More goodies from guitar shopping this week…

1) Fender Limited Edition “Sandblasted” Tele

2) FSR Paisley Deluxe Reverb

3) Trini Lopez reissue 335.  I love the diamond f-holes!

4) Pair o’ pretty ‘Pauls

5) Flying V Standard.  I would do awful, awful things to have this guitar…  ;)

6) G6122 Country Gentleman

7) Gibson USA gold ES-335, along with that V from my dreams and a lovely ES-390.


Day 3: Grand Theft Anthro V

F is a bad-ass, gangsta rott, T is a crazed-up meth-addict coyote and M is a spoiled, rich cat who makes derisive comments on everything.


» Favorite Scandal Relationships | Fitz & Livvie
↳ For one minute, we just stand here, and I’m not the candidate and you’re not the campaign fixer. We’re just us. I think… that those two people want to be together. I think that love, at the end of the day, is stronger than some mistake somebody made… something they did that they regret. I think that love allows for forgiveness.