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"yes i'll take the fish burger, a fry, and a coke" "ok so the trio? Anything else?" "Excuse me no I don't want the trio!! I want the burger, fry, and drink!!" /facepalm

Richie’s appetite guys...

- We all know that the Losers are growing teens and need their nourishment right?

- But Richie is scary.

- This boy eats liKE A HORSE.

- Him and Eddie will be on a date at some cliché 50′s style diner, you know how it is.

- And Richie will order two cheeseburgers, a large fry, a cherry coke, and two sundaes.


- And Eddie is over there like,

- “Uh… I’ll have a water??”

- And Richie is sitting over there worried about Eddie not eating enough and fretting about it.

- Eddie just stares at him with an incredulous expression.

- When their food arrives Richie keeps offering some to Eddie and he’s like,

- “I think I’d vomit if I ate all of that.”

- Which just makes Richie laugh.

- Eddie does end up eating some of it though just because he’s afraid Richie will be the one vomiting.

- But when Eddie thinks about it he like begins to worry about Richie’s metabolism??

- Like eating that much and maintaining a stick-like frame like Richie is insane, and can’t be healthy.

- So Eddie expresses his concerns and Richie is just sitting there like “lol guess I just got lucky”.

- And Eddie is just confused and appalled.

Food diary 🍏🍗🍟🥘

For the anon or anons who wanted to see my food diary for the whole week


Breakfast- sugar puffs & milk

Lunch - chicken casserole with potatoes & coke for drink

Dinner - chilly with rice & water to Drink

Snacks - sour skittles

Tuesday :

Breakfast - sugar puffs & milk

Lunch - chips and crisps with coke for drink

Dinner- stir fry and water to drink

Snacks - olives


Breakfast -sugar puffs and milk

Lunch- left over stir fry from yesterday and coke to drink

Dinner- tuna pasta with water to drink

Snacks - crisps + olives


Breakfast- sugar puffs and milk

Lunch- noodles and salad & coke to drink

Dinner - shepherds pie and water to drink

Friday -

Breakfast - bacon, beans and orange juice to drink

Lunch - Nando’s (chicken and chips) and coke to drink

Dinner - no dinner as Nando’s was huge and filled me up all day.

Snacks - lots of sweets, crisps and coke to drink


Breakfast - orange juice

Lunch - southern flavoured chicken and dip and still lemonade to drink

Dinner - Chinese and coke to drink

Sunday -

Breakfast - bacon, beans and sausages with orange juice to drink

Lunch - just snacks- crisps, olives and orange juice

Dinner - kebab with can of coke & salad

Dylan Strome Imagine - The Set Up Part Two

i liked part one of this so i decided to create a part two i hope you like it!! 

remember my requests are always open:))

part 1

Originally posted by joecolborne8

It was sunday night which meant it was also the night that dylan strome asked me to dinner. i met dylan at a party where my friend y/f/n and her boyfriend connor set us two up.

my phone buzzed with a text from dylan, i read it out loud to y/f/n who was over helping me get ready.

‘ ill be there in ten minutes, remember not too fancy’ - dylan

“okay so he said not too fancy” y/f/n looked at your outfit, “okay change those jeans to black tights.”

i did as she said which left me in black tights, a long white t-shirt and a army green spring jacket which was perfect for the weather in toronto around this time.

“perfect” y/f/n clapped excitedly. a knock on the door caused y/f/n to jump up, “ill get it!” she yelled running to the door. i let out a loud laugh before looking in the mirror, not bad y/f/n.

i walked down the stairs and could see the front door open and y/f/n’s brown hair moving as she nodded at something that dylan said. she let him in and his eyes quickly found mine. his mouth slightly opened, his eyes never left mine.

“you look beautiful” he smiled at me. i could see y/f/n from the corner of my eye pretending to be on her phone but actually recording this whole encounter. “you dont look so bad either strome” i smiled at him.

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Look Out

Summary: Y/n Stark, finally got asked out by her crush Steve Rogers, she’s excited to go out. But Tony her older brother not as excited for the date. Not knowing how he can make sure that nothing is happening Tony spies on your date dragging Rhodes along. 

Pairing: Steve RogersXReader 

Warning: Swearing

A/n: I had a lot of fun writing this one. 

*Gif found on google*


You had waited 2 years for Steve to ask you out, yes you will admit maybe your crush should have faded away and at times it did, but it always came back, but really he was Captain freakin America, that’s every girls dream is to go on a date with him. Your brother had introduced you 3 years ago and the first year he seemed like a great friend and it wasn’t until you terrible breakup that you started having feelings for Steve, and it took 2 years but Steve finally got the guts to ask you out. Everybody already wanted you two together, well everybody but Tony. If it was up to Tony he would go back 3 years and never have introduced you. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Steve I mean they were great friends and they saved the world together but Y/n, Y/n was his little sister.

“Bye Tony!” you yell a you open the door up to see Steve in a dress shirt and a vest.
“Hey Y/N! YOu look great!” Steve says holding his arm out for you to take it you smile and grab his arm and head towards his car. 

Tony watched as Y/n and Steve got into the car. “Can you believe this?” Tony asks angrily, Rhodes took a drink of his beer before shaking his head. 
“Everybody had bets that they would end up together. Now it’s finally happen and your mad.” Rhodes says chuckling a little. Tony huffs, you were his little sister. He would do anything for you he didn’t like the thought of you and the Captain getting handsy with eachother tonight. 
“How am I supposed to know if Steve will behave himself?” Tony asks watching the car pull away. Rhodes shakes his head and laughs. “Tony, Y/n could have done way worse in her choice. If anything we need to hope that she will behave herself with Steve. He hasn’t really been on that many dates since he came out of the ice.” Rhodes says standing up. Tony turns around, a shit-eatting grin spreading onto his face. “What Tony? If you think I”m going to fake an emergency to get Steve to leave I won’t do it.” Rhodes says and Tony scowls at him 
“I only said that as a sugesstion. But this idea is bulletproof. We’re going to go and stakeout their date.” Tony says heading towards his closet to get some dark clothes. 
“No Tony. I won’t do it.” Rhodes says shaking his head, “Y/n has been excited about this date for the entire week you aren’t going to ruin it.” 
“Rhodes I only want to protect her, plus if you want me to add those upgrades to your suit than you will be joining me in about 10 minutes once I get changed.” Tony says walking out of the room while Rhodes groans and rubs his hands down his face, what was Tony going to do? he wondered.

Your date was going perfectly, you and Steve were now at a beautiful reasturant, and were just enjoying eachothers company. “I’m so glad you agreed to going out with me.” Steve says taking a drink of his water. You smile and was about to say something when the waiter walked up to their table. 
“Hello, what can I get the lady to drink?” he asks smiling, Y/n studies the menu, “Can I get red wine?” she says putting the menu down, “Of course, and for you sir?” the waiter now turns to Steve, “I’ll have the same.” he says smiling at the waiter who nods than quickly leaves back into the doors.
You burst out laughing, and Steve looks up suprised. “You have never been to a place like this have you?” you ask and you see Steve blush while he looks down. 
“I will admit I usually don’t go to places this fancy.” Steve says, and you nod. BUt than look at him confused. “Than why did you bring me here?” you questioned as Steve looked down at the empty plate infront of him.
“Well I just thought you know this is what you are used to, so I wanted you to go somewher eyou would enjoy.” Steve says glancing up at you. You reach over and grab Steve’s hand. whcih suprises him. 
“Steve I would have gone anywhere with you.” you look around and notice all of the fancy dresses people have on and the tuxes, than you sigh. “How about we get out of here? Go to a diner.” Steve looked up and chuckles.
“You never cease to amaze me Y/n,” he stands up and pulls our your chair once the waiter comes out seeing the two of you getting up. 
“Does the lady not like the table?” the waiter asks, Steve looks at you not knowing what to say and you just giggle a little. 
“No everything was wonderful but it seems like there is an emergency that we have to go attend to.” you say easily, the waiter nods than smiles and invites you to come back again, Steve puts his hand on the small of your back and leads you back to his car.

“Where are they going?” Tony asks watching Steve and Y/n exit the car, one of the Waiters seems to follow them out seeming to be wanting them to come again. “They wouldn’t have time to eat they were only in there for 3 minutes.” Tony complains to Rhodes who was on his phone.
“Maybe they didn’t want to eat anymore.” Rhodes suggests, he looks up to see Y/n smiling as Steve opens up the door of the car for her to get into. “Steve seems to being a perfect gentleman towards her, and she seems to be having a great time Tony.” Rhodes says smiling at himself.
“Yeah but that’s how it starts. Gentleman dine and wine the lady than you go for the goal.” Tony says pulling out binoculars. 
“Where are you taking her Capsicle?” Tony asks following Steve as they drive away. 

Soon Steve and Y/n got into the diner, some people gave them weird looks for wearing fancy clothes but they quickly found a booth and climbed into it. “I’ve never been here.” Y/n says looking around. Panick struck Steve, What if she didn’t like this place_ of course she didn’t like this place, it was a small town diner, that nobody knew about, Steve put his head into his hands. 
“I’m sorry Y/n I shouldn’t have brought you here, Gosh I’m so stupid.” Steve says, glancing up at Y/n who looked confused, 
“Steve I love it here.” Steve looks up shocked. “I mean I love things that are like a blast from the past.” she says winking at Steve, “That’s why I like you so much.” Y/n says smiling, while Steve looks up his face slightly changing into a blush. 
“Hey sweetie what can I get you two?” a girl walks up with a worn notepad in her hands. 
“Um I’ll have the cheese burger, with everything but the pickles, and a medium fry, and I’ll have a coke. And maybe for dessert I’ll have a chocolate shake.” Steve says not even looking at a menu, Y/n smiles than shakes her head. 
“and for you sweety?” she turns to Y/n who looks at the menu, 
“I’ll get the Bacon burger, a medium onion ring, with a Dr. Pepper, and a vanilla shake for dessert.” Y/n says putting down the menu. 
“Sure thing. I’ll be out with your food soon.” and with that Steve and Y/n were alone again. 
“Gosh these shoes are killing my feet.” you say taking your feet out of your stilettos. Steve undes a few buttons fron the top of his shirt and than unbotton all of his vest buttons, Y/n name takes her hair our of the updo that it was in.

“It took her a whole hour to do that hair do.” Tony says watching them from his car. 
“Well she’s trying to get comforterable.” Rhodes says watching Y/n and Steve laugh while they talked to eachother. 
“I can’t see what’s going on. We have to go in there.” Tony says climbing out of his car. 
“Are you kidding me Tony! Y/n and Steve are fine they are having fun with eachother they are enjoying eachothers company.” Rhodes says a bit annoyed with his friend. 
“Come on just one look maybe listen to their conversation than we’re gone.” Tony says and Rhodes rolls his eyes but than follows Tony anyway. Once they enter they go straight to the bar and sit at it. 
“Hya. What can I get you?” Tony looks up to see a young lady standing infront of him and Rhodes, 
“Uh_ I’ll have um. Some of your_” Tony looked around, “I’ll have some of your blueberry pie.” Tony says pointing to the pie in the cylinder. 
“Of course and for you sir?” she turns to Rhodes, 
“I’ll have a strawberry shake.” Rhodes says smiling at her, she nods and turns back. “So what’s going on with the happy couple?” Rhodes asks. 
“Shut up Rhodes.” Tony says angirly. 
“She isn’t even my sister why am I here Tony?” Rhodes asks, looking at Tony who had his eyes glued on Y/n.
“I just don’t want her to get hurt.” Tony says looking down while the waitress puts the pie infront of him. 
“Of course not. Nobody wants Steve or Y/n to get hurt.” Rhodes says putting his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “They’ll be fine though. I mean if Steve does hurt her I think Y/n can kick his ass.” Rhodes says which makes Tony laugh and nod his head. “Can we go now?” 
“No way I just got my pie.” Tony says taking a bite. 
“Crap I think Y/n and Steve just saw us.” Rodes says.

“Is that Tony and James?” you ask, and Steve looks over too at the two guys quickly ducking behind the counter. “Should we go see what they are up to?” you ask giggling a little. Steve smiles than stands up and the two of you walk over to the counter. 
“Hey Tony.” Steve says and Tony slowly appears from behind the counter. 
“Oh hey guys fancy meeting you here.” Tony says grabbing his pie and taking a bite of it, you smirk at Tony. 
“So how often do you come here?” you ask leaning your elbows on the counter. 
“They have great pie.” Tony says looking at you than hanging his head. “Rhodes wanted to make sure Steve didn’t do anything to you.” Tony says and Rhodes quickly pops up scowling at Tony. 
“Well Rhodes. You don’t have to worry.” your gaze doesn’t leave Tony even though your saying Rhodes, “You don’t need to protect me this time_ okay Rhodes.” you say smiling at James who was now chuckling a little. 
You quickly give Tony a hug from across the counter than whisper in his ear. “He’s perfect.” Tony smiles at you than looks at Steve apologetically, Steve just nods. 
“So_ blueberry pie anyone.” Tony asks looking between Rhodes, you, and Steve.

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Question Time! 👀

Name: Charlotte

Nickname: Charlie

Birthday: July 25th

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5'1 ft

Hair color: Dark brown naturally (I’m blonde right now)

Eye color: dark brown 👀

Hobbies: Writing, reading, listening to music, watching tv, painting

Any pets: Nope I’m not responsible enough for that

Siblings: Five older brothers

Favorite color: Maroon and black

Favorite animal: Lion 

Favorite food: Beef Stir fry 

Favorite drink: Coke

Favorite snack: Cherry Pop tarts

3 shows I watch: Hannibal, True Blood, and Bob’s Burgers

Bias group in kpop: EXO

Bias in my favorite group: Xiumin

Favorite song: Pray by Sam Smith

Three things I can’t live without: Coke,back round noise, and Kim Minseok

Things I notice first when meeting some one new: Their smile

What I want to be when I grow up: Crime lord

Fears: Spiders, clowns, being chased, masks, miniature horses

Why I picked my url: It made me giggle and it wasn’t taken

Any piercings: Just my ears

Any Tattoos: I have a moon and a sun on my shoulders and a dragon on my thigh coming soon

Favorite day of the week: Wednesday

Love Life: Getting sad at this point

Sexuality: Asexual

What I’m thinking of right now: When will my laundry be done?

Describe myself in 6 words: Weird, Sassy, Kinda like a cat

every time i see that scene in IM1 where Tony’s at the press conference eating Burger King i desperately want a Whopper. just a Whopper with everything on it, a large fry, and a coke. i don’t even eat a lot of fast food but i will always make an exception for a BK Whopper.

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Reminder for Solangelo fluff! XD Thanks you are awesome~


Here you go friend, Nico and Will being cuddly, cute, bickering boyfriends for no reason than your enjoyment. 


“Nico, if you were fine you wouldn’t be avoiding me,” Will pointed out to him, sounding utterly amused and Nico felt his expression pinch.

“Maybe I just wanted to be alone for a little bit,” Nico challenged him and Will’s smile was sweet and full.  

“Of course you didn’t, you would get too lonely,” Will said gently before holding out his hand. “Come here, Nico.”  

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Wildcat - Go home go bed
  • Wildcat: Absolutely sick of playing this stupid fucking game. Ain't gonna put up with it no more, gonna go home, go to bed. Check this.
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Look at that cloud, that's a nice looking cloud. I'm done with this game. Go home… go to bed. Sick and tired of it. Alllright, hold on, one second, forgot my fucking keys. Gotta go back, get my keys, so I can go home go to bed… wait. I don't even have fucking keys. Immatunraround, go back…
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Gonna get a big ol' glass of milk and go bed.
  • Wildcat: Fucking leaving. I'm out this bitch.
  • Wildcat: Ain't having none of this bullshit no more, go home go bed.
  • Wildcat: Ain't never come back neither.
  • Wildcat: Ain't never doing this again.
  • Wildcat: This shit is buuuullshit.
  • Wildcat: Out of this game, going to bed… fucking long ass walk. I'm walking for like, an hour now, it's fucking annoying. I don't even know where I'm at, 'cause I haven't looked at the ground in thirty minutes.
  • Wildcat (on top of a building): Going to home, going to bed, I really should probably start looking, paying attention where I'm going, I have no clue where I'm at.
  • Wildcat: I hope my mom made some chicken or something, I'm fucking starving.
  • Wildcat: Pretty sure this is not my house at this point, that does not look like our ceiling. No, nope, definetly not the house, my mom is not that fat or naked man on the couch, and we don't even own a parakeet.
  • Wildcat: No, nope, still not my house. Definetly not my house.
  • Wildcat: I'm pretty sure this is a prison, I saw two fat guys peeing in a bucket.
  • Wildcat: This fucking room is humongous, this is ridiculous.
  • Wildcat (at McDonald's): Take a ten piece chicken nugget, ahhh… medium fry… and a coke, please.
  • Wildcat: Almost home. Got to sleep, go to bed. Go home.
  • Wildcat (passing Goomba): Imma pass down, take a big ol' shit, go to bed. Goomba, fuck you.
  • Wildcat: Seriously, fuck you. *shoots Goomba out of the screen*
  • Wildcat: I'm not even sure I'm in the same country anymore, that last house I checked was a pyramid.
  • Wildcat: Where the fuck am I at?! The fuck is that?!
  • Wildcat: The fuck is this?!
  • Wildcat: Am I in the sewer? I'm in the sewer, that's a turd… that's disgusting.
  • Wildcat: Okay, so how in the fuck did I cross the Pacific Ocean?
  • Wildcat: Oh, wow, didn't think on this walk I'd see an elephant chasing a reindeer.
  • Wildcat: Okay, I'm pretty sure I've been here before. Seen that same dog three times now.
  • Wildcat: Okay, I think I'm in a movie theater now.
  • Vanoss: Shhhhh!
  • Wildcat (whispering): Sorry!
  • Wildcat (still whispering): Oh, yeah, this is definetly a movie theater, popcorn is really buttery.
  • Wildcat: Pretty sure I've made it to the moon somehow… there's a German flag over there. (It's a Belgian flag)
  • Wildcat: Now I'm in Hogwarts… I think I'm in Hogwarts.
  • Hagrid: You're a faggot, Harry. *shoots Harry with an AK*
  • Wildcat: 'Kay, now I'm in Bikini Bottom… There's Squidward, HEEEY, SQUIDWARD!
  • Wildcat: Okay, why the fuck is the sun shaped like a square?
  • Wildcat: Okay, now I'm in the Matrix…
  • Wildcat: Okay, now I'm in a Michael Bay movie.
  • Wildcat: Heeeey, Batman!
  • Batman: WHERE ARE THEY?!
  • Wildcat: Bye, Batman.
  • Wildcat: I am pretty sure I'm at a Chuck E Cheese now.
  • Wildcat: Fucking over this game, all done. Gonna go home, fucking go to bed.
  • Wildcat: Get on the bed, lay on the bed, go to sleep, I'm done with this fucking game. What the fuck you looking at? I'm done with this game, I'm going to bed. Oh, shit that's my bed… oh, hey, I'm home! Oh, hey, Vanoss!
  • Vanoss: Heeeeeey!
  • Wildcat: Fuck you doing here?
  • Vanoss: I… I've been here the whole time, man.
  • Wildcat: Oh, well, good for you. I… I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed. I had a busy day, sooo ahh, yeah… I'm gonna hit the hag. Goodnight! *goes to bed*
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Turn the lights off, please.
  • *suddenly it's night*
Thoughts from Surgery

1. Have I scrubbed long enough? 

2. Are all scrub nurses evil or is it just the ones here? (I totally have nothing against nurses, they’re great! But, sometimes the nurses here seem to have serious attitude problems. It could just be that they’re yelled at by the Professors all the time and need someone to yell at too…)

3. My face itches. It never itches, except when I can’t scratch it.

4. Where do I stand so I don’t get yelled at (again). 

5. Excuse me while I lean on the patients arm in order to avoid your violent swipe at my face with your scalpel. 

6. Yes, I really love this song too. 

7. I’m really hungry. 

8. This person needs to loose weight. (Don’t do it for yourself, do it for your surgeon- holding traction on all that adipose is torture). 

9.  Tattoos- I don’t know what everyone sees in them. But the lead surgeon wants one on his wrist. To each there own. (I personally have nothing against them, I just don’t want one for myself).  

10. Is it supposed to be bleeding this much?

11. Nope… 

12. I think I’ll have McDonalds for dinner tonight. 

13. The Professor arrives to save the day. They should really have some epic entrance music for him. Excuse me while I attempt to make myself invisible.

14. My hand is falling asleep. 

15. Still bleeding… 

16. So much for a routine procedure. 

17. I’ve never seen a Professor of surgery shake so much. This must be bad. 

18. This department swears a lot. (And not just while in the operating theater). 

19. Okay yay you fixed it. Now what? 

20. Two hamburgers, a medium fry, and a coke. I’m such an American. 

21. Can someone please do something about the patient snoring. I wish I could sleep that well, but right now it’s interrupting the radio. As a side note they should probably get checked for sleep apnea. (Patient with an epidural). 

22. I wonder if they’ll let me suture when they’re done. 

23. Cutting the suture is just as good right? 

24. Sorry, I forgot I was the one with the scissors (more than once). 

25. Oh good we’re done! I can sit down!