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four voice clover [x]
a playlist of beautiful quartets and harmonies

nine people’s favourite thing (title of show) // rooftop duet / falling (ordinary days) // moonfall quartet (mystery of edwin drood) // without love (hairspray) // i turned the corner / i’m falling in love with someone (thoroughly modern millie) // teddy bear / hound dog (all shook up) // watch what happens reprise (newsies) // if only quartet (the little mermaid) // more life (now. here. this.) // but i do (i love you because) // right here (glory days) // gun song (assassins) // electric blues (hair) // no one is alone (into the woods)

I'll Be Here
  • I'll Be Here
  • Audra McDonald
  • Go Back Home

I’ll Be Here” as heard on Go Back Home (2013)

music/lyric Adam Gwon

performance Audra McDonald

One of the things I love most about Audra McDonald’s new album (my copy of which arrived today before it hits stores on the 21st) is a return on her part to promoting emerging music theater writers.  In this case, Adam Gwon.  She also includes numbers by Adam Guettel and Michael John LaChiusa, whose work she featured on her first albums when they were “emerging” as well.

"Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that play" tag

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1) “bitch of living” - spring awakening
2) “party interlude” - ordinary days
3) “one by one by one” - ordinary days
4) “the negative” - waitress
5) “life story” - ordinary days
6) “she used to be mine” - waitress
7) “don’t wanna be here” - ordinary days
8) “fight for me” - heathers
9) “I love play rehearsal” - be more chill
10) “maps” - fun home

That was fun :D

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Deb: Slytherin

Hey there everyone! Happy Tuesday. If you’re reading this, congratulations on surviving the past week. I know it’s been rough, please drop me an ask or an IM if you want to talk or if there’s anything I can do for you. Let’s get through this together.

But back to why you’re all here! Let’s get right into it, shall we?


having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties

Pretty quickly after we meet Deb, we find out that she’s a grad student who has lost her book that contains all her notes for her thesis. This would be disastrous for most of us, and we might take some time to cry and panic before we actually get to work. Not Deb. She immediately sets to work to try and get an extension. Deb doesn’t accept difficulties, she confronts them, as a resourceful Slytherin would.


a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work

Yes! Absolutely yes! As mentioned, Deb is in grad school! She’s working hard. And not only that, in Big Picture, she clearly lays out what she’s working towards:

In five years I’ll have an amazing apartment with bookshelves built into the walls
A window that looks out on someplace big
And a personal assistant who screens my calls
The book I write will be required reading
To get into the seminars that I’ll be leading!
That’s the plan as far as I can see it.

How’s that for ambition?


firmness of purpose; resoluteness

Deb is absolutely a type A personality. Really all of her songs show this- even in Calm when she’s singing so fast she might as well be in Hamilton and having a mental breakdown, when that passes, what is she left with? The realization that she doesn’t do good with quiet. Deb is a person who needs to be where things are happening because that’s where fits best with her determination. 

Musicalssorted official stamp on Deb is that she is a Slytherin! We’re off on Wednesdays, but come back on Thursday for a Ravenclaw!

I'll Be Here
  • I'll Be Here
  • Original Cast Recording
  • Ordinary Days [2010 OOBC]

365 Showtunes DAY 254: ORDINARY DAYS - I’ll Be Here

13 years ago today, something devastating hit New York City. 

You guys all know what I’m talking about; you, like me, probably remember where you were when you first heard.

I didn’t live in New York at the time, and I had no family or friends who did. But in my two years living there, I heard some first-hand accounts of life on that day. Those accounts shook me pretty hard.

It took some time before it could be references in film, television, musical theatre. I don’t think I know of another showtune that talks about that day.

And in the case of this song, you don’t even really realize that that’s what they’re talking about. 

Take a moment to think about the lives lost when you listen to tonight’s song. Then go tell someone that you love them.