Haven’t been on tumblr in close to 6 months but here’s my planted life recently! 5gal beta and celestial danio tank, 7.8gal Paskai rainbow and samurai gourami tank with dwarf shrimp, and my 2 gallon fry and reject shrimp tank (not pictured)
I also got a job at Aqua Forest Aquarium in SF which is the primary distributor for ADA in the US!
Fishy life is good! 🐠🐟💗😍💗🐟🐠

I remember what it was like;
hair splitting under the heat
of the frying tanks;
burning away the smooth touch
my boyfriend used to love,
and still not having enough money
for a haircut.
The days I kept to myself, I slept.
I remember what a waste it felt like;
that the only time I had,
I wouldn’t be present for,
but god, I think I needed it the most.
I needed my bed;
my cotton oasis from a commercial desert.
I know they talk a lot about a machine;
how we are all just gears working,
the good grease for a thirsty system.
I could understand it, sure,
breaking my smile out of over-turned pockets
for rent money,
but I think a working part of something bigger
would have felt a lot better.
Instead, I just felt
a No One,
trying to get Somewhere
with Nothing.
—  Schuyler Peck, The Winter I Lived Alone