Pairing: Keith x Lance

Warning: f l u f f

Set as Lance is healing in an cryo-pod after the explosion in the castle caused by Sendak

“How’re you doing, Lance?”

Keith stood a foot away from the cryo-pod with his arms crossed across his chest. After the team left, after making sure that Lance was settled in the pod, Keith had changed out of his uniform and went back to the infirmary to… think. He stared at Lance’s relaxed face, seeing his fellow Paladin slowly heal.

“You’re not missing much being in here. Coran had made this gross looking purple thing., so consider yourself lucky.” he said, chuckling as he remembered Hunk literally throwing his plate away from him after tasting the awful dish. “Though, you didn’t get to see Shiro’s face when he took a bite.”

Saying those words, Keith half expected Lance’s eyes to open and laugh along with him, as if he was there as well. But of course, Lance stayed peacefully asleep in front of him.

He let out a disappointed sigh and shut his eyes. “I was pretty worried about you, you know, when you and Shiro were held captive by that ass, Sendak.” he began, his eyes opening to stare once again at Lance. “I-If only I was quicker, I could have rescued you guys a lot faster.” He looked down at his boots shamefully as he recalled being stuck behind the particle barrier with Princess Allura.

No matter how hard he punched, slashed with his sword, kicked or even shoulder bud, he couldn’t get in the save his friends. He was useless. Being of no use what’s so ever. Hell, even Allura did more than him, guiding Pidge throughout the castle to the turbine.

Keith squeezed his forearms, glaring at the floor. “I have to get stronger. And I will!” He slammed a fist on the cryo-pod’s glass, a determined expression on his pale face. “For the universe. For the team… For you.” His gaze softened as he gently rested his forehead against the glass.

“Next time, I’ll be there.”

Just then, the doors to the infirmary hissed opened. Keith lifted his head up to see Coran walk in.

“Ah, Keith. Checkin’ up on our good old buddy, Lance, eh?” the Alterian asked, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Keith nodded lightly. “Yeah, I was. I’m gonna head to bed. Night, Coran.” he said, making his way towards the doors.

Coran bobbed his head as Keith walked pasted him. “G'night!”

Pausing at the door way, Keith looked back at Lance one more. He smiled, already picturing how Lance was going to be when he was healed.