ok so¿¿¿
is that a thing now¿¿
dan & phil swapping their aesthetics?¿¿
because im sO ON TO THIS- LOOK¿??¿¿
dan wearing more colourful tshirts and being a cute squish that seems so innocent?¿¿ HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW GAMING VIDEO??? that whole “only take one” thing and dan being all guilty about taking two i just
and don’t get me started on phil fUCK
wearing way more cold colours, swearing, finally being sassy towards dan and not always pretending to be all childish and innocent iT SUITS HIM SO WELL 2016 IS GOING TO BE MONUMENTAL

Imagine Kylo Ren Getting The Hiccups While Wearing His Mask

Originally posted by nothingwillstandinourway

You bit your lip to contain your laugh at the odd, robotic hiccup that came from Kylo. It was so odd, yet so funny, and even though you thought it was hilarious, you kept your laughter in, not sure if his famous temper would flare if you did.

“What are you smiling at?” Kylo asked a bit coarsely, although he knew full well what had amused you, and it embarrassed him a bit, but he refused to remove his helmet in front of you.

“N-Nothing, sir,” you said, suppressing your grin, “you were saying?”

“I was saying that the Resistance has been-” he was interrupted by another hiccup, and this time, you let your whole smile break through.

“It’s not funny!” Kylo huffed, and he flushed an indignant pink under his mask. You couldn’t hold it anymore; it was too much for you to take. You started laughing into your hand, although you quickly stopped when you snorted. Blushing at yourself, you covered your mouth with your hand, though you tried to act like it was no big deal.

You didn’t see it at the time, but under his mask, Kylo was almost smiling at you.

(For Anon)