fry boots

Steal her look: Agatha Trunchbull from Matilda

Custom 1972 Olympics Hoodie ($62)

Orion Leather Light Brown Show Harness Belt ($59)

Leather Gloves ($20)

H&M Jogging Pants ($10)

Grey Socks ($23)

Fry Brown Logger Boots ($210)

Manhandled Tan Leather Weekender Holdall Duffle Bag ($96.17)

1 Javelin Spear ($70)

5 Shock Put spheres, 2 bungee cords, 1 net bag ($157)

Being run out of town by a girl with magical powers (priceless)

Language is my whore, my mistress, my wife, my pen-friend, my check-out girl. Language is a complimentary moist lemon-scented cleansing square or handy freshen-up wipette. Language is the breath of God, the dew on a fresh apple, it’s the soft rain of dust that falls into a shaft of morning sun when you pull from an old bookshelf a forgotten volume of erotic diaries; language is the faint scent of urine on a pair of boxer shorts, it’s a half-remembered childhood birthday party, a creak on the stair, a spluttering match held to a frosted pane, the warm wet, trusting touch of a leaking nappy, the hulk of a charred Panzer, the underside of a granite boulder, the first downy growth on the upper lip of a Mediterranean girl, cobwebs long since overrun by an old Wellington boot.
—  Stephen Fry