fs 3x07

The opening image we see of him is Cochise is carrying him in. This posed a problem, because Doug Jones – who plays Cochise – is already weighed down by about 50 pounds of latex and rubber – and he could barely see out of his mask. Carrying an adult male, even the slender (but tall!) Stephen Collins, was going to be impossible…Our Skitter-creator and prosthetics effects maven, Todd Masters, suggested an alternate idea. He had a lifelike human dummy made of a kind of foam rubber that only weighed forty pounds or so. He suggested that he and his and his team would roughly carve a Stephen Collins face onto it and that Doug Jones would be able to carry that much more easily. And that’s what we did. The dummy is excellent and to this day when I watch the scene I can’t tell the one from the other.
—  Greg Beeman