Nona Garson and Rhythmical, the Olympic horse attained by trading 150 used washing machines for him in Russia. Over the years I have had several opportunities to train with her (every year for my birthday I ask for a package of lessons at The Ridge in NJ) and I have never been disappointed. She’s funny, down to earth, and more than willing to help all levels of riders. The amount of encouragement she’s given me over the years has been astounding, and I’m not even a regular student of hers. I am extremely grateful to her not only for supporting me, but also for finding Snapshot and helping my parents get him at an amazingly reasonable price. She’s one of the best. 

Defining through negative spaces

Puzzling over the pieces of life that escape me,
I wonder if these odd edges and awkward corners are by design, or simply a fluke-
Somewhat bent and misshapen in mishandling but still bearing apparent approximation of original intent….

How can fractured beings meld into more mosaic composition 

Without a vision of what we need to become in the process of reconciling all our raw edges’ sharpness in dulled sensibilities’ mend,


 If we’re too involved in our own ruin to perceive the possibilities of unified repurposing? 

Artistic revels in mud and rust-blooded grief can birth more bastards when its authors aren’t able to look beyond brokenness of self to share and attempt remedy in embracing our mutual human frailty- 

Yet, in creation and bringing a thing into being, by nature its inception reaches out to share despite and yet due to manifest despair… 

No gesture is without potential for connection, even if only that brief blades’ touch to divide what lies beneath

And if we’re every one of us pieces to a more inclusive whole,

 then why is it that so often to heal or develop into that integral unit we are ever becoming, we grow and discover more essential sense of who we are in absence of those others we’re meant to coexist with compose some elusive unity?

How is it that we may gain greater insight into our potential fulfillment in context of others & our complementary individuality by its detrimental lack felt and defined in being solitary?

And why do we so often only learn by absence or loss exactly what we need?

A hole outlines a shape of some missing thing, 

and boundaries of limitation describe what is within and also shows by the parameters’ confines what it is not, or may not be

Strange to think that what might not be fully known may be what gives us life or defines either its & our meaning….