fav shameless moments (6/?)
“Love is a battlefield!”
“We’re goin’ on a date!”
“Fuck yes we are, I’m gonna get a steak so rare, it’s gonna scream when I bite it. Like moo.”

Also look at how Mickey is just smiling and looking at Ian and they’re both happy before shit hits the fan and I experience death all over again.


You may remember these from two years ago. They got quite a lot of traction before being deleted, I was asked to repost them by a few followers so here we go!

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Part 2
Since foreign media have hijacked the issue

Some things you need to know about the Italian referendum:

the referendum was about REFORMING THE ITALIAN CONSTITUTION. It was about SOMETHING, not SOMEONE. However, Matteo Renzi made the referendum about him and pulled off a David Cameron. 

no, we didn’t vote to leave the European Union, as I said, the referendum was about internal affairs.

no, we are not leaving the European Union, the only party that truly wants to quit got 4% in the last election. 

NO, FIVE STAR MOVEMENT IS *NOT* FASCIST OR FAR-RIGHT but they are dangerous nevertheless. FSM is Italian incompetence at its finest as the Roman shitshow is currently showing, they are ignorant as fuck and see conspiracies everywhere. They don’t have an actual plan (besides “Renzi go home”), they just oppose whoever is in charge to create mayhem without giving a fuck about the consequences. They are populist and anti-establishment, but neither fascist nor far-right.

no, Italy is not going to turn fascist anytime soon. Stop spreading lies, this is fearmongering bullshit.

NO, ITALY DIDN’T SUCCUMB TO POPULISM AND FAR-RIGHT, at least not in the way media think. Renzi made the referendum about himself and the average Italian citizen doesn’t know shit about Constitutional Law (literally the hardest exam you will do if you study law in Italy). Understanding every aspect of the reform was mission impossible, let alone understanding the implications of the reform. People who hate Renzi such as Five Star Movement, Northern League, Berlusconi and some members of the Democratic Party have been campaigning to vote NO, against the reform, because they wanted Renzi to resign. Therefore, for a good chunk of the Italian population, the actual referendum question was “do u like Renzi?” and believe me, lots of people dislike Renzi, but that doesn’t mean they support populism. They just don’t like him, doesn’t mean they’re voting FSM and Northern League in the next election.
That being said, the reform was flawed and our Constitution is very important to us but I guess 25% of the people actually voted because they liked/didn’t like the reform. 

what is going to happen now? Nothing that Italians are not used to. 

Elections will be in 2018 and well, yes, Five Star Movement will probably win unless the centre-left gets their shit together. Even Berlusconi would be a reasonable choice compared to them.