then her own. “I … I’m sorry.” She cleared her throat awkwardly. “So, about returning you to your era?”

The two blinked back dumbly.

Rom Com Preview Finally

From my upcoming He’s Just Not That Into You AU, coming to an archive near you September 8th!

Jemma folded her arms and leveled a challenging gaze at him. “He said it was nice meeting me.”

“I don’t care if he said that you’re his favorite female since his mum and Sif. It’s Occam’s razor. If he waited a week to call you, then he’s not going to call you.” She furrowed her brow, and he sighed at her. “Occam’s razor is—”

“No, I know what it is, it’s just … the simplest explanation isn’t the only possibility. Maybe he called me, and my phone didn’t ring. That happens sometimes! Or he lost my number, or he went out of town …”

“Or maybe,” Fitz posited with a finger in the air, “he didn’t call because he has no interest in seeing you again.”

She stared at him for a second, shocked, before she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “Well, yes,” she said, “but my friend Akela met this guy, Mike. And he almost literally disappeared off of the face of the Earth, but then he showed up a year later, and it turned out that he had been kidnapped by a drug cartel. Kidnapped, Fitz! And now they’re together and they’re disgustingly happy!”

“And I’m happy for them,” Fitz countered, “but she’s the exception. The rare exception! Are you seriously going to blame it on kidnapping anytime a guy doesn’t call?”

“Okay,” she allowed, “but what if I’m the exception?”

Fitz pinched the bridge of his nose with a thumb and forefinger. “No, you’re not. You’re the rule. If a guy doesn’t call you, he doesn’t want to call you!”

She glared at him. “Really?”



“Always.” He looked at her and winced. “Look, I work in a bar. I know what blowing off a woman looks like. We would rather lose an arm out a city bus window than tell you that you’re not the one. We are quite sure you will kill us or yourself or both—or even worse, cry and yell at us. So, just trust me when I say that if a guy is treating you like he doesn’t care, he genuinely doesn’t care. No exceptions. He’s just not that into you.”

Jemma took a second to mull that over and was surprised to discover that his barbs didn’t sting. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more things seemed to slot into place. How had she never seen it before?

And as strange as this night had turned out, the strangest part of it came from Jemma’s own lips. 

“Thank you.”

english rose, scottish thistle

Summary: Radcliffe and Fitz get drunk, Jemma can’t understand them, and for some reason that makes her sad.

This literally came about because Iain said it’s nice having another Scotsman on set because no one else can understand him, and then my friends and I decided we need a scene where no one can understand Fitz and Radcliffe. And somehow angst got thrown into the mix because I have a problem. But it’s still pretty fluffy. My undying love to @thatgrimmgaze for the beta!

(also, the working title for this was “I dunnae, you tell me how grrrrrrreat it is, laddie!” which I still think is the better choice haha.)

Read below or at AO3.


Radcliffe stumbles forward, sloshing tequila over the side of Fitz’s glass and howling as if it’s the funniest thing he’s witnessed all year.

“ANtheIsaidwhynsnkgskslkfa!” Fitz replies, or at least that’s what it sounds like to Jemma. Sixteen shots between the three of them, and Radcliffe and Fitz are now conversing in a drunken brogue so thick she can’t understand much of anything.

They’re all celebrating the latest milestone in the lab after a long few weeks of nonstop work, but somehow Jemma bypassed her normal happy drunk stage and landed immediately on sad drunk. She looks back and forth between Fitz and Radcliffe, tears burning her eyes, and politely excuses herself for the night.

She collapses into bed immediately, not even bothering to change. She’s so very exhausted. It feels like she’s just succumbed to a blissful nothingness when she’s woken from her near-comatose state by Fitz flicking on the bedside lamp.

He draws out her name, looking at her despondently and holding his bad hand up, beseeching; it’s shaking in the dim light, throwing shadows across his face. She sits up dazedly, reaching for him and wanting to cry with how much she loves him and how overwhelming it still is.

She pulls him into bed with her and starts kneading his arm wordlessly, pressing soothing circles into the spasming muscles.

“Better?” she asks when his arm finally relaxes beneath her touch.

He nods, blinking up at her, trying to focus. “You left,” he says dejectedly, and she knows he’s drunk, knows he can’t possibly mean anything by it, but she still feels a pang of guilt.  Fitz told her once that she needs to learn to forgive herself. Maybe someday.

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AoS Advent Calendar: 20 Days to Go!

Only 20 days until the hiatus is over, you guys! To tide you over, @agl03​ and I are doing a countdown with a gift for us to open each day leading up to the premiere. Please continue to send us what you are most excited to see in season four, and if anyone out there wants to contribute with gifs, drabble, fic, etc., let us know! Everyone is welcome to participate.  

20 days until …

Fitz’s corny jokes!

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