Hi everyone! I made this Tumblr for one of my favorite bands.

They’re called Twenty4Seven and they’re from the UK.

They post covers on YouTube and at this very moment they have 7599 subscribers!

Their names are:

Mike Bennett

Nathan Lambert

Rich Scholes

Tristan Maxted

All members are aged 17-18.

If you want to know more about them, feel free to ask me :)


♥♥♥ Twenty4seven ♥♥♥

Meeting Them (Imagine)

This was the day you’ve been waiting for, today you were going to meet Rich, Tristan, Nathan and Mike… for real! They had organised a meetup for all the allnighters in the afternoon. You and your friend had just arrived in London yesterday and we’re staying at a nice hotel. You got up and saw your friend still asleep. You ran over to her bed and violently shook her awake, receiving an annoyed response. You then yelled “WAKE UP SLEEPYHEAD!! IT’S TODAY!” Immediately your friend shot up out of bed screaming along with you. After getting ready, you had breakfast with your friend and your parents who had drove the both of you to London. Breakfast consisted of 1. Eating, 2. Talking and 3. Fangirling, but mainly fangirling. Later on you were all walking on Oxford Street, because you had said you needed to find something. You entered a toy shop with your friend and your parents were wondering what you wanted. They waited outside on a bench.
You searched through the shop and gasped when you found what you wanted. You took it, paid and left the shop.
You walked out of the shop holding a huge fuzzy, cuddly teddy bear. You couldn’t resist buying it, I mean, it was the most adorable thing ever! You walked to your parents and they looked so surprised, your friend started laughing and then you did too.
“What did you need that for?” Your dad asked.
“To give to them.” You said with a huge grin on your face.
“Okay… But I thought these boys were 17 and 18, not little kids!” Your dad said and looked at your mom.
2 hours later we took the tube to Hyde Park, and you were still carrying the teddy bear in your arms. The doors opened at the Hyde Park stop. There were so many people and you were pushing your way through the crowd to get to the door. *beep beep beep*. The doors were starting to close. You speedwalked out the door, just on time, because your teddy bear nearly got stuck between the doors. You ran over to everyone and made an “oof” sound.
You were on your way to the location and your parents had left you two to go on your own, because they were going somewhere else.
One minute and you would be there. You looked around and in the distance you saw four very familiar boys. You froze. You then took your friend’s arm and turned your head to her, squealing.
You walked over to the boys and noticed you two were the first ones at the meetup. You held the teddy bear tighter as you were getting nervous.
Rich stepped forward and said, “Hello! What are your names?” Your stomach flipped upside down as he said it and you and your friend replied to him. Tristan, Nathan and Mike also greeted you and you greeted and smiled back at them.
“This is for you guys.” You said, now grinning and you held out the teddy bear and Rich took it as he was standing nearest to you.
You and your friend then hugged the boys and you thought you would never let go by each hug.
“You all are so amazing and talented, I love you so much.” It felt good to be able to say that to them for real.
You had a little chat with them and got to know them better. They were some of the nicest people you had ever met.
You and your friend asked for photos, so you got some pretty good selfies and photos with the four of them.
“There are some other fans!” Tristan suddenly said and we all turned to see three girls walking our way.
The teddy bear had been set next to Mike’s drums in the meanwhile and more fans came to meet the boys. Everyone had priceless reactions to meeting them and it was just wonderful seeing everyone so happy.
“Let’s start playing some songs now, who’d like that?” Nathan asked.
Everyone cheered and the boys started playing their cover of ‘Me and My Broken Heart’.
Everyone watched them in awe, because holy wow, they had so much talent and sounded and looked beautiful.
They did more covers such as 'Classic’, 'Beautiful Girls are the Loneliest’, 'Uptown Funk’ and 'Don’t Stop Me Now’ and some people in the park came to sit in the grass and watch the boys as well.
A round of applause and shouts followed after each song.
“Who wants to try playing on my drums?”
You were shouting “ME ME ME” and were jumping up and down out of excitement.
Mike pointed at you to come try his drums.
“I’ve never played.” You whispered to Mike with a laugh.
“That’s alright.” Mike showed you what you had to do on the drums while Nathan, Mike and Rich were playing along on their guitars to the beat of the drums. Fans were cheering you on and it was quite fun.
After a while you let Mike back on the drums, because he was much better.
“Now this is a surprise to thank you all for coming today, we love you all!” Tristan said.
“It’s a song of our own!” Nathan said. Everyone was screaming and looked at each other, surprised.
They played their song and it was so amazing! Everyone loved it.
Later you sat in a circle and were all talking to each other and you played some games.
After a few hours everyone had to go. You waited a while and when you and your friend were the last ones you went over to the boys.
“We really can’t thank you enough for today, we loved it so much and you’ve made us so happy! Thank you! ” You and your friend received hugs once again. “Thank you for coming and your welcome! We hope we’ll see you soon!” The boys said.
“And thanks for the teddy bear! We’ll take good care of him!” Rich took the bear and hugged it.
“Byee! We love you guys!” You said to them before leaving,’
“We love you too!” They replied.
You all waved to each other and you and your friend left with the biggest smiles on your faces.

Hey hey, so this is my first imagine, I’m sorry if it sucked, but i was bored and wanted to make this, meeting Twenty4Seven would really be a dream come true! I hope it will happen soon! 💕