Last year’s CSUN Formula SAE car in all its glory. Looking forward to helping out their drivers since it looks like they have a great team this year. True gear heads! Huge wings and undertray for downforce, quadruple(!) adjustable Öhlins dampers to put all the power down, sofa king legit.

OK let me tell you bout ‘dickalicious’

So I do Formula SAE- it’s a student design comp and we build a car and it has to pass a gazillion technical inspections.

One of those is passing sound- the car has to be under some specific decibel range I think 117 or so. With single cylinders that’s pretty hard. When they made a tweak to use DBC instead of DBA it really rekt a lot of teams one year.

You can decrease sound by doing acoustics on the intake/exhaust, adding more exhaust line, or packing the exhaust. We had exhausted those options and still couldn’t pass.

There is a fifth option. Lube.

I don’t mean like engine oil or grease. No. I mean sexual lubricant. The stuff you put on ya dick. Ya put it up in your exhaust.

We hear about this from another team who’s pit’s next to ours, we borrow some of theirs and try it. This stuff works; we dropped a full dB or so, enough to pass sound.

This stuff smells GODAWFUL when burning out of a muffler.. It also makes the exhaust smoke. In cold weather it looks normal. We’ll get back to this.

That was michigan, aight? In like May. We go out and get more lube for the comp at lincoln. Apparently we sent like 5 guys and a girl to a sex shop and we buy two kinds- a very generic nondescript brand… and strawberry penis arousal gel titled “DICKALICIOUS”. I’M NOT MAKING THIS SHIT UP.

Let me tell you- shelling out the extra cash for the strawberry made all the difference because A) it drops more dbs and B) THE EXHAUST SMELLS LIKE F******* STRAWBERRIES

Now in the warm, an exhaust shouldn’t put out smoke. We got flagged down because they thought we blew our engine or something. We had to explain to them that we lined our exhaust with lube. This apparently is not that widespread of a thing. They didn’t believe us, so we grab the dickalicious and show it to them. They’re just. laughing their asses off. And we ran like that the entire comp!

And the moral of the story is: lube makes things quieter, and higher quality lube is better. And strawberry lube actually tastes like strawberries.


my capstone project, building a turbo setup/engine package for SLU’s Formula SAE team.  for those who dont know, FSAE= small open wheel formula cars, 625cc is the max engine size, and all air must flow through a 20mm restrictor (smaller than a nickel).  Turbo rules require the throttle and restrictor to be in place before the compressor.

currently building this engine package for the nonexistent 2014 car, the shaft at the back will mate up with Ranken’s normal engine dyno, the blue peice roughly simulates SLU’s eddy current dyno.

engine stand will be finished up in the next 2 weeks, fabrication of the turbo stuff starts during christmas break


YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!! soooo I woke up at 5:30 to get on the road by 6. We got to the track by 10. (The car and an early team had gone up the night before) We had minimal issues but the throttle pin in the pedal kind of broke so we had to fix that for about 30 minutes to an hour. Even with the least number of runs on the day. We placed 4th overall. Not a bad outing. This was the end of the season for F20… onto F21!

Also… I wish nice cameras weren’t so damn expensive. I had all these nice shots in my head but my little 8MP camera couldn’t capture any of them.