fso exam

In Other News

I’ll be taking the most important test of my life tomorrow, Foreign Service Officer Exam (FSO). ANNNDDD I haven’t studied at all. I actually decided to take the test three or four days ago.  I obviously don’t expect to pass. I didn’t even want to take the test yet but its free and I wanted to Know what to expect. I plan on taking more courses that will help me with the exam next semester and next fall, and actually using my study guides, then retaking the exam next year (with the expectation of passing). Hopefully I do okay though. I won’t even be home to get the results (I’ll be back in Korea) and I know my family will open my mail so I don’t want horrible results. I’m aiming for “C quality” work. I really wish I was one of those people who were motivated to study. My studying gets done either the night before a test or the morning of. Why can’t I be more like my boyfriend; he practically lives in the library. Maybe this is why I’ve been feeling do down lately, because I know I’m gonna completely bomb the most important test of my life.