[EN] New: BUBBLE EXPLORER from Intranet-Consulting

With Bubble Explorer® INTRANET Software & Consulting GmbH has developed a complete new user interface for data visualization, search and filtering.

Available for:

  • Bubble Explorer for IBM Notes/Domino
  • Bubble Explorer for IBM Connections Files (next release)
  • Bubble Explorer for XProject (social Project Mgmt.)
  • Bubble Explorer for Semantic Mail (sMail)
  • Bubble Explorer for File System
  • Bubble Explorer for Twitter (with next release)

File System Bubble Explorer (#FSBE)

When you store files as often and as regularly as almost all of us do, you’ll find that your own set of organization starts to break down. You’ve got so much stuff in there, across a variety of folders, subfolders, flags, and the like, that it starts to make less sense, perhaps, to your visual mind. 

Bubble Explorer visualizes your server drive (H:Drive or other file sharing systems) as a bubble graph, making it easier to see patterns in your own data. 
Folders, subfolders, keywords, file types, time frames etc. are all represented on the screen as colored bubbles, with larger bubbles representing more of the specific files, file types, size, or date. The bigger a bubble, the more stuff in it. Tapping on a bubble will show you the data that are “contained” within it (drill-down) and brings up the associated Files to the left side of the screen. It’s very clean, organic, and easy to use. Bubble Explorer gives everything in my system a fresh perspective. 

INTRANET Software & Consulting has been working on this for a number of years building safebook. Safebook is a Social Business Software for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and includes social networking and collaboration, semantic Mail (sMail)social CRMProject Management, Produpedia- and iTweet technologies. Our objective has been to build a platform that delivers all of this functionality in one deeply integrated platform, built from the ground-up to be secure and social. Our social tools are not a bolt-on to our file sharing capabilities, instead they are deeply integrated into the core of the application. The combination of these features in one platform adds up to far more than the sum of the parts and provides users with a holistic, seamless and easy to use system that helps them get their work done, reduces cost and eases the administrative burden.

Contact: Herbert Wagger is founder and Managing Director of INTRANET Software & Consulting, an IBM business partner since 15 years. Software architect and specialist in the Banking and financial services sector. Social Business Evangelist. Winner of the DNUG Collaboration Award2012 and 2013.