fry balls

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this


Here is the translation to the drama cd link for “ENNICHI GA KITA” that @akeemi-life posted previously. Sorry it took me so long to post this. I’m going to make an additional post later on to explain my thoughts on it and etc. I really like this drama cd, honestly SO MUCH TODOMOMO FLUFF ITS CUTE. ENJOY!

  Link to original post with the recording

Shouto: Sister, I am Shouto, sorry for calling you during work, I have plans so I’m going to be late back home. You don’t have to cook for me. MM, I understand.

It’s more than plans, I ended up seeing a bulletin board during when I attended a club. That’s right, no doubt I do admire “this guy” (I think he means his father).

Yaoyorozu: Boku no Hero Academia Drama CD: ENNICHI FESTIVAL IS HERE!

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One time Fry races into his and Bender’s apartment, sneakers skidding on the floor as he runs into the bathroom, and hastily opens the door only to almost pee himself (he’s already painfully held it in for hours now) as Bender shrieks and slams the door so harshly it falls off of it’s hinges at the top.

Neither of them make a sound for a moment, and after checking that he didn’t actually pee his pants, Fry tentatively opens the door. And there is Bender, trying to struggle out of one of his spare red jackets , wearing a similar face to the one he wears when the police are about to get him. Fry knows that face to usually mean he needs to run, but he doesn’t think he needs to run right now.

Bender looks up at Fry from between the buttons (which are askew) with wide optics and his arms tangled in the red sleeves over his head. They both pause, and Fry thinks that if Bender needed to breath he would have stopped then, either out of shock or want to die of embarrassment. Fry isn’t really sure what he should be feeling in this moment, but finds himself some place in-between really really happy to find Bender in his jacket for whatever reason and really really blushy. Also he really really has to pee.

He settles for praying that his face isn’t as red as his hair and slowly walking over to the still still - Ha, still still - robot, vaguely wondering if Bender could malfunction and if he’d have to carry him somewhere to get fixed. Fry honestly couldn’t carry Bender, he’d have to call Leela, she’s probably the only one that was strong enough, her biceps are huge. Fry wishes his biceps were that huge, then he could give Bender piggy back rides and hold him in his arms. Fry shakes his head, that was beside the point, whatever the point was.

Fry coughs awkwardly, looking at the dirty shower curtain behind them - Oh, there’s the pepperoni he thought fall in the drain when he was eating pizza in the shower, he’ll have to eat that later - as he gently pulls Bender’s arms down and idly rebuttons the shirt for him. His hands end up resting on Bender’s chest, fingers pitter-pattering in a nervous and stuttered rhythm. Fry hums, this feels nice.

Fry looks up to the mirror to find Bender looking intensely at him and jumps a little, pulls his hands back to rest by his sides. Fry doesn’t really know what’s he’s doing, but he never knows what he’s doing or supposed to be doing, so he doesn’t really care anyway.

Fry bounces on the balls of his feet and watches the lines of Bender’s mouth guard move listlessly, no sound coming out, and suddenly feels an urgent need to reassure Bender that they were cool.

Fry coughs again and steps back, one hand tangling in his bright hair and the other shoved deep into his pocket, fingers playing with the lint there. He looks away from Bender,

“You can, uh,” Fry scratches his head and tries again, says too loudly and too rushed, “Feel free to keep the jacket, Bender! I have, like, twenty hundred of them, so…”

Fry trails off, thinking that was probably a good point to end the conversation. He nods to himself in congratulations, happy he didn’t say anything weird or stupid, and reaches behind himself around to open the door behind him. He fumbles a bit with the doorknob, its a little lower then he’s used to with the door being off a hinge as it was, and looks over his shoulder to see Bender still has his optics locked on his. The robot still hasn’t made a sound.

“Um…” Fry’s breath catches a bit and he gives Bender a once over without thinking, eyes lingering over the way his jacket stretches over Bender’s round shoulders. They kind of makes Fry think of a trashcan, but an attractive one. Not that Bender’s a trashcan, or that Fry’s attracted to trashcans, because he’s not, Bender just- looks really good all the time. If he was a trashcan Fry’s sure he would be an attractive one, Bender could probably be an attractive anything if he tried. Again, not that Fry’s attracted to trashcans. Fry shakes his head and starts over,

“You look really good in it, too! The red really brings out your, uh, metal or something.”

Fry falters and turns back around quickly, hand rattling the doorknob, “Anyway, I’m just gonna-” he bolts before Bender can respond.

Fry groans as he runs, why did he have to go and say something weird? He was doing so good! Now he has to find somewhere else to pee before his bladder erupts.

Fry runs past the kitchen before skidding to a stop, turning around, and looks from the kitchen sink, to the direction of the bathroom, and back again… Are there laws in the future against peeing in the kitchen sink?

it's E3,

Microsoft unveils the Pant One; it’s a single pant leg that emits patented Micro[soft]wave® radiation to fry your balls. Everyone loves it. Sony and every other company in the world explodes instantly

destinyapocalypse  asked:

for TMI Tuesday; all of your OC's and their favorite comfort foods

(art by the ever-talented @destinyapostasy​) 

AVIRA: Amaranthine Sweet Vegetable Tarts
Considering the lack of space within Alienage walls, city elves had to make the most of all they had, making rooftop gardens a common sight. Food was often scarce, so they prioritized produce that didn’t take up much space and could keep for long periods of time, which made root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic a staple of city elven cuisine. Since sugar was often too expensive to buy, most elven food was sweetened with honey, instead. Given the ingredients were readily available, sweet vegetable tarts were a common treat. Eating them still takes Avira back to life in the city.

KATSURO: Silent Plains Lentil Stew with Hard Rolls & Sweet Crumble
The cuisine of the Silent Plains reflects both the availability of ingredients in its arid, unforgiving terrain and its war-like history. Scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the food. Meals that can last for several days and can be eaten without heating are preferred. Lentil stew was well-balanced, filling, and with the deep fried bread combined with the sugary topping of the crumble, somewhat indulgent. As a child, Katsuro had been known to eat the crumble straight out of the bowl.

MALEUS: Rialto Oyster Chowder
With its expansive coastline and the abundant fish in the Rialto Bay, seafood is both a fact of life and a dietary staple in Rivain. But given that Llomerryn is a bustling trading hub, culinary influences from across Thedas can be seen in the food there. Maleus’ personal favorite is a Fereldan x Rivaini hybrid: bringing together some of the heartier elements of a Southern chowder with the spice palette and the fresh-yet-briny seafood of the North. He eats it with Llomerryn Red, but then, he eats almost everything with Llomerryn Red.

Recipes under the cut!

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located intruders  ….intrus situés …ubicados intrusos …trova gli intrusi .

man it’s incredible the difference between working in a well run kitchen and a badly run one. I had no idea we do more than twice as many covers as at my old job because it actually seems easier to work there. Like, yesterday was my first weekend night and I was expecting to get crushed and end up in the weeds but it never really happened. Then I found out we did 220 covers.  The only fuck up was a lost ticket that didn’t go out but it was fine because I already had the food fired and ready to plate by the time they realized that table never got their food.

I only have 4 dishes off my station and one barely counts because I just have to flash grill some trumpet mushrooms and serve them over already warmed Ma-po tofu. At Charlie, I had 8 dishes off my station plus grilling bread for ricotta, avocado toast, & carrot mousse, frying chips for crabcakes, frying potato balls for carpaccios, and frying ice cream for desserts. you’d think anyone would realize setting someone up to habitually have 10-12 separate items fired at once would be a bad idea but not there lmao. The only worthwhile thing I got from working there was having a great ticket memory because in addition to all that, it was an entirely verbal kitchen where only the chef doing expo sees the tickets.

The signs as Phil Lester younow quotes

Aries: that got deep, like my belly button

Taurus: if you’re gonna kiss me on the cheek then kiss me on the cheek, don’t kiss the air next to it cuz I’m gonna end up with my mouth around your earlobes

Gemini: do I make any of your scalps tingle?

Cancer: I only dance for the hounds

Leo: thankfully the cat was fine, as the oven hadn’t been on for long

Virgo: I know someone that is now infertile because they got horsed in the balls

Libra: frying pan, biatch

Scorpio: I just mean that in a completely innocent way, you just go into this spa and they peel glue off your body

Sagittarius: healthy squirrels this year, am I right?

Capricorn: we’re always milking our whales in the north

Aquarius: I don’t really want to show you my crotch right now

Pisces: I literally stripped down to my boxers and just starfished on the bathroom floor

Dan Version:x

If you F#&K with Kara Zor-El
  • Kara to Ms. Grant: "Hi Ms. Grant. How may I serve you?! Here's your latte that I made with love and rainbows!! You're my friend!! My mentor! My everything!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!" *heart eyes and make out dreams* <3 <3
  • Kara to Alex: "I love you Sis!!!" *Forever hugs and eats pizza*
  • Kara to her friends: "I really appreciate you guys. Thank you for being good friends." *Cinnamon roll hugs*
  • Kara to Barry: "OMG ICECREAM AND DONUTS!! YAY!" *Dances around and giggles* "Let's be best friends!!"
  • Kara to James: *makes out with him*
  • -----------
  • Kara to her Uncle: "I'M GONNA MELT YOUR FU#@ING FACE OFF YOU BITCH!!!! ARRRRRRHHHH!!!!!!" *Burns out his eye balls, frying his brain.*
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Me: "Moral of this story....Do not F#$K with an adorable alien cinnamon roll because they can probably burn holes into your eye sockets and melt your brain without a care."