Attract A Crush Spell

Hey so I’m new at this magical stuff and I decided to create a spell to catch the attention of my crush at prom tomorrow. (Because I barely created this curse right now, I will post the progress of the effectiveness, so stay tuned)

I made a reverse part in case it anything bad or anything unwanted happens, but it must be done right after the casting



-White Candle & Wax (I used a white patchouli scented candle)

-Blank Paper

-Pen (I used a metallic silver colored pen to symbolize the brightness that will make me stand out at prom tomorrow)



Light your candle preferably a few minutes before you cast this spell (Just to melt the wax). Then on your blank paper draw a big enough heart that can contain about 6 lines of words. Inside the heart write your crush’s name in the biggest letters, and then a few things that you hope would come out the spell. (I wrote “Notice me,” “let me be his attention,” etc.) The words should eventually end up like an upside down pyramid inside the heart. 

Also write the first chant below on the same piece of paper, or if you’re using a small paper write it on another one (Save Trees)

Cut the heart out of the paper if your paper is too big. Fold the paper hotdog style while saying what you wrote in the heart out loud. Go outside ( it was night time when I did this. I thought maybe the moon can help)

Once you go outside, set the candle down and slowly lower the folded piece of paper into the flame of the candle. While setting the paper on fire say this chant and think about your crush:

1) “*Your Crush’s name with the last name initial* notice me
with this spell of actuality
Nothing fake, nothing phony
Nothing but true beauty
Let your heart decide what it wants
But don’t rush into any wrongs
This is my wish so mote it be”

Let the paper burn for a few minutes. (I set the paper inside the candle because the candle is in a jar)

Once a few minutes has passed (Still stay outside) blow out the candle. There should be a lot of smoke so now say this chant until all the smoke had disappeared:

2) “*Your Crush’s name with the last name initial*
Let the smoke follow thee”

You should be thinking of the smoke as it will go through your city through the wind and spread like wildfire. Think of the smoke reaching your crush.

To reverse this spell *Must be done right after spell* (Optional)

I made a backup in case anything goes wrong. This part just sets up the reversal

To reverse this, go back inside and take the burnt black paper and set it on a napkin (To prevent any ashes from falling on a surface) and with the candle wax drip the candle all over the first written chant (As stated above to write chant #1) And now say this chant while doing so:

3) “Once I break this wax reverse this spell
Anything goes wrong
Notify me before time tells”

Then place the burnt paper that should have your crush’s name on time of the dripped candle wax on the paper with the spell and pour more wax on top while still chanting.

Finally, fold the paper to close it (Hopefully your wax is still a liquid) that way when the wax dries, it sticks the paper to itself. And put some more wax once folding tightly for more protection

Set the folded paper into a hidden place (A drawer, jar, empty tissue box, shoe box, etc)

Now if something happens that you don’t like, just open the paper and the spell should be reversed.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be posting any updates on my progress.

SILF = Sim I’d Like to F…ondle

LOL so much fun, so I was tagged by @mwgaybachelor

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

My SILF is…

Just hot, evil, and unfortunately taken…like my crushes in real life. 

My SILF is…

I think he’s going to show up a lot in this but mine is Jules Philomel by @neopixiesims Sorry I stole a picture of Jully. 

There are plenty more…but right now he is my current crush!!  Now for your turn…come on you know there is one out there….

Tagging unless you have already done this one, and I missed it… @small-fryy; @neopixiesims; @paragon-polygon; @applezingsims; @simmerinwinter

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