Lay - 160212 ‘Old Nine Gates’ weibo update: “#老九门# 九门红红火火过新年,老十福利图包来拜年 大年初五,辞旧迎新。祈福风调雨顺,国泰民安。老十迎财神去喽!”

Translation: “#Old Nine Gates# Nine Gates flourishing to celebrate the new year, Old Ten’s welfare package diagram to wish everyone a happy New Year; fifth day of the Lunar Lunar New Year; leave the old and welcome the new. Praying for good weather, peace and prosperity. Old Ten has already gone to welcome the God of Fortune!”

Credit: 老九门那些事.

For @fitzsimmonsavengers who sent me the prompt.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” Jemma said.

“I promise, there’s nothing wrong.” Fitz was doing his best to reassure her, but he knew she didn’t believe him.

They were downstairs in the common room, Netflix on the tv. They were about to watch a show, when Jemma started to object.

“It’s just, what if it isn’t as good as everyone says it is. I mean, for we know it could be the worst show BBC ever made.”

“Okay, now you’re just being dramatic,” Fitz said getting more and more eager to watch tv. “We have this weekend off, and there’s no reason to not watch it. We’ve been talking about starting it for a while now.”

“But why would Netflix take Doctor Who off, of all shows?” Jemma practically shouted. She was mad and he knew that. It’s not like he could do that much though.

“Okay,” Fitz said, trying to calm her down, “but if we give this show a try, maybe it’ll take our mind off it. Daisy said that it’s good and that we’d like it.”

She sighed and said, “But we always watched it at the Academy; Doctor Who was our thing! I mean do you really think that this show can-”

“Jemma! Please just relax. It’s not like it’s life and death or anything. I swear, if you absolutely hate this show and every single thing about it, then we won’t watch it. Okay?”

She gave a miserable sigh and nodded as she scooted closer to him. She put head against his shoulder and felt a bit more at peace. Jemma hit play and they two of them, sitting on the couch snuggled up close together, began to watch Sherlock.