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#watchfuturama meme [8/10 scenes]: Greatest Opera of All Time Sucks

“Your lyrics lack subtlety! You can’t just your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!” 

Different Litha-Summer Solstice aesthetics/themes

Sunshine, sun flowers, bright clear sunny blue skies, cold lemonade, soft yellows, candied lemon peels, bubbles and sparkles in the air and dandelions. Water balloons and hot air balloons. Honey bees and warm breezes

Bonfires, sparks, barbecue, flame dancers, roasted peppers, loud drums, the smell of charcoal, heat, charred marks on grilled food, hot sun and bright orange day lilies. Orange paper plates, dragons, smoke and habaneros. 

Fire flies, thick emerald and lush greenery and woods, camping in the backyard, the soft glow of lanterns, cool melons and cucumbers, the musical chirping of crickets, a lakeside party in the middle of the woods, a softly playing guitar the golden glow of the setting sun layered on everything.

The crashing shores, mermaids and bejeweled bikinis, a bonfire by the sea, fries and seafood, soft colorful shawls billowing in the wind, blazing sun, sunscreen and colorful towels. Salt water taffies and gummy candies. Sea shell tea lights and sparklers.

An open field and a hot oppressive heat, an bright blue sky, the screaming sounds of cicadas and the smell of frying food. Colorful tents, neon colors, funnel cakes, tie dye, a lute playing, a summer festival with carnival-like qualities. Electric lights, holographic scales, neon black lights.

Strawberries, pink lemonade, sunset skies and sweet smelling candles in glass lanterns. White linen, rose petal infusions, hanging votives from trees, elderflower wine and lemon glaze icing. White lace dresses and flower crowns. Bouquets of summer flowers, the countryside’s grass of many streaks of colors.

Gold tiara chains, blood oranges, tiki torches and flame flag dancers. Night skies with thousands of stars, hibiscus iced tea, Gold rings, chain jewelry, bohemian cushions and sheer veil canopies. Warm summer nights, fire pits, story telling and spiced liquor

@cataclysmicmelody and I were talking about Fry and Bender having cutesy nicknames for each other, as couples do, and continuing with the trend of common food related nicknames (honey, peach, etc.) Fry starts giving Bender random and wacky nicknames.

It starts out cute, like “pomegranate” or “pineapple,” but slowly becomes competitive, which each of them scrambling for any food-related item that scarcely resembles the other. Bender usually opts for colors, calling Fry things like “my precious orangesicle,” “strawberry,” “melon” (some of them are orange, you know!),

And there’s this whole bit about Fry struggling to find gray foods on Earth and secretly going off with Leela to an alien farmers market and coming back with armfuls of gray fruits and just dropping them in front of Bender and saying “I can’t pronounce any of these, I don’t even recognize the letters on the currencies, but these are all you and now we have to eat them or something.” (They’d go on to cut them up and fill water balloons with then and throw them at people from the roof of the Planet Express building.)

But as adorable and funny as all of the above is, I really like the idea of the whole “nicknaming” thing completely devolving. It goes from cute names, to random foods of slim resemblance,

(“Fry, you’re my two week old pizza slice with orange peppers and extra cheese on it that’s still in the back of the fridge.” “Wait, that’s still in the fridge?” “Yeah, I think it spoke to me the other day. It said you’re a smelly meatbag, but you have good tastes.” “…. Do you think its still good?” “… Eh, probably.”)

to both of them just pointing at any and everything they see, declaring that it looks like the other and is “totally you, Bender, look at it.”

“…Fry, that’s a trashcan.”

“I know.”


Bender points at the sun, “Fry, look, its you.”

“Are you saying that I’m the light of your life, Bender?”

“No, I’m saying that you burn my eyes and give all non-robots skin cancer if they’re around you too long.”

“I’ll take it!”

-punkguchi’s very very softly- Idek but I really wanted to do this for a long time cuz @yankasmiles is a really nice person and I still really love all that you do even though I practically dived off the planet when I’m now at another crossroads. Thank you for all you created.
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