Luhan - 140623 Sina Films weibo update: “【独家:鹿晗《重返》剧照 称角色很像自己】新浪娱乐独家曝光鹿晗 @M鹿M 《重返20岁》的几张剧照。他透露片中角色某些方面和自己很像。被问现在是否还像刚进组时那么紧张,鹿晗羞涩回应:“已经适应了剧组的节奏,但每场戏的第一条还是会有些紧张!”加油呀!”

Translation: “【Exclusive: Luhan, in these stills, looks like his character in "Back to 20”.】Sina Entertainment has exposed some of Luhan’s pictures. He revealed that some of the aspects of his character in the movie resemble himself a lot. Upon being asked if he is still as nervous as he was when he first entered the scene, Luhan responded attentively: “I have already become accustomed to the rhythm and flow of the cast, but I still get nervous during the first line of each scene!” Fighting, Luhan!“

Credit: 新浪电影.


Chanyeol - 160420 Sina Films weibo update: “由朴灿烈@real__pcyyyyy @袁姗姗 @姜潮 徐贤@seohyun徐玄 等主演的电影#所以和黑粉结婚了#正式定档6月30日!影片今日发布定档海报↓↓+首款预告→ 视频:《黑粉》定档6.30 袁姗姗开黑朴灿烈 傲娇大明星“后准”(朴灿烈 饰)与前女友壁咚纠缠不料被小记者“方淼淼”(袁姗姗 饰)偷拍,欢喜冤家后续究竟如何?等你来看!”

Translation: “Movie #So, I Married an Anti-fan# starring @Park Chanyeol @Yuan Shan Shan @Jiang Chao @Seohyun and more will officially premiere in cinemas on June 30th! Releasing the movie poster today ↓↓+ first teaser → Video: ‘Anti-fan’ in cinemas 6.30 Yuan Shan Shan starts to be Park Chanyeol’s anti-fan* Reporter "Fang Miao Miao” (played by Yuan Shan Shan) accidentally took photos of the arrogant celebrity “Hou Zhun” (played by Park Chanyeol) cornering his ex girlfriend, what will happen to this quarrelsome but loving duo? Find out for yourself!“

Credit: 新浪电影.