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a very happy jongdae after his last show


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Doi Kazumi (Munakata Reisi’s actor)


Interviewer: Do you need to wake up underground, do you dig out?

Iain: No that would be ridiculous.

Liz: No that would be crazy.


Pitch Perfect Fitzsimmons AU

Jemma Simmons  → Beca
Leo Fitz  → Jesse
Bobbi Morse  → Chloe
Daisy Johnson  → Lilly
Antoine Triplett  → Donald
Kara Palamas  → Aubrey

“Yuuri was like a planet orbiting a brightly burning star, caught in Viktor’s gravity.”

@kazliin this is for you. Thank you for “Until my Feet Bleed and my Heart Aches”, it’s a fic that makes me make a conscious decision not to read it until late at night when I’m nice and snug in my blanket, it has me kicking and muffling my frantic screams in bed. 

This is to thank you for writing this, please allow me to explain the sketch (as I know my work is far from self-explanatory!) On the left is Yuuri’s original FS ending pose, eyes cast down, secluding and “protecting” himself, his heart, echoing Viktor’s FS ending pose on the right, similar, holding an imaginary Yuuri close to him and directing his gaze to the ceiling. In the centre is of course Yuuri spontaneously changing his ending pose at GFP final, to dedicate his entire FS, a crystalization of his professional skating career to Viktor Nikiforov. The work is partly inspired by the quote above, so I try to make allusions to orbits in the background. Yuuri and Viktor are both kind of wrapped in the dark before they lay their hearts bare before each other.