sonuwoo  asked:

ARE WE REALLY GOING TO ONLY LIVE ON On BLURRY PICS OF HIM????? i might as well be dead :/ this man deserves better, we deserve better too tbh

shownu stans literally get Leftovers every era,,,,,,, our man’s always the last to have his teaser dropped nd then no one hypes it up bc they’re hyping up the group teaser pic that drops 5 mins after :/ he has like 4 fs nd they all got banned ://// we rly abt 2 eat Crumbs next comeback instead of our usual snack

anonymous asked:

crush on snitched the other fansites??? i dont understand

long story short, crush on sent ss an excel sheet containing the names of fansites who were at unofficial schedules nd there were strikes nd everything if the fansites were there nd here my dear (another fs) exposed crush on nd now it’s a huge mess of every fansite @ing crush on nd starship