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I believe wholeheartedly that Eric Bittle adores each and every subscriber to his vlog. While it may not be a lot (he probably only has a little over 1000 at the start of Junior year) he appreciates each one like a dear friends. It fills his heart whenever he gets comments like “single mom here! I have picky kids and no time. This recipe has saved me from so much stress. Thank you” and “im 8. my big brother likes this pie. me and my mom made this pie for his birthday. he hugged me. thank you sir.”

He loves that he is able to have this little community of strangers who encourage him in his baking and in his life. 

It sure surprises him when he actually runs into one of his subscribers IN PERSON after one of his games in his third year. This dude had made a comment on one of his videos about the lack of proper kitchen tools in his apartment’s kitchen, and in response Bitty made an entire video baking tarts using “unconventional” tools like vodka bottles to roll out the dough, a toothbrush instead of a pastry brush, etc. Later in the comments he told Bitty that he used those tools to make dessert on a first date, and now that date is his boyfriend! Cool! 

Alternatively, bitty was meeting the fan who left a comforting comment after the infamous “never fall for a straight boy” video. Bitty often read it in times of “oh lord this boy is going to kill me with emotions why” trouble and it helped.  Meeting one another was amazing for them both. 

And even as the years pass and he comes out in all other parts of his life, his blog always stays sort of private. That tiny community that cares him and the good food that he shares is always there when he can’t handle other aspects of his life.