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teen wolf asks: 1-50

1. Favorite character?
Isaac & Brett share first place!

2. Least favorite character?
Kate Argent :/

3. Favorite female?

4. Least favorite female?

5. Favorite male?

6. Least favorite male?

7. Favorite ship?
Stydia, Morey

8. Least favorite ship?
Allisaac, Layden

9. Favorite episode?

10. Least favorite episode?
That flashback episode with the Beast of Gevaudan.

11. Favorite season?
3B and 5

12. Least favorite season?
1 xD

13. Favorite couple?
Scott&Kira (Isn’t this the same as ships, tho??)

14. Least favorite couple?

15. Favorite villain
Void Stiles!! And the Dread Doctors

16. Least favorite villain?
Kate Argent

17. Main character in your opinion?
Scott is the main-main, his pack is like side-main??

18. Who’s the King and Queen of Teen Wolf in your opinion?
Scott and Lydia.

19. Someone that died that you miss?

20. Someone who should’ve been a werewolf?
I really don’t know????

21. Someone who should’ve been Void instead of Stiles?
Chris Argent, maybe? 

22. Scott or Stiles?

23. Lydia or Allison?

24. Kira or Malia?

25. Derek or Isaac?

26. Erica or Boyd?

27. Void Stiles or Theo?
Void Stiles

28. Stydia or Stalia?

29. Maleo (Malia & Theo) or Layden (Liam & Hayden)?

30. Sciles or Allydia?

31. Marrish (Lydia & Jordan), or Aidia (Aiden & Lydia)?

32. Scallison or Scira?

33. Banshee or Kitsune?

34. Alpha, Beta or Omega?
Alpha! But a Beta is okay too.

35. Saddest death?
Hmm I don’t know.

36. Happiest moment?

37. A ship/pair that should’ve been canon?
Chris Argent and mama McCall, but that’s a thing that’s gonna be happening anyways.

38. A ship/pair that shouldn’t have been canon?

39. Opinions on season 6 trailer?
nice nice

40. If you were playing as a character in the show, who would you be?
An existing character? Or an own character? Either a minor role like Lori, or probably an artsy werewolf kid that helps out sometimes?? I really don’t know omg xD

41. Someone that should’ve played as Scott instead?
No one. Posey is a perfect Scott!

42. Best character development/transformation?
The main parents.

43. Do you want to punch Jeff Davis?
Nehh, let the guy write, people. I’d like to see you write a show this successful and please literally every single fan.

44. Did the show need more action or romance?
Neither, I’m happy with how it’s going now.

45. Why do you like the show?
I’ve had a thing for werewolves for years now and the show just has a great combo of stuff I like. It just has a shitty name so that’s why I first thought it was a shitty show xD

46. Any reason to dislike the show?
Maybe the creature design, like the way the werewolves shift. I can see how some people dislike this kind of werewolf.

47. Do you think it should’ve been longer? Or is season 6 a good stopping point?
Season 6 is a good ending point for the main storyline, most of the characters are getting close to not being teens anymore, but there’s always room for different extra stories about them in college or all grown up, reunions and all that.

48. Favorite Teen Wolf blog?
Joeynihil, best fic writer I’ve found in a long time!!

49. On a scale from 1-10 how excited are you for the final season?
10, hella excited!!

50. Do you even like TW?
I love this shitshow.