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#watchfuturama meme (3/10 scenes): Named for his Uncle

“It’s all lies, every word of it! He wasn’t original, he wasn’t a martian, he wasn’t Philip Fry! And since when is he a ‘the?’”


I had a revelation while watching Futurama’s Game Of Tones. Fry and his mom relate so much to Finn and his mom. On that episode and on Islands finale both Finn and Fry recur to Nibbler’s powers/BVR to stay with their moms and have a chance to talk while the powers/VR signal was on. Both endings are very bittersweet but cute.


If you’re seeing this post you’ve been blessed with the “Futurama Thumbs Up of Good Fortune,” courtesy of Bender and Fry.

This means that positive thoughts and vibrations are being sent your way. This is a blessing of reassurance that safety, happiness, and prosperity awaits for you in the future. Find this post to be soothing, as your worries and troubles lessen and peace finds you.

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