okay so the fic can go three ways and I’m having a HELL of a time figuring out which one to go with. HELP ME

1. The guy is wounded and lost, since his radio and shit is broken, he is going in the last direction his boss told him to go. He isn’t paying attention to his surroundings and is tired and hurting and then trips over a rock and he can’t get back up because he’s too hurt, but then he rolls onto his back and thinks he’s dying and begins to dream of his funeral and shit while he’s lying in a field. After dreaming for awhile, he wakes up to the sound of a chopper and he gets up and follows it, swearing to return back home.

2. Following the real meaning of the song, the man is sitting in the plane in the cargo bay, being transferred to the drop zone when suddenly hit by anti-aircraft fire, sending the plane down and he has to bail out, floating slowly to Earth, badly wounded and dying, and starts to think about his funeral. He lands in a small corner of a field and can’t get up, too injured and weak to move, and then like the last one, he finds the energy to get up and follow it.

3 OR it’s just like the second one, but instead of the plane crash being in present tense it’s past tense, and it takes place when he recovers from the crash and is walking away. He, like in the first one, trips over a rock not paying attention and can’t get up, blah blah same as the others then near death another helicopter and he’s like “yeah okay w/e” and then gets up and yeah.