fs season 3


Jemma: She (May) and I have built a similar algorithm to find Dr. Garner, and a number of servers are running it. We’re both understandably desperate to find him. 

Fitz: No worries. I’ll leave those servers alone.


FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Among Us Hide…: “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy (x)


“you be the moon
I’ll be the earth
and when we burst
start over o darling
begin again
begin again
begin again”

Begin Again by Purity Ring {1/?}

After watching Falling Skies last night (beware, spoilers)

Awww Cochise is so awesome
Lawl Pope is acting like Han Solo with his plane
OH GOD NO Hal’s all evil crazy now NOOOO NOT HAL
Damn baby Alexis has alien DNA?!?!?!
whoa HOLD UP WTF Anne just poisoned Lourdes WHO DOES THAT WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM
Crap Anne is surrounded by a skitter, a harnessed girl and HOLY FUDGE EVIL HAL
NONONONONO The plane they were in just crashed in the icy cold mountains

awwwww Ben and Denny are SO ADORABLE TOGETHER
He brought her her glasses because he thought she was getting the surgery and then at the end they were stargazing while both wearing glasses!!!! ASDGFAF *SQUEALS* SO MANY BEN AND DENNY FEELS