I took pictures of my hair today because I actually rather like how it looks, and I was gonna post them, but then I browsed my dashboard for two minutes and thought “nah that’s okay.”

My mom just came back from a long trip....

I BC’d my hair while my mom was on her trip, but did tell her I did it while she was away. Now every time she sees me she says “I can’t believe what you’ve done to your hair…” or things along those lines.

I asked her to put it in extensions for me, and she said that I don’t even have enough hair to do it.

Well fine, mom, I’ll learn how to do it myself.


Hey! So, I’m thinking I should get my hair done in extentions or maybe (my first ever!) twists as soon as possible, to maintain moisture and the like for the winter.

However, as seen in a previous post, I am not the best at taking care of my hair. 

I’ve also read horror stories about people who did what I’m thinking for a very long time after being natural, and when they took their hair out, they had no idea what to do with it. I kinda wanna stick it out so at least I can figure out what my hair likes, but I also don’t want to sacrifice possible length retention experimenting.

What do you think I should do?


I’m making this blog to document my natural hair journey.

My journey is strange in that I spontaneously decided to go natural. I had my hair in braided extentions and the back rows fell out, and my relaxrd hair fell out with it! So I decided “Hey, why not cut the rest of it?” My big chop was September 3, 2013.

Now, I’ve been in ‘transition’ for about six months. I say ‘transition’, because it wasn’t really transitioning at the time. I decided that I didn’t want to relax my hair every few months and wanted to wait a long time to maximize my growth. It was coincidence that it had been about six months since my last relaxer when I decided to cut it. Because of this, I also don’t know exactly the last time I relaxed it, I do know (or think, at least) that I had my hair in extentions twice for three months at a time before I cut it, and the first time was straight after a relaxer, I think. So, six months we’ll say.

I also am taking more pictures of myself now than I have in the last 19 years of my life, so I am sorry if I am not that photogenic.

That’s it for the long introductions. You can call me FS, and this is gonna be fun!

Getting real tired

My mom just looked at me and said “I think this whole natural hair thing is so people can use it as an excuse not to take care of their hair.”

Excuse you, mom. I’d venture that natural hair people take way more time taking care of their hair than you do taking care of your relaxed dyed hair.

And last week she told me that it was just a fad and in a couple years you wouldn’t see anyone wearing their hair naturally -_-

I swear every other day she’s complainjng about something or another about my hair.

Gosh I wish I was on campus.

Feeling anxious

I’m getting really tired of my co workers and classmates telling me how nice I look with these braids in (I dunno what they’re called when you braid it part way and leave the rest).

But seriously, every other day I get told that I “look nice with long hair”. What, so my actual hair doesn’t look as nice as this knotty tangly mess of plastic? I’ve had these in for a while and I’m really starting to miss my hair, but I know the second I take them out it’s gonna be “I liked your hair more before”, and that is not making me feel very confident at all :(

I wonder if I should look up finger combing...

My hair is like either awkward or twakward. It’s maybe closing on 4.5 inches in front (5 if I’m being generous) and 6 inches and something in the back. One source says I’m awkward and another says I’m not. I’m not beefing. It’s too short to just wash it and have it shrink up (reasonably) to my head, and not long enough to feasibly twist each day. I can get away with 4 flat twists, maybe 3, but I dont think I could do two unless I used really really small stitches and a zig zag pattern.

ANYWHO my point is: my hair may not be long enough to really style, but it sure as heck is long enough to make knots! I also know that whenever I put anything in my hair with the intention to detangle, I come away with hair.

I keep telling myself it’s natural for hair to shed, but I mean sectioning it to carwash = hair. Sectioning it to twist = hair. Touching it with anything = hair. I just feel im doing something wrong (Or maybe I didn’t detangle it enough).

SO. Long story short. My hair isn’t very long. Do I look up finger combing or just keep trying my luck with combs for now?

My sister got her relaxed ends chopped off because she wanted to start over and have even hair all around, because when her hair was relaxed, there was this bit that just stuck out. I suggested he cut it all and relax it, and I think that’s what she’s doing! Meanwhile, we’ll take gross pictures with both of us as naturals for the internet to see.

Maybe we can convince her to stay natural because I think she looks really good like this ;D